Seraphin Message 392: UNRAVELLING THE BALL OF STRING Through Rosie. 6th October 2019
By Seraphin through Rosie
Oct 6, 2019 - 2:22:01 AM



Through Rosie. 6th October 2019


In the majority of cases, mind processes in the human beings on earth are in a state of gross stagnation. This means NO MOVEMENT, NO CHANGING ONE’S MIND, NO NEW PERSPECTIVES, and definitely NO MORE INSIGHTS and NO MORE LEARNING. Progress, in this sense, is at a standstill, and this will soon be mirrored by the state of your earth, which will also be at a standstill, in compliance with the cosmic law of “as below, so above”. It is naïve to think that this heavy burden which you lay upon your earth will have no serious effect.

Whereas the period before standstill is stagnant, the period following it will be characterized by RAPID GROWTH as a result of RAPID REVELATION.


It will be as if you have a ball of string in front of you. It looks sturdy enough, and physically real, and fairly resilient, but once someone starts to pull at the end of the string, the ball gets smaller and smaller, as each new layer is revealed.


These are LAYERS OF HIDDEN TRUTH which have been kept from you for millennia. All will UNRAVEL, and in the end, the strength of the illusion (the ball that was not) and that which formed it (the string that stringed you all along) will be exposed in detailed for all to see).

Who will be the first to pull the string and start the unravelling process? This time, it will be the CELESTIAL HAND – the hands of those who come in the name of DIVINE CREATION from other planets and galaxies. They will assist you who are in stagnation – you who cannot even lift a finger to start the unravelling process.


Yet in future – relieved of all your illusions – you will be the ones to “pull the strings”, and in fact you will not allow – through your vastly improved behavior – such a tightly meshed, huge ball to grow.


Your growth is at the very heart of what we do and say. It is our motivation, whatever chaos and disturbing scenarios you may encounter on your way. You may mourn your “losses”, yes, but you will also wipe away your tears and get down to business, for in growth and learning is ultimately your greatest joy. We are on standby, Seraphin.




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