Seraphin Message 461: THE NEW SPIRITUAL LIFE
By Rosie
Sep 24, 2021 - 4:23:47 AM


Seraphin Message 461: THE NEW SPIRITUAL LIFE

Through Rosie, 17th September 2021


Beloved Citizens of Earth: The “new spiritual life” you will be moving towards is one which is charactereised by CLOSENESS. (Unfortunately, your present civilization is characterized by SEPARATION). Only by close observance of past failures, as well as of one’s own faulty behavior which has led to devastating results, will the situation be capable of redemption. The cult of individuality has reached its peak, and this is a lobby which furthers selfishness, the desire to “live it up” and “not miss out”, take what it may, so that one has the feeling that one has no regrets, exploiting every opportunity ruthlessly so that one can, in the end, proudly say that one has really LIVED.


But is this really the case? One might have had all sorts of exciting physical experiences or travels, but the inner journey may be in complete stagnation, and this is what we would like to draw your attention to today. For those who have indulged in all sorts of excesses, in order to rely FEEL that they are enjoying life to the full, we would advise that there is a completely different world of “feeling” which is available to you, if you open up to it. And this far surpasses the temporary thrills, the intense rides, the highs which, when they are over, will send you into another “low”, leaving you stranded and desperate to relive the high again.


The truly spiritual life involves a constant seam of joy running through your daily actions, an all-pervading calm which allows you to take a deep breath before plunging into any automatic reaction, a sensitivity which allows you to put yourself always and completely in the shoes of another, sensing the joys and also the pains of their mental and physical landscape as intimately as if they were your own.


Contrast all this with your present society and lamentable levels of compassion and awareness, and it will be all too clear to you that you have entered an abyss. For some people, it is an abyss of no return, despite the helping hands we have so often offered. The planet has yet again entered a very “dark age”, and as everything becomes more absurd and more turgid, coming inevitably to stagnation and standstill, many will simply succumb to fear and desperation, for they do not see any “light” on the horizon, and neither do they comprehend that they themselves are the “light” which can penetrate this darkness. Others will shut their eyes. They fail in standing, in integrity and in courage to face that which they have collectively created, however unwittingly.


So it has come to this, inhabitants of earth, that you who have an inkling of the seriousness of these circumstances will be the ones who rise up and shake the earth into new beginnings. This will be a very difficult undertaking requiring the intense and dedication effort of thousands if not millions. Those who are a burden to earth and who cannot conceive of their responsibilities, or of their potential, will leave to repeat those lessons somewhere else.


The spiritual life is one where attention is paid to both physical processes and inner processes, one being a reflection of the other. The main motivation guiding the spiritual life is that of UPLIFTING THE PLANETARY VIBRATIONS AND THE VIBRATIONS OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ON THE PLANET. There are no exceptions to this. There are no “days off” or times when this does not apply. Similarly, there are no occasions on which something does not matter. Every detail matters for all eternity.


The second guiding principle of the spiritual life is the acute awareness of unification. Every thought is part of a unified consciousness, and every thought affects the quality and extent of that unified consciousness. To be fully aware of the effect of one’s thoughts and actions at every moment is the attribute of a truly spiritually-led life. This applies not only to unified families, communities or nations, but to the whole planet, and in fact the whole cosmos, of which a huge part is as yet unknown to you. But still, you are connected and affect each other. Thus we of the celestial administration, however far away our observation point, and however “different” we may seem to be to you in thought or form, will always be part of you and will always affect your destiny. Our presence here at this critical time is PART OF OUR SPIRITUAL LIFE. We are here to assist and to make you aware of the GREATER WHOLE, and that WE ARE ALL PART OF DIVINE MACHINATIONS.


The time draws closer when those who are capable of being awakened to such truths will actually be given the proof which will catapult them onto a new level, making these new insights possible, and thus making a new spiritual life possible. This level of spiritual living is a REQUIREMENT for continuing on this earth. While earth has tolerated much which is not in alignment with her wishes, she is now moving forward with our help, and moving forward always includes a measure of “letting go” of that which does not serve. Thus, much will be released, including those who do not actively support Earth. This means supporting her HEALTH AND ABUNDANCE. This means solving conflicts and disallowing violence on her soil. This means demonstrating LOVE for her at every possible juncture. To those who are capable of this we say COME! WE WILL BUILD A WONDERFUL FUTURE TOGETHER. We are ready to help and support you on this path. Seraphin


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