By Seraphin through Rosie
May 11, 2020 - 8:50:50 AM


Through Rosie, 11th May 2020

Many of you are presently sitting in isolation because of “lockdown” measures in place, and those who live alone may be feeling this more acutely than others. The “privilege” which they have of organizing their own lives according to their own specific desires and expectations, is now the price which they have paid for “independence”, yet for some, this is now turning into part of their problem. Some of them are now realizing that they are not only lonely in isolation at home, BUT THAT THEY WERE ALSO IN ISOLATION AS THEY RUSHED ABOUT OUTSIDE DURING THEIR NORMAL ROUTINES, INTERACTING WITH OTHERS, BUT NEVER ACTUALLY PIERCING BELOW THE SURFACE. If they had truly entered into relationships, and truly trusted themselves to share their feelings and emotions, then they would not be living alone. This is the case with the many “singles” on your planet. They are not integrated into society, and they require work on THEMSELVES to discover the emotional or mental blockages which are preventing their closer association with other members of humanity, thus encouraging mutual support AND MUTUAL JOY.

How close, or how distant, do you wish to be to each other, inhabitants of earth? If you are all close, there is no such things as an ENEMY. If you are all close, there is no such things as anyone being DIFFERENT. If you are all close to each other, there is no possibility of anyone becoming LONELY. You have been given this time as a period of stillness in which you are able to contemplate these very basic precepts. Perhaps you are quite content to stay at home, or perhaps you are suddenly at your wit’s end because of it. Everyone will be able to tell a different story about their experiences in this respect, for everyone is different and UNIQUE, yet the majority do thrive within the circle of human comfort and closeness, and children certainly cannot develop in a stable way without it.

Another possible scenario is, that in your state of isolation, you give up and despair. You are internally angry, decrying this and that, putting blame on others, on governments, on doctors, on politicians. Of course, they all play their part, but so do you, individually as well as collectively. It is good to express this anger SO THAT YOU CAN LOOK AT IT FULLY, and so that you can REALISE ITS GREAT EXTENT AND ITS GREAT POTENTIAL FOR DESTRUCTION. This is a situation with so many levels and “unseen actors” that to blame any one person, or one direction, would be to make a very naïve judgement. It is your choice whether to CLOSE UP and TURN AWAY FROM SELF INVESTIGATION, AS WELL AS INVESTIGATION INTO PRESENT POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS, or whether to simmer at a constant boil, expressing anger constantly and in one direction only. The purpose of this period is not to turn away, but to EMBRACE THE WHOLE, and to accept that in some way, you are part of it and cause of it.

As we have said, these supposings will relate to certain individuals. Your story may be different, yet irrespective of your circumstances, know that you are on an incredible learning journey which will EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS; if only you will give it a chance. Restriction of movement means STAYING IN ONE PLACE and the opportunity to GO WITHIN and to see what intuition – or your divine inner advisor – is telling you to do next. This is a MAGNIFICENT OPPORTUNITY to GO FAR BEYOND what you have already experienced on a material level. It is precisely BECAUSE YOU DO NOT YET UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING WHICH IS PRESENTLY HAPPENING THAT YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO DISCOVER MORE. We are watching you during this incredible and unique process. DO NOT TURN AWAY but TURN TOWARDS YOURSELVES. Seraphin




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