By Seraphin through Rosie
Jul 10, 2021 - 7:04:38 AM

Seraphin Message 452:


Through Rosie, 29th June 2021

Perhaps you are wondering, Beloveds on Earth, what we mean by “the divine backdrop”. What is divine, in your eyes, and is it in in the forefront, or in the background, or is it in your range of vison at all?


Maybe “divine” is not a word you use often. Maybe divinity is not something you contemplate often in the course of your busy, mundane lives which centre very much on the material and the superficial. There are other words which you do not use often. We can make a list: divine, holy, sacred, mission, vocation, cosmos, celestial, consecrated, infinity and eternity. Yet all these words, and the understanding of what they really mean, and the areas to which they apply, and the “power and the glory” which they entail, are so far from your thinking processes, whereas they are intended to be AT YOUR VERY CORE.


If they are at the CENTRE of your actions, and if they compass your every step, your every mode of behavior and your every decision, your lives will transform rapidly into purposeful, fulfilling and exhilarating adventures. Is it not this that you imagine for yourselves, citizens of earth? That your constricted, humdrum lives expand beyond measure, that you live your HOLY POTENTIAL and that you create SACRED SPACES and create a GLORIOUS FUTURE which stretches out for ALL ETERNITY ACROSS THE COSMOS?


It is our intention to stretch your minds, to move them away from hopping here and there from one event to the next, from one video to the next, from one piece of information to the next, from one day to the next, from one meal to the next, and from one useless and insignificant pastime to the next. We ask you to OPEN YOUR ARMS AND RECEIVE EVERYTHING THAT WE, YOUR GUIDES, ARE PREPARED TO GIVE YOU. This is actually THE WORLD, and THE COSMOS, and ETERNITY. WE would surely love to rip you out of your present circumstances and show you the stars, the endless horizons, the countless variations of life on other planets, the joy of interacting and finding common denominators with those who are so different to your selves but who will UPLIFT YOU FAR BEYOND THAT WHICH YOU HAVE HITHERTO experienced.


Yet, we require your permission. We require your trust. We require your unconditional love for everything and everyone that comes your way. We require you to develop a mission. We require you to be completely open to what we show you. We require to you to act when you encounter something which does not fulfil the criteria of the DIVINE. We require you to react immediately if anything is out of alignment with cosmic law.


Can you fulfill these, criteria, Beloveds? Is your behavior commendable, in every area of your actions, every day anew? Know that your OPPORTUNITIES to act in this enlightened way will increase exponentially as we enter the final and very acute stages of this planetary transition.


This transition is RELATED TO YOURSELVES. It is not simply something which happens, and to which you will (or will not) adapt. It is part of your every breath, and your every breath will either encourage its pace, or will drag the whole process out even longer. So tread carefully, Beloveds, knowing the incredible power of your footprint, and the incredible range of influence which your words have. Your words and thoughts travel universes. Your acts of courage and kindness can inspire a million onlookers. Your unconditional love can travel to far flung galaxies from one second to the next.


We have often referred to the “unseen worlds”, as we do today, to inspire you to continue walking the road “less travelled”. It is again our intention to inspire you with your own possibilities in these times of great change and distress. May you always be aware of the DIVINE BACKDROP, which oversees all situations, and may you always complete HOLY WORKS, so that you blend in with this divine backdrop.


Thus will you merge as one. Thus will the present divine backdrop cease to remain in the background. It will come to the foreground and envelop all. Seraphin







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