By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 28, 2021 - 8:36:01 AM



Through Rosie, 21st June 2021

Today is the summer solstice, Beloveds, and as usual there are those among you who are all hyped up, proclaiming spectacular changes and transformations to happen on this very specific date.


How many times will you succumb to this? How many times will you be taken in, rather than using every second to further a positive agenda YOURSELVES and to reverse the dreadful situation you have on your hands WITH YOUR OWN HANDS AND THROUGH YOUR OWN EFFORT?


We urge you, as ever, to move swiftly into your own sovereignty and to stalwartly support all those around you who allow you to do so.

We are going to talk about transformation today, which has nothing to do with magically transforming or transitioning into a new form or a new world or a new situation without personal effort. It does not happen in a moment. It CAN happen in a moment, but this does not depend on an outer catalyst (thought this may help, and though this is in the pipeline): it depends on your RECEPTIVITY to new impulses and your DECISION to behave differently AFTER RECEIVING the new impulses or information. Transformation is a CONTINUOUS PROCESS, rather than a sudden change.


Transformation, if it is to be lasting and “complete” (though nothing is ever complete due to constant evolving), must involve dedication on a continuous basis. It is not one large decision or one momentous change in behaviour: it is continually adhering to HIGH MORAL PRINCIPLES AND WORTHY GOALS. It is not a sudden “sweeping away” of all evil elements (though this is also in the pipeline, arranged by your galactic brethren who hold you dearly in their hearts) but through concentrated and co-operative effort to PREVENT ANY BUDS OF EVIL BLOOMING AGAIN.


Transformation is not throwing a ball into a pond and making a big splash. It is not climbing a mountain and screaming EUREKA. It is not making an impassioned speech before thousands of people. It is a daily practice, where each thought and each action is a strand of delicate thread, chosen for exactly that moment and that time, to be woven with care, together with all other strands offered by other earth inhabitants, who have similarly chosen exactly that thread and that time to insert their input into the common TAPESTRY. We are using this image to again underline the importance of your every move, and to remind you of your critical role in extremely difficult times, soon to become much more difficult.


What is the tapestry you are co-creating? What picture or vision will it show? Will it last well, due to the quality of the material and the skill of craftsmanship, or will it quickly show “wear and tear” due to inappropriate material, shoddy work and time “taken off”.


We know that our tone has been, and still is, very stern. This is because your situation is so serious. It will require great determination to build something which is durable and closely woven. It will require a JOINT VISION, even before you start, otherwise you will not be able to co-ordinate the weaving process. It means that you have to jointly decide on the direction, the process, the colours and the thickness of yarn PREVIOUS TO STARTING.


You can view the already existing threads (on which the tapestry will be woven) as the cosmic laws, to which you are required to adhere. They set the scene. They provide the framework. They determine the direction and hold the whole structure of the tapestry in place. And when you have finished weaving, it is those threads which will be cut off and knotted and which will hold the whole tapestry firmly in place. If even one of those threads is cut, frayed or overstretched (meaning if cosmic law is disregarded or if observance of same are lax) then the tapestry will develop a hole or a boil, and the picture or vision will suffer.

What part will you play in all this, Beloveds? Have you got the stamina to hold out until the end of this confusing period, to let go of all and to start a new period in earth’s history in the way we have just described? Think well on this, for it is a decision which will be required of you all. We are waiting in the wings. Seraphin.







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