By Seraphin through Rosie
Jan 20, 2021 - 4:23:39 AM

Seraphin Message 437:


Through Rosie, 11th January 2021


Many of you can be partially excused, Children of Earth, for not knowing what freedom really is. You will chant it at demonstrations, you will feel the breath of freedom as you stand at the top of a mountain looking at a panorama of stunning countryside, you will even perhaps jump off such a pinnacle in a parachute or free fall from a plane in order to experience the “freedom of flying”, yet what you are actually experiencing is a “rush of adrenalin” or protest in an otherwise perhaps uninteresting or cramped existence. Think also of the many millions who lived in cramped, unsanitary circumstances with little nourishment, and to whom the word “freedom” would mean something completely different, such as being free of hunger or free of disease.


But of course there are also even greater scenarios which many of you cannot conceive of: that this is a PRISON PLANET, surrounded for thousands of years by protective “fences” – not to protect you, but to protect the negative energies of you from seeping into the rest of the cosmos. Of this prison, you have not been aware. Your world of serfs and underlings largely acting in accordance with the wishes and commands (whether seen or unseen) or your slave masters, is also a battle taking place, largely without you being aware of it. You are similarly unaware of the larger consequences, or of your position as a planet in an area of system rebellion. Your area of “space”, as you would call it, has long since separated itself from DIVINE ALLEGIANCES, and so you have been quarantined and given the chance to sort yourselves out internally – fighting it out amongst yourselves without tainting your planetary neighbours (yes, they exist in bountiful number, again, far from your awareness).


This quarantine situation (and maybe some of you will listen up more, now that you are more aware of what life in quarantine is, due to your “covid” situation) has meant that – irrespective of what you call “death” – you are CAGED IN ONE PLACE, allowed to incarnate ONLY HERE. This was intended as a period of reprieve, for you to find your feet in an enclosed environment, fighting it out, being confronted with the intense “darkness” of yourselves in order to be able to TURN AROUND AND DO THE OPPOSITE. It was an experiment to encourage BETTER BEHAVIOUR THAN BEFORE.


In some case, this has been achieved. With the majority, it has not, and your spiritual progression has been extremely slow. This is what life is about, Children of Earth: SPIRITUAL PROGRESSION, and we of the celestial realms will always act to further this, in whatever way we deem to be possible and in alignment with COSMIC LAW. However. All experiments come to an end, and it is time for the effects of Lucifer – the prime mover in this scenario – to be shattered into tiny smithereens.


There are those who have learnt, and there are those who have not learnt anything. Their behavior is still on the same barbaric, heinous level as long ago, despite their perhaps refined and commanding appearance.


Always remember that cosmic law will kick in at exactly the right time, and be sure that this is coming to you, wayward ones on earth. Those who have been forced to take part in this experiment, and who have increased the quality of their behavior and who have realized that their greatest joy is serving others, WILL BE RELEASED FROM THEIR CAGES. Each of them – as a soul – is then FREE TO MOVE ON AS DESIRED. Their “soul” will no longer be forced to incarnate on earth. They may choose their own “casing” or “vehicle” for their next experience. They will have FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Those who have not changed, and who refuse to submit to cosmic law, will ENTER A NEW CAGE.


For each “soul” presently living on earth, the experience which is to come will differ, but you can be sure that the future you experience will DEPEND ON YOUR PARTICULAR MERITS. As this time draws ever closer, we ask you to reflect on what freedom actually means to you, and whether imposing restrictions is sometimes necessary in order to awaken. This has been the story of earth. We will welcome you into our arms when the cage falls. Seraphin.


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