By Seraphin through Rosie
Jul 5, 2020 - 12:14:53 PM


Seraphin Message 419:


Through Rosie. 26th June 2020


Dear inhabitants on earth who are presently going through various stages of isolation or of “togetherness”, according to your own choices and preferences. This may, on the surface of things, seem to be a strange statement, but as always, we ask you to search beyond the immediate answers and search deeper for the original causes. If you truly wanted unity, so that this world prospers, you would not allow yourselves to be divided by those whose main purpose is to separate you, divide you into various opposing factions, and thus make you more malleable to whatever they suggest next in the way of control. Yes, you have let yourselves be controlled, and thus you submit – submissively – to “isolation” measures, or division into this and that group, thus distancing you from your fellow humans to which it is so important to remain connected.


The title of this piece may also seem confusing: many who are in isolation – seemingly forced isolation due to a supposed disease called COVID 19 – are experiencing extreme loneliness, for they rely on outward contact to uplift their spirits, to keep their lives running, to ensure that they feel appreciated, to uphold appearances. It is of course also a genuine joy to make contact with others, but this is not what we are focusing on here. The greatest joy of all is actually to be in contact with one’s own personal HOLY SELF, and when you are in isolation, of whatever sort, a measure of peace is able to descend, and you will be able to make “space” and time for listening intuitively to the “divine advisor” inside you. Thus, you are actually NEVER IN ISOLATION. If you feel that you are, you have SHUT YOURSELF OFF FROM YOUR DIVINE ORIGINS.


We are well aware that this line of thinking may be very extreme for those who are used to living their lives completely on a material level, without any introspection whatsoever, without ever spending time alone, without ever contemplating that there may be unseen realms or indeed unseen helpers such as myself, who are only too willing to provide guidance so that each soul can reach their optimum potential. Many people will not even realise that they have any potential or any task at all. They struggle, for a variety of reasons, including very difficult material circumstances, just to get along.


But we say that EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO RISE ABOVE THIS. Anyone experiencing lockdown is forced to confront their fears, their “aloneness”, their dependence on others”, their strategies and addictions, the way they deal with pain, loss or “emptiness”. Some will spiral out of control, drinking, binging on media, or indulging in health-destructing habits. Others may “see a light”, may realise their own strength, will “rally to the cause”, will realise that certain activities were meaningless, will start to prioritise, and will – if effort and intent is present - start to discern the intuitive hunches which reach them in moments of heightened awareness.


You may not yet call this DIVINE ADVICE, but you may become aware that there is something unusual going on, something uplifting, something which carries you beyond the humdrum of everyday, something which provides hope and – ultimately – something which provides you with instructions about how you can personally contribute to the “new world” which will emerge out of this chaos, once it has reached its most intense climax. We are approaching this daily, with absurdities and “impossibilities” becoming ever clearer to the discerning eye, with others simply turning their heads away in disbelief, refusing to look “reality” or “truth” in the face, and thus refusing to learn.


It is “refusing to learn” which has brought you, globally, to this sorry state of affairs. It has been continuing for millennia. It is “normal” for you to sit enchained in a prison where the doors are actually wide open, if only you would look the other way. Brainwashing is only a very mild term for it. We could refer to it as complex, continuous, intricately planned management of the human psyche, using all “weaknesses” one can think of to manipulate, change and train your power of thought. Realise this, and your rulers will have no chance. Awaken to this and your shackles will be thrown off. We wait for this glorious day, and we are here to again point out that you are languishing in your chains, crying in desperation, when actually you are within the grasp of permanent freedom. Seraphin





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