Seraphin Message 442: THE NAVIGATOR
By Seraphin through Rosie
Feb 28, 2021 - 3:49:12 AM


Seraphin Message 442: THE NAVIGATOR

Through Rosie, 23rd February 2021


Who are you on the ship which travels through life, Beloved Ones on earth? How do you see yourselves? Are you a person of importance, directing events, or are you a helpless victim, working in the galleys, or are you somewhere in between? Do you wish to remain in the position you find yourself? Is there anything you want to change? Are you suffering or are you rejoicing? Are you inhibited or are you confident? Are you frightened easily into submission, or will you – in acute situations of discomfort – move out of the shadows and speak your truth?


Imagine you are on a ship. Are you a person of little rank, receiving orders and fulfilling them repetitively, with no room for “promotion”, for individual thinking or for creativity? Do you have an official post, surveying the crew while adhering to instructions “from above”, and somehow caught in the middle? Does your sympathy for the “downtrodden” override your need to “look good” in the eyes of your superiors? Or are you at the very top of the pyramid – the captain of the ship - giving orders and rarely seeing what is happening on the ship below.


There are other positions which are of importance. Perhaps you are one of those? Perhaps you are the boy who spends all his time at the top of the rigging, on look out. This will be the first person to shout DANGER. Note that to continually be in this situation will be extremely strenuous and will give you a false view of what is actually happening. Note also that if you see ice ahead, it may well turn out to be a sea of white water lilies when you actually get there. And vice-versa. Being pushed and pulled from one extreme to the next can be extremely tiring. You will be exhausted.


The most important person in the ship are the NAVIGATORS. They will SET THE COURSE and continually check the direction and assess the weather conditions. They may be able to judge how long the journey will take, what provisions may be necessary, and what dangers may ensue. This requires constant vigilance over all outward conditions and also all inward circumstances, including possible rebellion of the crew, or imbalance in their psychological makeup.


We are weathering a great storm presently, in one of the most acute situations which your planet has ever encountered, and if this is something you cannot see, then maybe you have been concentrating on your work “below decks”. There is no possibility of “jumping ship”, because this will involve certain death. Contemplate how you fit into the global crew, and whether you are playing a valuable part in this community which is going through a very dangerous phase. Your integrity is required, your creative energy is required, your courage and compassion are required. Investigate your lives and assess whether you are in the right position, or whether there is any way in which you can improve to assist “plain sailing”.


This is the topic we touch on today, because we see so many of you in a despondent frame of mind, because you are concentrating on a momentary “lull” and because you see no wind in the sails. You will not be prepared – in this mindset – for the next ALMIGHTY GUST. Again, we try to warn you to prepare yourselves physically and mentally for the coming crisis. Seraphin.


Please note that Volume 4 of THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES is now also available as a printed edition and as an E-Book. It contains the most recent Seraphin Messages, up to message 430, and is perhaps the most relevant volume concerning the present situation. (It also includes a selection of "best Seraphin quotes" from the entire body of messages). This will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.





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