By Seraphin through Rosie
Jan 29, 2022 - 10:43:10 AM


Seraphin Message 480:

Through Rosie, 29th January 2022

We address you once more in these very difficult times, beloved inhabitants of Earth. Our sadness increases daily as we watch the majority of you fail to actively discern, fail to address the very grave problems on your earth plane, and fail to extend your compassion – if it exists at all – to those you do not know personally. It is time to expand your perspectives on all levels. And because you are not capable of doing this yourselves, except in very few cases, it is necessary for energies from OUTSIDE your planet to expose that which you do not want to see, to provide a very hard but very much required learning lesson, and to point you in a new direction.


This involves the revelation of “terrible secrets”, which have actually been in existence for many, many years, even decades or centuries or beyond, and which have so far been successfully repressed by those who wield the power on your planet, in order to retain that power and in order to better control and diminish you. And you are not even aware that you live under this yoke. Your monetary and other systems are considered by you to be completely “normal”, whereas they are actually a method of ensuring slavery.


Do you think we are exaggerating, Beloveds? How do you feel every day? Are your little lives permeated with worry, about the next paycheck, about the next bills to pay, about the next virus, about the next war? Is your attention swallowed by the daily struggle, or is your imagination allowed to soar so that you have the mental space and practical amenities to develop into the very best version of yourselves in service to the rest of humanity? Most of you will certainly answer NO.


What is the quality of these secrets, you may ask? They will be revealed, so there is not much point going into details here, but they involve deliberate murder on a massive scale, and obstruction to justice on a massive scale. They involve orchestrated operations to subdue, poison and kill you and to keep you running on the spot like a hamster in a wheel. You think you are running – moving forward at a strong pace – but actually you are at a standstill.


When these revelations occur, how will you react? Will you go into complete denial and turn your heads away? Will you recognize that you have been thoroughly duped? Will you be humble enough to admit that you had a hand in it – if not by deliberate perpetration then through passive compliance? Will you have the resilience to face it all, forgive all and to forgive yourself?


If you encounter difficulties, it may help to take another look at WHAT YOU REALLY ARE. Some of you will say that you are your body. This is a misconception. There will always be THE ESSENCE OF YOU, which we could also call your personality or your soul or that which makes you completely unique. This exists continuously, irrespective of what form you take, or what “temperature” you presently find yourself in. Contemplate the properties of water: it may become hard and frozen, and it may crack when someone walks across it. It may turn into steam in high temperatures, or it may turn into snow at low temperatures. It may expand as ice. It may divide into tiny droplets. It may merge into great seas. But all the time, it is water. The same is true of you: whatever “body” or “form” you may assume, the essence of you remains the same.


In the face of dealing with all the terrible secrets to be revealed, remember at all times that THIS IS JUST TEMPORARY and that YOUR ESSENCE IS ALWAYS THE SAME. We could also say that your DIVINE ORIGIN is always the same. Or that your ETERNAL JOURNEY always continues, irrespective of your present form. Many of you – not all – are on the eternal journey, and these new developments on your planet will serve to enlighten you and MOVE YOU ONWARDS ON YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.


For this, you can ultimately be thankful. For this you can fall on your knees in gratitude. For this, you can feel deep relief that the horrible feeling of “not knowing” and your suspicion that there is something dreadful going on, which has been lurking in your subconscious for years, is finally confirmed and exposed. As we have said before, only a hard look at these “secrets” will enable them to be dissipated and corrected. We are in the “correcting time”, and you will see that there are so many things which need correcting, that you will all have your hands full.


So be not overburdened by grief. So sink not into oblivion, not bearing to look, but stride forward with courage and go into whatever positive action you can muster. Thus will you create a better world than the one you have left behind. We know that we have said this sort of thing before, but due to acute present situations, we feel impelled to do so again. Seraphin.


THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES (5 volumes to date) will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.


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