Seraphin Message 456: TENDING THE INNER GARDEN
By Seraphin through Rosie
Aug 10, 2021 - 1:08:21 PM

Seraphin Message 456: TENDING THE INNER GARDEN

Through Rosie, 8th August 2021


Dear Inhabitants of Earth: as we look down on you from our special observation point in space (what you sometimes refer to as “the heavens”), we see that there are so many forlorn souls, like lost sheep. Some are indeed lost, and will be “repatriated” elsewhere.

You who will remain are actually still on a search for that so-called “heaven”. You are convinced that you are far removed from it, that it is very far away and inaccessible, but as with all moments of sudden joyful insight, this “rainbow” is just around the corner, and manifests at that junction when rain and sun are at their strongest, existing simultaneously. Often, a storm is brewing at the same time, symbolic of a great cleansing process. This is where you stand, between two extremes, but there is a beacon of hope, manifesting as a rainbow, and the clouds will, as always, eventually clear. The light wins.


Because most of you have not delved into discovering the perverted depths nor the “heavenly heights” of human experience and beyond (including all humanity’s past behavior, including all humanity’s rising and collapsing civilisations), many will feel lost because both ends of the spectrum are such unfamiliar ground. In-depth research into both areas or directions, if you have entered into such, will mean that you will enjoy a comparatively stable stance in view of the shocking revelations to come.


You will have noticed that this is not the first time that we have talked about the “revelations to come”, which will indeed stun many due to the fact that they cannot imagine such perfidy, nor the existence of such new, positive and mind-blowing perspectives which will change life for the better.


Faced with all this new information, how will you fare? You may feel lost, as already mentioned. What is the solution to this? How can you deal with it all and still remain sane, developing the desire to make a positive contribution to life on earth, irrespective of the quality of the contribution you have made so far?


The answer my friends is not “blowing in the wind”. This answer merely serves to induce hopelessness, lethargy and resignation. The answer lies in TENDING THE INNER GARDEN, and if the inner garden is well tended, the outer garden - which is earth herself – will be abundant also, as one is a reflection of the other. Inner activity translates into outward activity.


If you pour too much water on parched ground after a drought, the water may go to waste, immediately falling down deep cracks. Other plants may suddenly be swamped and cannot deal with it. This means: DO NOT SWAMP YOUR MIND WITH TOO MUCH AT ONCE, for you will not be able to assimilate it. Try to imbibe small pieces of information at a time, digesting them fully.


In a garden which is overgrown, where individual plants may be covered by thorns or vines, it is necessary to do radical clearing work. So it is with rigid, antiquated constructs and deceptive, enslaving belief systems which have taken over your minds. It is necessary to free yourselves of these so that the “inner garden” of your mind is ordered, and so that there is room for new ideas to flourish. It is not enough to do some temporary cosmetic pruning. Parasitical plants must be pulled up by the roots to prevent future destruction and congestion.


A beautiful and attractive garden requires REGULAR MAINTENANCE and clearing. These are essential actions if you want to have a clear, effective and abundant MIND. If we neglect such duties, other forces will take the opportunity to grow unchecked and will – in the long run – cause havoc.


Havoc is something which has long existed on your planet. It is not simply a state of affairs or a result of circumstance, over which you have no control. It is the EFFECT OF NEGLIGENCE ON A GRAND AND GLOBAL SCALE. AND THIS CAN ONLY BE CORRECTED BY RADICAL MEASURES ON A GRAND AND GLOBAL SCALE.


We cannot go into exactly what measures this will involve, for to do so would take away the learning experience, and there would also be the danger of pre-empting proceedings, which will be in place at exactly the right moment in time. Suffice to say that it is not exactly the right moment to release details. We also note that every individual – according to their own mind-set, expectations and location – will have a different experience, and in some ways, it would therefore be pointless to elaborate. What we can say is that everyone will undergo a great element of surprise, and that everyone will be severely challenged. This is the only possible way forward to counter an extremely severe situation for your earth, and this will happen irrespective of whether you consider your circumstances to be dire or not.


We are therefore again here to give you advance warning through the hand of this scribe. Seraphin


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