Seraphin Message 472: FRAGILITY
By Seraphin through Rosie
Dec 20, 2021 - 10:37:30 AM

Seraphin Message 472: FRAGILITY

Through Rosie, 15th December 2021


It is in your most extreme moments of fragility, inhabitants of earth, that you will have access to the greatest insights. You are presently experiencing many situations, restrictions and absurdities which are unsettling you and biting you to the bone, even affecting the “bone marrow”, the very heart of you.


How do you react if your world suddenly turns upside-down? Do you turn upside down with it, or do you return to your original position, while regarding everything else go “haywire”? You will note that we are using lots of current expressions here to try and get the present feeling of tension across. Those among you who are extremely sensitive, or who have very high goals and who are frustrated at the lack of movement forward, will be particularly affected and may reach the point of despair, with a wish to end it all now.


This is how suicides occur – due to a feeling of absolute hopelessness that nothing can improve. Yet this is a very intense feeling AT ONE PARTICULAR MOMENT, and it includes the conviction that you CAN see into the future, and that you know that that future holds not one iota of light which you can latch onto. You are convinced that you are caught in a timeless and bottomless pit, for all eternity, and that nothing will ever change.


This - to put not too fine a point upon it - is extremely shortsighted. We can assure you that this is not so. How can you, with limited knowledge in a world of lies, attempting to swim and keep your head above water, possibly have an accurate view of what is really going on? Do you want to know what is really going on? If so, you will pull yourself out of the river, stand on the banks and watch from the shore. You might even look up at the sky, for there you may find infinite inspiration - spots of light which are actually huge universes.


We would ask you, in your fragility, to search out the points of light, knowing that they contain a wealth of experience which you cannot, yet, possibly imagine. Spend an hour, or even a few minutes, watching the sky and the stars, and you will enter a whole new dimension of thinking. You will be transferred to a different level. You will experience calm. You will get a sense of what eternity really means, and you will realise that this is just a “traffic jam” on a very small planet.


However, small or not, it is significant. We are not advocating here that you say to yourselves “well, in that case, nothing really matters”. We are advising you to step back and yield to the greater visions of things which we, your galactic brothers and sisters, are carrying for you and which will come into view in the future.


Meanwhile we ask you to RECOGNISE THAT YOU ARE IN A FRAGILE STATE and to discontinue that which would push you “over the edge”, since highly sensitive and responsible souls are sorely needed for the era which succeeds this one. If you are not in a stable mental state, seek ways of “stepping out of the fray” and avoiding the “madding crowd”. Look to your way of life, your health, your family and your associates. Do not get embroiled in a thousand discussions which are mostly speculation and directed by fear. Listen within and follow your inner voice, rather than being distracted by those who are worried, needy and oppressive.


Again, this does not mean develop selfishness: it means acting compassionately when the situation requires it, but do not rush to take on all burdens. Firstly, you will not be able to do this, because the present burdens are so heavy and so many. Secondly, problems can only be solved by those who carry them. One may offer help, yes, but personal responsibility for finding the solution must be given to the carrier.


You may feel that this is a “make or break” situation – that it may be the end of the world. It is the end of the world as you know it, and for this to happen, and for wonders to ensue, you must let go. This is part of the process. Total collapse is also part of the process. Do not sink into oblivion when you see this collapse coming, and crawl screaming into your hideouts, but welcome it with open arms, knowing that at last, there is a wonderful chance for people to come to their senses, and for society to renew itself FROM SCRATCH. Use the time to brainstorm with your family and colleagues. What would you change if you could, because the circumstances will be given in which everything is possible. We would gently draw you back from the abyss, dear ones, from the brink of self-destruction, so that you retire for a while to envisage a world without precipices.


We hope that we could provide you with some inspiration with this message, which is intended for all those who are suffering at this time. Remember that the new dawn will break, and that the light of day inevitably follows the dark night. Seraphin


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