Seraphin Message 444: WHAT IS THE END?
By Seraphin through Rosie
Mar 31, 2021 - 3:39:10 AM

Seraphin Message 444: WHAT IS THE END?

Through Rosie, 27th March 2021


Dear Citizens of Earth: as we watch you maneuvering yourselves – whether consciously or subconsciously – into a crisis of unimaginable proportions and acuteness, we shudder to think how you will react, once atrocities are exposed to all, and once you truly realise how very much you have been “had”. The deception has been complete and very long-lived, and certainly started eaons before this, your present incarnation.


A number of you who do research and who are already onto the track of discovery will know that there are things to be discovered. Others will be faced with completely unanticipated “surprises”, and will thus not be able to bear this as well. This stems either from your action, or lack of action. Your discernment, or lack of discernment. Your curiosity and scrutiny, or lack thereof. Listening to your “spark of divinity”, which urges you to act with integrity and prevent the opposite, or deliberate ignoring thereof. And there are yet others who do not have access to an inner voice of wisdom, because they are not “hard-wired” for this.


There are some who will immediately recoil at this thought – that some are more “equipped” than others, yet this is the case. Human DNA has been manipulated for centuries, and this is something of which the majority of earth’s population is completely unaware. Different “bodies” have different attributes, and it is not all fairly distributed. You may ask why this is. Your slave masters have deliberately downgraded the masses, and upgraded the gifted or physic few, in order to serve their own nefarious purposes.


But whatever body you find yourself in, with whatever attributes, you are experiencing all this for a specific learning purpose, and you acquiesced to this before “birth”. And whatever the situation, it is your decision how to react to the present stress, and indeed to the revelations to which we refer. Many of you are feeling desperate, because you can see no END. This is a result of a very severely limited imagination and limited understanding.


At this juncture, we would like to ask you, Beloveds, what the END is?

Some of you, in complete despair, will contemplate suicide because they consider their lives unbearable. They cannot see beyond a brick wall, beyond a litany of tragedies, beyond a sea of sadness which will inevitably engulf them. These feelings may be overwhelming, but the people who succumb to them are those who do not recognize how they limit themselves. They “believe in” their own limited view. They think they are one hundred percent correct. They think that they can accurately predict the future, and they assess that they have no place in it, and that it will not provide them with one iota of joy. They are arrogant enough to think that they are the centre of the universe, and that they have the knowledge that this is indeed the end, and that it is better not to survive to see it. They cannot imagine that there is any other way out. They have forgotten that when they were 12, they could look back at their behavior when they were 7, and judge that they had grown, not just physically, but on a mental level. And similarly, those who, at the age of 40 look back to the convictions, beliefs and emotional state which they held at the age of 25, will conclude that they have progressed and matured.


Such earth inhabitants are aware of their potential for growth, however difficult the present situation. They know that some new insight will occur and that a new perspective will open up, shifting their perspectives and offering new opportunities. Those who cannot do this will simply see THE END instead, and refuse to continue living.


Which category are you in, Beloveds? Is it all too terrible to bear? Will you have a new perspective in a year’s time, even if that which you “expect” does not materialize? Your spiritual progress – and we must say that this is the most important sort of progress - is not based of any outside event, thought outer challenges may encourage it and develop it, if challenges are met. Your spiritual progress is a DAILY AFFAIR, irrespective of the chaos which may or may not surround you, and irrespective of any ENDS you may wish for.


To fall into despair means that you have given up, that you have cut yourself off from the divine hand which attempts to guide you constantly. It means that you defy the concept of progress and that you wish to stagnate. It means that your enthusiasm is decimated, and that you allow yourself to enter a condition of paralysis and complete standstill.

If you look at the natural world, you will see that there are always cycles, in your seasons as well as in your universe. Try to place yourselves and your consciousness within these cycles and see yourselves AS PART OF THEM. Thus you will always move with them, in full flow, leaving the past behind and moving on with ease. If you feel desperate, breathe deeply and remember this, and remember THAT THERE ARE NO ENDS. THERE ARE ONLY BEGINNINGS.


There are so many new beginnings in front of you, Beloveds, that you will be amazed, and when they occur, you will remember this very message to you, given to you in your darkest hour. Seraphin


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