By Seraphin through Rosie
Jul 5, 2019 - 3:13:23 AM


Seraphin Message 386:


Through Rosie July 2nd 2019

How do you behave in the “burning room” which is your earth ON FIRE? Do you even realise how perilous your situation is, how precarious your calm, how insidious your “enemies” (“enemies” are also friends who awaken you to greater consciousness).


Are you aware of the ignition of these flames, aware of their glow as they edge the room? What will you do, Beloveds? Will you cling to a favourite illusion and go into slow dance trance mode, only realizing that you are destined to burn when the flames reach your toes and fingers?

Will you jump through the open windows and doors, will you listen to those who scream “FIRE FIRE“? Will you drag others with you whether they want to or not, will you allow them to drag you down so that in the end, you both perish?


You are on the KNIFE’S EDGE OF CHANGING HISTORY in the sense that events and dangerous scenarios will soon overcome you. As we have mentioned many times before, YOU ARE THE ONES WHO ARE CHOSEN, AND IT IS YOUR PEROGATIVE AND ON YOUR WATCH THAT YOUR CHOOSE TO GO INTO ACTION.


Maybe you will shake your heads again, for you have been raised up in expectation of dire circumstances so many times and have – in the eyes of yourselves and others – cried “Wolf!” many times, and failure of this wolf to present itself to you, fully and personally, has caused you distress and a tendency to lack trust.


Know though that the “wolves” are at large, in every aspect of your society, whether it relates to science, social experiments, education, religion, and all organisations which wield a measure of power. And note also that there are many organisations with evil intentions which are completely behind the scenes.


Should you doubt this, it means that you doubt the existence of these “wolves”. To you we say research more, and mingle with those who are brainwashed to the core, and let it truly sink in that there is no way to stop this decline without celestial assistance.


And in this, YOU ON THE GROUND have an essential part to play. It is easy for some higher power to come and deal with everything, but it is not a lasting change for the better unless EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS. You who are in the know and who have already grasped the essentials of cosmic law and who can trace the ugly path of decline, must hold our hands in this, for those who remain here must be able to see that there WERE actually humans on earth who saw through it all. Without this, they will not be able to ask the question WHY COULD I NOT SEE or IN WHAT WAY WAS I BLIND?


Do you fully understand that your roles in this connection are essential to the process? You have always known or have come to know of the celestial presence, even in the darkest times of your earth´s history, and you will thus be in a position to help others out of their despair and ignorance.


The room is burning. We leave you to choose your behavior. Seraphin




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