Seraphin Message 448: BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE
By Seraphin through Rosie
May 20, 2021 - 1:25:16 PM


Seraphin Message 448: BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE

Through Rosie, 15th May 2021


Beloved Citizens of Earth: the benefit of pain is that it will force you into action in order to end an abominable situation. If you are still slumbering in soporific mode, cosy and comfortable in your self-constructed illusions, then you have not reached this stage, but we do warn you that those comfortable bubbles will burst, resulting in agony for the great majority. Even you will be surprised and “taken aback”.


Why would we (and many other “helpers” guiding you through this mess towards an era of “light and life”) expend so much energy over so many years, using various methods and various scribes as our voice, in order to try and reach you? It is because we are intensely aware of this very great agony with which you will be faced, and the very great feeling of betrayal and hopelessness which you will have to deal with.


This sudden and painful awakening may be so unbearable that some of you sleepy ones will fall dead on the spot, as if you have suffered a very sudden and severe heart attack. We are very sad to have to say these words. Our compassion for your situation – in fact for all global inhabitants – has impelled us again and again to prepare you, in order that this “blow” may be lessened.


Those who have already gone through various stages of pain, who have done their investigations thoroughly and who have developed authentic behavior due to dedicated work on themselves and on all hindrances preventing true communication, and who have learnt to commune with the “Divine”, will not be so surprised, and will not be subjected to such a serious degree of shock.


You ones can be grateful for your “dispensation period” of slow but methodical learning over many years, as hard as it may have been, and as tortuous it is to know about continuing corruption and atrocity, with no definite end in sight. When you see the sudden shock and desperation of others, and the consequences thereof and the resulting trauma, you will fall upon your knees in gratitude, recognizing the comparatively gentle nature of your awakening, during which you were allowed to proceed at your own pace of learning. This will seem to be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE.


This period has also allowed the “waiters” and “seekers” to “enjoy” a period of comparative quiet. This may seem like an incredible or absurd statement today, as you observe developments on your planet, yet the PACE OF CHANGE and the PACE OF ACTION REQUIRED from YOU WILL INCREASE EXPONENTIALLY IN THE FUTURE, TAKING YOUR BREATH AWAY.


If you have not already developed methods of centering yourself, of quickly settling priorities, of courageously stepping out in public, or of executing decisions in alignment with Divine guidance and in accordance with Cosmic Law, then you will have great difficulties in adjusting and in playing the roles originally assigned to you.

This is a “hiatus” for you to prepare yourselves along the lines we have just mentioned, to develop your skills and to prepare your materials, and to keep up with your contacts. Most of all, it is time to develop your visions for a better world. For example, if you want to build a TEMPLE OF THE DIVINE SELF (a favourite project of this scribe), then use the time to design it. If you have valuable information or wisdom which you want to share, or projects which will benefit others, PUT THEM TO PAPER.


Do not waste your time, Beloveds, but anticipate how you can be the most excellent agent of development and positive change. You are brimming with potential, Beloveds, and it is your decision HOW TO TRANSLATE THIS INTO ACTION for the benefit of those who will remain to rebuild this world. Seraphin.







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