Seraphin Message 453: THE GREAT BELL TOLLS
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jul 15, 2021 - 8:57:28 AM


Seraphin Message 453: THE GREAT BELL TOLLS

Through Rosie, 10th July 2021


The great bell tolls, Beloved Citizens of Earth, whether you hear it or not, whether you “believe in it” or not, whether you are set against it or not, and whether you are indifferent to it or not, you will be affected.

We have given previous messages concerning a bell ringing, and in these cases, we were referring to the bell which rings at the end of a lesson (and we hope that the lesson has been learnt. The education, at least, has been provided by so many masters and adepts). Maybe you heard their voices, maybe you did not, but they have been visiting your earth plane for many generations, in the hope of helping you rise from your self-created misery, by helping you realise the godliness of YOURSELVES and of your DIVINE ACTS, if in synchronicity with DIVINE WILL. For this, you should be grateful. For their “sacrifice” and for their determination, you should be on your knees in gratitude, yet for the great majority, this has remained unseen and unheard. This is why, now, the small bells have no more use. It requires an enormous bell to wake you up.


Some of you may be aware of the power of sound, and that it has a strong vibration. This bell will sound so loudly that its vibration will carry along the circumpherence of the earth (and yes, it is round, for those who are sunken in skepticism to the degree that they think it could be flat), until it returns to its place of origin.


As it passes, this vibration will be affected by everything it passes through, collecting information on the way. It is a method of sieving out information, and also a way to encourage cleansing. No one will be spared this experience, for sound and vibration travel endlessly, and they pervade all. They purge whatever lies in their path. They are like fire, consuming dross and preparing the ground for future growth.

Whether you see the symbolism in these worlds or not is an indicator of your own level of spiritual growth. This sound will leave some people cold. They will never generate the heat or the energy to move into a different level of action, or to generate the next level of compassion, which is all-encompassing.


With other people, every cell will “heat up”, as in energized, and thus they will – as a result of their own flexible mind-set – rise in potential and in spiritual growth in that new insights will not only be received but also integrated immediately so that there is no “backlog” to be processed.

In the end, these are the ones who will never experience trauma again, even if they are placed in the midst of dreadful circumstances, because they have processed all previous trauma immediately. They will actually welcome all challenges, knowing that they can be overcome. They will not hesitate. They will flow like rivers into every crevice, searching for every possibility, uncovering every stone and every difficulty, sweeping all rubbish ahead of them in a raging torrent, clearing all the banks of superfluous and flimsy constructions, and thus acting as purging agents themselves, in the same way that this “great bell” will soon sweep though your lands.


Everyone will experience this differently, according to their own constitution and development, yet we hope, through this imagery, to have helped you to imagine what is to come. Seraphin



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