Seraphin Message 440: WANTING THE END
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jan 29, 2021 - 9:05:40 AM


Seraphin Message 440: WANTING THE END

Through Rosie, 27th January 2021


How many of you are presently wanting to see an end, Beloveds? How many of you are desperate to see abuse, corruption and violence disappear from the face of YOUR earth? The emphasis here is on YOUR, because YOU have an innate responsibility for what happens on this hallowed ground which – by the way – is only yours in that you are GUARDIANS of this precious space which you call your home.


To be “wanting the end” of something means that you are in a state of want, which indicates a very strong LACK OF SOMETHING. If you send out this strong energy, SOMETHING STRONG WILL COME TO FILL THAT VERY LARGE GAP, and if you are in a desperate state – as many of you are – then you will not be able to wait any longer, and you will welcome that SOMETHING STRONG with open arms without fully discerning what it may do in the future.


You may be welcoming a savior (and so you hope) but in actual fact, you may also be inviting “devilish” consequences. These can thrive because they fill one of your greatest needs, which is not “freedom” but security. With the comforting feeling that all problems are solved, you will now be able to get on with “life as usual”, or whatever was usual for you.


Note here that many of you have been leading lives which you consider normal, but which actually involve the very aspects which are detrimental to your earth – a tendency to squander, waste, destroy and decry others, as well as a tendency to succumb to ego and to fail to respond to emergencies.


Wanting an end can therefore turn out to have dangerous results. Your desperation may be so strong that your powers of assessment have no time to scrutinize the offered solution. If one focusses exclusively on finding the end, this also narrows your view in that your whole energy is concentrated on one “point in time”, as opposed to the present, and as opposed to the time AFTER THE END. What we are in fact telling you here is that THERE ARE NO ENDS, ONLY CONSTANT SPIRITUAL PROGRESSION, IF YOU CHOOSE IT, AND IF YOU WORK ON IT.


Wanting the end cements you into a position of paralysis. It means that you are “waiting” for someone or something else to take up the reins and direct what is not being directed at the moment. You expect someone else to take on full responsibility and you expect to remain inactive yourselves. This is the sort of erroneous thinking which has led to all your problems in the first place: failure to assume responsibility, failure to correctly assess a situation, and – the most important – failure to go into action once you have realized that there are diverse powers working against prosperity, abundance, beauty and peace. They are doing all they can to promote war, division, hatred and dependence.


It is time to come into your own sovereignty, not wanting the end but making plans to effect your passage towards more positive circumstances in a continuous and determined manner, instead of sporadic weak efforts or – the worst case scenario – no efforts at all.

Everything depends on you, not on the elites or any other “power” who have earned your trust. The future will be created in accordance with your effort and vision, and thus it is now the time to develop visions for the future, taking concrete steps towards them.


We warn you that everything will “go downhill”, and that any present feelings of despair will increase. Do not let these overwhelm you, and do not build up expectations which will only programme you to fall into another “ditch”. Instead: steadily build up your skills and consider how they can be best applied to create a new era of peace. We thank you for your attention. Seraphin


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