By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 25, 2019 - 6:35:35 AM



Through Rosie, 25th June 2019

If you protect yourself profusely, inhabitants of earth, you will end up living in a sort of comfortable bubble in which your experiences – however pleasant or endearing – will necessarily be limited. This means that you do not reach – on the scale of emotions – either the depths of despair, (or rise to the challenge to lift yourselves out of it), or the heights of ecstasy, and we mean this in the sense of absolute personal fulfillment which is achieved on a spiritual level, not on the material plane.


To remain in such a bubble is to deceive yourselves, for this is only one “reality” – one which you yourselves have purposely constructed in accordance with your perceived needs, your perceived capabilities and your perceived view of the world. Yet these are not fixed parameters. Your capabilities and potential are huge, if you will but expand your thinking and dedicate yourselves to your true life’s purpose. Your needs, also, will change as your level of spirituality rises, and your view of the world will necessarily be stale if it is confined to one set of ideas, one set of friends, one set of information sources, or one set of religious convictions.


This message is about expanding, about discovering the urge to grow, to burst the bubble and discover infinite new horizons. It is mainly fear and laziness which prevents you from removing yourself from the bubble, as well as the gross deception that this bubble is ALL THERE IS, combined with the complete lack of concern for all those who do not conform to your way of thinking, and lack of compassion for all those who you consider lesser than yourselves, yet they are all PART OF YOU AND PART OF THE ONE.


Apart from overprotecting yourselves, there are some among you who would over protect others, trying to protect them from emotional pain, but this – in the end – will be unsuccessful, for the truth – supported by incoming cosmic energies WILL OUT. It is a time of great division, for there are those who will be able to deal with the truth and face it head on and discern why they did not see so clearly before, and there are others who will continue to be in denial. What should be your behavior now towards these ones? Forcing views onto others is not an option. However, shielding others continuously from that which is “unpleasant” is not an option either, for it allows them to continue in their naivety.


This scribe recently considered whether to take in a very young bird who had been mauled by a cat. It had broken legs, only one wing, and was blind. How many of you have broken wings and legs, and suffer from a sort of blindness? How much energy or “protection” would be necessary to secure their supposed happiness on a constant basis? And even if you did your best, would they still not have to live in a cage, regularly being lifted out of their own excrement? How many of your companions are limited in this way? Is there hope for recovery? Where are you going to place your energy at this very important time in your history? Surely it will be in the company of those who are humble, eager, and have the capability to change?


There are so many different scenarios coming to you at various parts of the globe that it is difficult to anticipate exactly what you will personally be dealing with, but we warn you again that there are so many who are in some way “maimed for life” and for whom a new life would be more appropriate. And there is always a new life ahead, whether in this life manifesting as a “change of heart” OR EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS, or in the next life in circumstances which enable more learning on an easier basis.


The crux of this message is that protection will serve some purpose at some stage, but that there must be a point where it is necessary to “let go”. All loving parents of children will know that of which we speak. It will be time, soon, for many of you to step back and “let go”. We are here to support you in this painful process, Seraphin.





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