By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 27, 2019 - 5:26:13 AM



Through Rosie, 27th June 2019


Do you remember, Beloveds, the excellent saying that PERFECT PREPARATION PREVENTS POSSIBLE POOR PERFORMANCE? And as your Creator is PERFECTION ITSELF, with no possibility of “poor performance”, it has taken some time to prepare plans for your earth so that everyone is “catered for”. We do not say “cared for” because you are not victims and you have the power to make your own decisions and steer your own destinies. We refer to the chances with which we provide you to CHANGE COURSE, if you have met a dead end. There is no way that we can force you to accept these, or to turn away from a dead end without your FREE WILL CHOICE.


In view of the great number of souls and semi-souls (those who have not yet concentrated on making moral choices and do not measure up to any sort of moral yardstick), running to the billions, you may imagine that this has been a stupendous task. It is like weaving the “fates” of billions of threads, with the weaker ones snapping along the way. And, as in after weaving a piece of cloth, we are now at the stage of “tying up the loose ends”.


This means that it will not be long before this Project Earth is complete. With this we mean this particular era of lack of benevolence, integrity, courage and unconditional love. The next era will be characterized by all these qualities, you who remain will manifest these at every juncture to reach an optimal situation.


Presently, the situation is still sub-optimal, giving last chances and leeway to those who – if they continue as they have been doing – will soon find themselves in very deep trouble which may – in several cases, impel them to throw themselves off a cliff. But this – or any other suicide in whatever form – will not be the answer. The answer, as always, is personal growth and acquisition of insight, and placements will be found for these souls where this is possible. The desire NOT TO GROW is instilled in these ones, and however hard we of the celestial realms have attempted to loosen up these hard-crusted individuals, we have in many cases failed to do so.


For some of you who wait in agony upon change, what you see around you will not seem to be PERFECT PREPARATION, but we assure you that it is and that you will be able to discern this in the future. Every encounter, every experience which greets you is another important step towards YOUR GROWTH and also towards the NEW EARTH WHICH YOU WILL CREATE. Your growth must continue, whatever the present scenario. Thus do you find yourselves in times of PERFECT PREPARATION. And this is actually valid NOW AND ALWAYS.

We leave you with this amazing thought which will inspire you to recognize that there is always something new and inspirational on the horizon as part of your eternal journey.





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