By Seraphin through Rosie
Feb 16, 2021 - 6:26:40 AM


Seraphin Message 441:

Through Rosie, 11th February 2021


The problem that you are facing, Beloved Citizens of Earth, is very much an emotional crisis, because many of you are simply going to be hit in the face by an unexpected icy blast. This is because you have not been keeping track of the “weather”. There have been many warnings or “forecasts”, but you have, for the most part, not taken them seriously or have been all too ready to dismiss them as “conspiracies”, and this has been so often deliberately and successfully suggested by your slave-owners.


Yes, dear Ones: the icy blast will reveal to you that you have been slaves, and that you have indeed been content to live your lives as slaves, conceding real “freedom” to your owners. As slaves you have been exploited, abused, trafficked and deceived. There is hardly any realm of your lives – including the realms of your “entertainment”- which have not been corrupted and manipulated to serve the agenda of your jailors, keeping you “in the dark” while they continue with their perverse forms of pleasure, one of which is PREYING ON YOU.


The icy wind in your faces will bring you to a standstill and put many into a state of paralysis and shock. Some will not be able to survive this degree of trauma. They will succumb to sadness, despair and death. Others will feel uncontrollable anger rising throughout their bodies and will resort to immediate violence. Be on the lookout for these ones, lest you get caught in the “crossfire”.


Those who remain will have a very difficult situation to deal with, faced with the devastating truth of your slavery, the extreme reactions to its discovery, and the need to pull yourselves together despite everything, and to start cleaning out the “mess”. And as the “messes” are investigated and clarified, more shocking facts will be uncovered.

This will be a devastating process which only the “toughest” will survive – those who can stay the course, those who can think critically, those who can show compassion, those who can admit humbly to their own participation in the “mess”, and those who can launch into creative action.


This will be your new elixir, dear friends – going into action to create new structures, a completely new system, new ways of education and self-government, new organisations and regulations, new opportunities and new ways of thinking. Above all, NEW MORAL STANDARDS,

What could give greater joy, Beloveds, than righting all these heinous wrongs? We ask you to be strong and to look after yourselves as you move into “battle mode”, so that your (self) imprisonment is a thing of the past.


You may ask: “Is Seraphin over-exaggerating here?” As always, “time will tell” and “future proves the past”. If you look well to our messages which have been provided over the last few years, you will increasingly realise their relevance to the present day, even if you were not struck with them at first reading. We could not be more serious, and it is our pledge to help you and remind you - during the turmoil and trauma of the final days before a new start is made - that the end is glorious. Seraphin.


Please note that Volume 4 of THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES is now also available as a printed edition and as an E-Book. It contains the most recent Seraphin Messages, up to message 430, and is perhaps the most relevant volume concerning the present situation. (It also includes a selection of "best Seraphin quotes" from the entire body of messages). This will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.






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