Seraphin Message 469: MOVING TOWARDS FREEDOM
By Seraphin through Rosie
Dec 1, 2021 - 6:55:48 AM

Seraphin Message 469:

Through Rosie, 20th November 2021

It is only in confinement that you will start to realise the true meaning of FREEDOM. Freedom is a word which has been bandied about at will. It has been used - and its meaning has been corrupted - by its usage in FREEDOM MOVEMENTS, which have been more focused on one particular direction THAN THE WELL-BEING OF THE ONE. Freedom means FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE, not just the elites, not just those which tow the party line, not just those who lose their inhibitions and revolt against all authority. True freedom is when you are surrounded by people who give freely, love unconditionally and put every effort into uplifting society. Would it not be wonderful to be on the “receiving end” of this, Citizens of Earth? But to be on the receiving end, and to be included in this scenario, YOU MUST ACT ACCORDINGLY. To scream that you do not want to conform to what everyone else is doing is a childish and selfish response, and a refusal to take on responsibility. The pre-requisite is, of course, that the universal direction taken is a godly one.

Many of you are actually being coerced at this time by this very strategy. You are being told that you must comply with vaccinations and other measures in order to safeguard the health of all. YET THIS IS NOT GODLY: IT IS BASED ON A LIE. For those with eyes to see, your roads are not cluttered with fleets of ambulances rushing to assist the afflicted. Neither are people falling down dead in the streets on all sides. Neither do your statistics meet the criteria of truth. They have been manipulated or are presented in a way which leaves out a large portion of what is actually happening.

Freedom is knowing that everyone you encounter is going to treat you in an honest and kind way. It is time to BE that honesty and kindness, irrespective of vaccination status or of any other METHOD OF SEPARATION which has been systematically and deliberately introduced by your governments, banks, pharmaceutical industries and industrial magnates in order to control and gain increasing power.

When will you wake up, Beloveds? Will you be able to reframe your convictions and beliefs? Will you realise that even before this supposed global pandemic, you were not living in a truly free society? There have already been so many SCAMDEMICS of all description which have surreptiously bound you without you noticing, and this has been going on for millennia – a perspective which also fails to reach you because your historical records present the past in a way which is not favourable to you, and which cements your prisons.

If you are able to hold out in this very difficult period, self-reflecting daily and keeping a sharp eye on the “holes in the narrative”, then you will “wise up” to the dreadful mess and the harrowing actions which have been perpetrated without your knowledge and without your conscious approval. If you can cope with looking all this head on, and if you can rise to the occasion, you have the caliber to change the situation in the future. You will be the pioneers of the future. You will have seen such atrocities develop, during which you yourself acted in such a naïve and “sheep like” manner, that the poignancy of this experience will never leave you. It will fuel your mission eternally to prevent such reoccurring, and to create the opposite.

We have touched on these topics before, warning you that there is a very heavy legacy which you will have to bear, individually and collectively, yet now it is beginning to dawn on some of you what we really mean. This is not for the compliant or for the fainthearted: the degree of depravity runs so deep that one glimpse of same will send them into cardiac arrest or instant paralysis. We warn those who are strong that you will have to deal with those who are not. And as always, compassion is a major consideration. To be grieved by terrible crimes is completely understandable, especially on such a scale that you have created on earth, and so compassion must be the first response. Yet the second response is to encourage action. This means being able to offer sympathy but also being able to help people “snap out of it” and undertake essential work.

With this we hope to have helped you better understand your personal roles in the coming times. No one would wish such intensity upon you, dear ones, yet you have brought it upon yourselves, and while we will be helping, there is no one but yourselves who can correct this situation long-term.

Our hearts ache for you. We do not rejoice in using strong language. We would rather shower you with love. May you go firmly forward and solid in your conviction that what you are doing is extremely important for the continuation of humankind on this planet. Seraphin




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