Seraphin Message 406: STRIVING FOR UNITY
By Seraphin through Rosie
Apr 30, 2020 - 4:37:54 PM


Seraphin Message 406: STRIVING FOR UNITY

Through Rosie. 1st April 2020



Dear inhabitants of earth who are presently going through a period of intense suffering. This is how you perceive it – a period of quarantine during which you are not allowed to continue with your day-to-day living and familiar faces.


But unbeknown to you, Beloveds of the ONE CREATION, you have been in a period of quarantine for thousands of years as a planet, separated from your galactic neighbours and the harmonious circuit of universe administration which could have provided so much assistance and solace during your tribulations.


This “cutting of” was initiated by YOURSELVES (or we can say EARLIER INCARNATIONS OF YOURSELVES). It was a deliberate attempt on your part to escape universal law, to set yourselves above it, to abdicate responsibility, to “go it alone”, to forge ahead without considering your effect or response, to detach yourselves as your own gods, and to see others as “less”.


Over millennia, these criminals have dominated your society, holding the rest of you – weakened and manipulated – in their sway, using all thinkable, unthinkable and devious methods to keep you IN THE DARK.

Yet the laws of balance are always in play, and if the pendulum has swung for millennia towards the dark – involving some of the most heinous and horrible crimes against humanity – then it must necessarily redress that movement and SWING TOWARDS THE LIGHT.


You see, the cosmic laws are simple, effective and ALWAYS KICK IN WHEN THE LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED, just as you yourselves will explode in anger if you have been struggling to be patient for a long time. When you reach “boiling point”, there is no retreating. When the scales are tipped, there is no “going back”.


Some of you naively think that – following this period of hiatus – you will return to life as it was – that you will return to “normal”, but this would defy cosmic law. Cycles must be completed. Closure and DEATH of degenerate behavior is a requisite for new growth. Fear must be felt, in order to return to LOVE. Separation must be experienced in full, in order to RETURN TO COMPLETE UNITY.


Your overlords have – over the ages – designed so many constructs to keep you separate – nation against nation, man against woman, political party against political party, caste against caste, human against animals (yes, you mistreat, kill and eat them), and individual against individual, striving for power.


What, WHEN ALL THIS IS OVER (and we can assure you that all this depravity and misuse of your “independence” will soon be over, including the removal of your dark overlords who furthered it) WILL YOU STRIVE FOR NEXT?


The trauma of discovering the true, sordid nature of your SEPARATION, and of discovering the inhuman torturing and cannibalistic nature of those who have led you by the nose, will be very difficult to bear. Many will not be able to bear it – not being of courageous, pioneer material - and will depart for other realms (the process you erroneously call “death”, for it simply means “life elsewhere”, with a new task to fulfil and a new role to play).


Those who remain will STRIVE FOR THE OPPOSITE. All fences of separation, which have been supported with immense clout and financial power over the ages, WILL FALL, leaving you with an intense, continually burning DESIRE TO UNIFY. It is this monumental force which will reshape your personal lives, your communities, your nations and your world. It will permeate all thinking, all discussions and all proceedings.


Do you see now, citizens of earth, why this present PERIOD OF SEPARATION IS CRITICAL? It may seem to be connected to a completely different scenario – that of spreading disease – but it is actually specifically designed to make you come to your senses and to experience – with your own bodies and minds – the PAIN OF SEPARATION.


“How is this possible?” you may ask. You are caught up in the web of propaganda which has fueled this deplorable condition on earth for an immensely long period of time. The perfidy and attention to detail which your controllers employ, has schooled you well. To inform you of the existence of benevolent galactic forces, with all the details, would just be brushed off by you with a smile and a dismissive wave of the hand – so completely have you been brainwashed, so completely have you been duped.


This carpet of lies is about to be pulled out from under your feet. REJOICE, for this cycle is necessarily coming to an end, and your part in the new “landscape”, cleansed of filth and corruption, will be a sometimes painful but ultimately glorious passage.


We will stop here with this message – this scribe is running out of paper – and you are running out of time. AWAKE, ASSESS YOUR QUALITIES, RECOGNISE YOUR MISTAKES AND STEP OUT BOLDY INTO A GLORIOUS FUTURE. Seraphin.


VOICE RECORDED READING of this message by JAK:







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