By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 15, 2019 - 6:32:53 AM



Through Rosie, 15th June 2019

What do you think the title of this piece indicates, Beloveds who are presently incarnated on earth? Usually, the vast majority of you are not aware of the passing of time, of the results which arise from seeds past sewn, of the process of “reaping the harvest”, of the cosmic laws of balance which always come into play, whether you are aware of them or not.


AWARENESS is the key word here. More and more CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS are coming to the foreground (and in many cases, these consequences are unpleasant, as were the intentions originally planted) so that you are forced to look at them head on. It is not possible to avoid them any more as they lie “at your front door”.

It is always possible, of course, to avoid them by choosing to exit through the back door, but this does not change the fact that they still exist and are “out in the open”. This is the meaning of your phrase “to turn a blind eye”. In future, there will be no casual or accidental blindness possible, only deliberately ignoring fully exposed facts.


This means that things are going to get very difficult for all those earth inhabitants who go into denial, for the proof will be so obviously present, and those who deny it will be so obviously on the “wrong path”. What do we mean by the “wrong path”? It is actually only a temporary deviation from the “right path” – the path of progress, learning and soul growth with the aim of perfection. Some detours from the path are minor. Others may take a lifetime or many lifetimes.


To see the discrepancy between that which one thought was “right” or “truth”, and that which is so obviously glaring at you in the face, and still to hold your ground, honestly admitting your misjudgment, acknowledging the necessity to make stupendous changes in your assumptions and convictions, REQUIRES GREAT STRENGTH OF MIND, THE ABILITY TO ASSIDUOUSLY SELF-REFLECT, AND UTTER HUMILITY. We ask you to practice these continuously.


Our use of the words LIFE AND DEATH, which for you earth inhabitants conjure up the conflict of the very best confronted by the very worst, is deliberate in order to convey the intensity and gravity of the situation as it is presently developing, and we also wish to draw your attention to the fact that death – as in removal of the soul from its present vehicle – will be a large-scale and part of the coming scenario.


This, again, is a warning of what will come to pass, in order to prepare you for the “loss of life in order to gain the same”. How will life thus be “gained”? Following this chaotic period, there will follow an era of great clarification, urgent searching and intense questioning. This “movement” within each surviving individual will be intense, often painful, often mixed with extreme emotion, but it will also mean your REVIVAL, in that new passion will run in your veins, in that new and worthy goals will propel you to exert all your efforts in that direction, in that every moment will feel VITAL, in the end, you will be filled with energy, with gratitude, and with endless wonder. Thus will “death” be followed by “life”. We urge you to remember this when you are caught up in the last “death throes” of your crumbling society.


We love you, and hate to see you suffer, but we know also that this will move you on to new beginnings. Seraphin





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