By Seraphin through Rosie
May 25, 2020 - 12:58:40 PM


Seraphin Message 415:

Through Rosie. 18th May 2020


What is your level of awareness concerning NOISE, citizens of earth? For some of you who live in hectic “western” civilisations, you may be so used to certain decibel levels, or to the constant humming of machines or cars in the background, that it will completely escape your attention – that is, UNTIL IT STOPS. It is then that your ear will say to you WAIT A MINUTE: SOMETHING IS MISSING, and then you will –for the first time – be able to pinpoint what that something actually is. You may also discover great delights, such as birdsong.


You have become accustomed to functioning like clockwork to a background of loud confusion. Do you understand the repressing mechanisms which this involves you in, and which transfer into other areas of your lives? Do you realise how deeply your mental processes are desensitized and scarred? Do you realise how this can encourage you to live a subdued, resigned life, hoping for some sort of peace (REST IN PEACE!) at the end.


And when the noise peters out, do you WORRY and think that something abnormal is going on? Do you feel uneasy if you cannot hear a car passing by every five minutes? We can assure you that there are people who think this way. We would suggest that it is not the sound which is reassuring, but the supposed HUMAN PRESENCE OF ANOTHER. You have come to associate noise with human beings when, in the core of their being, they have the potential of being STILL AND SERENE AND FIRMLY ANCHORED IN THEIR OWN DIVINITY.


The removal of “noise” is what many of you are experiencing, because in this month of May 2020, large crowds and gatherings are temporarily “banned” in many countries which are in “lockdown”. So, what is the effect of this? With the removal of outside noise and distractions, you will be forced to hear THE INSIDE NOISE. These may be thoughts which are obsessive, or feelings of worry. You may find the same thoughts circling round your head endlessly. You may wonder constantly what will happen next. You may strive to replace the old “noise” with new “noise”. You may try and pretend that everything is continuing as usual (which we can assure you, it will not) OR YOU CAN SIT IN STILLNESS AND LISTEN FOR THE UNFAILING VOICE OF YOUR OWN DIVINE INTUITION.


If you have found this, then you will never again be easily distracted by outside noise. It may annoy you (and indeed this scribe has been annoyed by the constant noise of a nearby pneumatic drill for the duration of this message) but it will not render you incapable of finding the still voice within.


We would remind you that there is still more “noise” to face in the form of continuing propaganda, rising confusion, intense discussion, chaos and fear, and so your ability to find a voice of reason in the madness will be an invaluable help as you pass through this stage of tremendous “action” which will involve much pain and much enlightenment. We can assure you that pain and enlightenment go hand in hand. They provide an extremely steep learning curve which is necessary at this time for those who wish to remain with your earth. Seraphin.





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