Seraphin Message 482: -- DIVIDE AND FALL
By Seraphin through Rosie
Feb 14, 2022 - 6:13:41 AM

Seraphin Message 482: DIVIDE AND FALL

Through Rosie, 10th February 2022

This is the time, Beloveds, of extreme contradictions, and there will never again be such an extreme period in your history as to what you are presently facing. You will find - simultaneously - "peace-loving" nations who are on a war path. You will find heroes and heroines implementing extreme measures to save children from abuse and heinous crimes, and at the same time you will see others intent on imprisoning children's minds, exploiting their bodies sexually and engineering the destruction of the family which - under ideal conditions - is the ultimate "safe place" for a child. You will see great acts of kindness and gross acts of violence. You will see mindless and passive "sheep", and you will also see people driven into action with a passion never before experienced.

How would you assess all this, citizens of earth? Do you simply sit back and say "There are two sides to every coin" or "It's always been like this" or "All this has nothing to do with me"? Are such observances a minor irritation to your otherwise smoothly running day, or are you continuously on edge as you discover more and more such examples, bringing you into an awareness that you are teetering on the edge of a precipice?

Do you look around you at all, Beloveds? Do you look at what is happening in other countries, looking beyond that which your media would have you believe? Do you look downwards, aware of new growth in the vegetation, and do you look upwards to see the increase in noctilucent clouds, or to gain a bigger picture? Do you have a "bird's eye view" of what is really going on?

To recognize the increasing DIVISION in all aspects of life is to be increasingly aware of the GREAT FALL, OF WHICH DIVISION IS A PREREQUISITE: It is as if two halves are irreconcilable, or permanently broken. And the initial reaction may be one of complete dismay, wondering whether the pieces can be glued back together. Yet this is impossible because the "division" has occurred in so many different areas. This is not a clean break which can be easily healed: it is the complete shattering of all material into thousands of smithereens. The only thing you can do is sweep them all up and throw them away.

Following that, you can contemplate how to construct something new, providing that you can put emotions on hold, and providing you can get over the loss of something so familiar, however dreadful it may have been.

We warn you of the severity of the situation, and we urge you to continuously exercise your powers of critical awareness. That is to say: investigate the great good which humankind is capable of, as well as the great evil, for both exist, even if you have pushed the latter to the dark recesses of your mind. It will inevitably resurface, and we do not want you to die as a result of this shock.

These are strong words, yet the situation is dire. We observe you and only wish you the best. Seraphin

THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES (5 volumes to date) will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.

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