Seraphin Message 460: WE ASK FORGIVENESS
By Seraphin through Rosie
Aug 31, 2021 - 2:01:17 PM


Seraphin Message 460: WE ASK FORGIVENESS

Through Rosie, 28th August 2021


Dearly beloved Inhabitants of Earth. During these momentous times in your physical reality, we have tried to provide you with information and insights which may act as a point of light in the darkness. Yet the darkness is so dense that it has not been easy to provide an overview. Neither would it have been wise to shower you with intricate details of the most horrendous crimes which have been committed, for to do so would have been to shock you into silence, to cause paralysis, and even to cause your demise and death. (Your safety might also have been impaired, for knowledge is power, and power is a threat to those who already hold power and do not want to let go).


This we cannot do. It would not have served the greater cause. The carriers of truth – who are YOURSELVES – must be preserved and aided in a way which optimally supports you on your path. This does not include information overload as much as providing guidance regarding behaviour according to cosmic law. It is such behaviour which will perpetrate peace. Thus, we have been feeding you specific “tidbits”, rather than offering you an entire 3-course meal.


When all this is over – and you will be in no doubt when this happens – you will be devastated when you realise the amount of information we have kept from you. We have also hinted at cosmic perspectives, and at the significance of the process of spiritual upliftment which is earth’s goal, but you have little concept of the ramifications of this, or of the opportunities it opens up for other parts of the universe. Let us say that your “spectrum of experience” will widen greatly in all directions – ranging from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy.


Some of you may turn around with anger saying WHY DID YOU NOT TELL US MORE? If you go back to previous messages, you will find hints of what is to be revealed, but you will not find the entire picture. We have provided you with our reasons for this – to prevent you from being overwhelmed, and to allow the mission to continue, and to ensure an excellent and appropriate pace of learning, yet at the same time our hearts have been very heavy, and we have suffered knowing that you do not know all.


We also know that the sudden shock of knowing may cause some to pass from this world. Thus we are at the same time full of hope and joy, and full of regret for your suffering. This has been a “lesson in a rarefied space”, rather than a lesson in brute reality. It is as if you have been living in a “time warp” which now needs to be brought “up to speed”. And so, though we are fully aware of the import of our mission, and though nothing will sway us from our course, and although joy and peace will be yours in the end, we ask forgiveness for the nature of the lesson which has had to be adapted to the setting of classroom earth, so that learning can best proceed. We love you, Seraphin.


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