By Seraphin through Rosie
Feb 12, 2022 - 6:58:51 AM


Through Rosie, 5th February 2022

Can you imagine, Citizens of Earth, that we of the “celestial realms” beyond your planet are capable of monitoring your every thought, action and intention at any given time, capable of assessing your position of the spiritual ladder at any point in the present and past? Can you imagine that the technology used to undertake such “tracking” – on a purely physical level – is being developed on your earth as we speak, using the excuse of rampant disease (and what will be the next excuse, you may wonder) to round you up and suck out all your statistics? Your “likes” and “dislikes” have also been collected in an intensive and intrusive manner by your various social media.


Some of you are wary of all this, such as this scribe who has only given two “likes” in her whole life, in her recollection, but we say that there is nothing problematic about collecting data, or about moving towards this sort of transparency, IF IT IS USED FOR HOLY PROJECTS. And one of these holy projects – the most important - is to FURTHER YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. IT IS THIS SPIRITUAL GROWTH WHICH WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER.


Some of you may have some understanding of what this is all about – the progression from being a perhaps somewhat naïve, egotistical and agitated being to becoming a serene, confident and altruistic “helper”. But this, if we look back not only at your progress and experience in this particular life, actually goes much deeper, although you cannot “recall” it. We have access to all records of your previous incarnations and activities, whenever and wherever they were, in the rest of the universe. The circle of people on which you bestow your “helpfulness”, and thus YOURSELVES, may start out as your original family, but it grows to include whole galaxies.


This is beyond the present scope of your “knowing”: the small human brain can only contain and process a certain amount, though it can open up communications with a larger “pool of knowledge” when in a meditative state. We are trying to introduce here THE SIGNIFICANCE OF YOU ON A WIDER SCALE, and to reiterate that you are not simply “helpers” restricted to one life on a small wayward planet. Your influence never fades. YOU ARE MANIFESTORS OF THE DIVINE IN MANY PLACES FOR ALL TIME.


Many of you have chosen the “manifest the Divine” at this very problematic time on planet earth. It is precisely because of the problematic circumstances which are brewing and destined to explode to dramatic effect that you have stepped up to the challenge of penetrating this thick blanket of darkness with your particular light.


If we, the observers, assess the present “progress potential” of average earth dwellers, we would have no hope at all about steering you away from self-destruction. You who have come to spread “light” are essential to the “turning it all around” process. So do not underestimate yourselves or retire into comfortable corners. Your mission is not to experience comfort but to urge others forward on their spiritual journeys.


There will be many who turn away. There will be many who will have no idea what you are talking about. You must choose your words with wisdom whenever a “window” opens. You should not expend your energy by forcing anyone to listen, if they do not want to do so of their own accord. Do not launch into rants which do nothing but alienate. IF you see opportunities, grasp them 100 percent and grasp them with gratitude. If you find yourself peering into an abyss, it will remain an abyss irrespective of how long you decide to stare down into it, and irrespective of how many times you call “Is there anyone out there?”, without any reply.


We are measuring you with a spiritual ruler, dear friends, for this is our duty. It is spiritual progress alone which will “save” your planet and steer her towards a safe course and a secure harbour. Seraphin.


THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES (5 volumes to date) will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.



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