Seraphin Message 418: A WHOLE NEW MEANING
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 15, 2020 - 2:02:05 PM


Seraphin Message 418: A WHOLE NEW MEANING

Through Rosie, 11th June 2020


How many of the things which you do each day are actually REPEATS of what you did or thought yesterday, beloved inhabitants on earth? Try to think logically about the way you spend your time, and whether you are running on automatic as opossed to “stretching” your minds and “stretching” your experiences. Even in the face of overcoming trauma or extreme isolation, it is still possible to turn around and THINK in a different way, even if your outward circumstances remain the same. This is because the central pivot and instigator is YOURSELF AND YOUR DECISIONS, not the “influences” around you.


If you repeat something, it may certainly make life easier for you. You know, from previous experience, that it is going to be easier than the last time. Indeed, if you repeat something long enough, even if it is something extremely difficult, it will feel easy to do in the end. And it may feel comfortable to just keep that feeling of “ease” rather than letting go and launching into some new adventure.


And this is the vital point: not whether you are content to maintain a certain situation, because you are familiar with it and used to it, and because it affords you a certain sense of pride or security, but whether you are prepared to let go of that arena and venture into “new pastures”.

There is a memorable hymn on your earth plane, with biblical connotation. “I will lead you into new pastures”. This is the time when you will be invited to leave the old pastures behind you, and move into the new. And when you arrive on the other side of the fence, you will realise how humdrum, how enclosed, how persecuted you have actually been within the perimeters of you “old fencing”. Now you will see endless, abundant meadows and a clear blue sky, with no perimeter in sight. You will also be able to turn around and see with intense and probably devastating clarity what sort of society and what sort of corruption you have been part of so far.


In short, this will be the ultimate “reframing” experience. You will have to re-examine your whole lives in view of new insights. You will be forced to re-evaluate how you have spent your lives so far, and whether it has been of use to anyone apart from yourselves. You will be forced to address issues which you never would have imagined existed on this earth. You will be forced to look atrocities in the eye, and again this will not be a pleasant experience. Not everyone can cope with this new agenda, in which you will constantly be leaping forward in great bounds, because the packets of new knowledge have to be assimilated at a very rapid rate.


Will you be able to keep up with this, Beloveds? Those who are sluggish, slow off the mark, or reluctant to see the part they have played in this tumultuous upheaval, will probably not continue on the same path. This IS the time of great renewal, Beloveds, and the door to a completely new world is about to open. To those who have been patiently waiting for the door to open, we say that your patience – and your decisive action in the meantime – is seen and appreciated by those who are now going to set this scenario into motion. We thank you. Seraphin





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