Seraphin Message 407: THE PARADISE CIRCLE
By Seraphin through Rosie
Apr 30, 2020 - 5:25:42 AM




Seraphin Message 407: THE PARADISE CIRCLE

Through Rosie. 6th April 2020


Dearly beloved inhabitants of earth: you may think that your lives are short, hard, and often pointless. This is because your view of yourselves is vastly restricted by a whole plethora of deliberately limiting structures and concepts which have been in place on your planet for millennia.

There is an extremely important part in your so-called “holy book” (many parts are unholy, or missing, to cut a long story short) which concerns the words of Jesus when he was on the cross. He spoke to the criminals, also being crucified, to his left and right. He told them that one day, they too would “sup with him in paradise”.


Perhaps you, inhabitants of earth, have never contemplated that these words were not spoken as a means of comfort: they were actually FORESEEING THE FUTURE. It may take some time – and many lifetimes – to “correct” the criminal mindset, yet once accomplished, these are the most confident and dedicated of souls because they are so aware of the WRONG which they have done, and because they strive to keep to a “straight path” at all costs.


Do you do the same, Beloveds? Do you keep your promises? Do you act in a completely noble way, assisting all those who cross your path, as if you have SACRED BLOOD IN YOUR VEINS? Perhaps we should rather say: SACRED THOUGHTS IN YOUR MIND, as the body is actually a mere carrier for your MIND DEVELOPMENT.

To return to the phrase which Jesus uttered on the cross: he indicated that these criminals could RISE AS HIGH AS HE COULD, and that they would eventually SHARE THE SAME DIVINE STATUS, and that one day they would indeed MEET IN THE SAME DIVINE REALM, which has the name of PARADISE.


What does this mean for you, citizens of earth as you “wait” quietly or not so quietly in your homes, pondering the meaning of life in your present quarantine, faced with the problems you have been trying to suppress, or gloss over, or hide? This “space” has opened up for you to contemplate your journey, and the obstacles which prevent it morphing into a DIVINE PATH, the pinnacle of which is your arrival on Paradise, which you may envisage as a huge, unbelievably beautiful planet far away.


Could you walk this path? Do you want to walk this path? Do you want to make yourselves the FOCAL POINT OF A PARADISE CIRCLE? Will you dare to choose this option, even though you are fearful and caged in? Can you imagine this EXPANSE, although you are presently “limited”, as the criminals were on the cross? Your physical isolation or constraints SHOULD NOT DETERMINE THE LIMITS OF YOUR MIND. The fact that you cannot travel or make physical contact with others has no relevance to your MIND GROWTH. Indeed, it has occurred in order to ENCOURAGE IT.


It is your mandate to CONSTRUCT A CIRCLE OF PARADISE AROUND YOU, not in the sense of ignoring all “dark elements”, but in the sense of TRANSFORMING all irregularities into something positive. In the sense of REMAINING CALM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORM, In the sense of SPREADING BEAUTY as far as you can see, to the very edges of your personal universe. This is preparation for your journey towards the real Paradise – that planet far away - where all those who have attained the highest level of spiritual understanding will congregate, only to be then sent out on missions to use their wisdom and knowledge to elevate other spheres – SUCH AS YOUR DEGENERATE PLANET – into satellite “paradises”.


We hope that this short discourse will expand your thinking in these times of great difficulty and stress for yourselves and for your earth. Hold it like a light in front of you, so that it guides your way, your thoughts, your speech and your actions, and thus will you contribute to the transformation taking place here, which will lift you all onto a higher plane. Seraphin


VOICE RECORDED READING of this message by JAK:


Elements in the painting THE PARADISE CIRCLE

Jesus flanked by the two men who were crucified at the same time - three small crosses stand on a hill before each of them; Mary, mother of Jesus; Guan Yin, goddess of compassion; Buddha; two women who have achieved Paradise through their exemplary behavior; symbols from various traditions for life (tree of life) love, compassion, hope (8 candles), forgiveness and balance. Eight lilies are at the centre of the circle, symbolizing trust (“Consider the lilies, how they grow…how much more will he clothe you?”) The Paradise circle is surrounded by the teeming life of the outer universes.






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