By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 12, 2019 - 4:58:54 AM



Through Rosie, 12th June 2019

At this poignant and momentous stage in your planet’s history, we would like to ask you if you are looking up, constantly aware, or looking down, focusing on one area only. Are you looking clearly ahead, or are you shielding your view with “sunglasses”, either purposely darkening and defying the light, or in an illusionary attempt at self-protection? Are you living in a virtual world, blissfully oblivious of everyone around you? Do you favour “selective viewing” or do you try to understand another person’s point of view, even if it seems completely absurd?


Even if you are comparatively “awakened” to the truth of what is really happening on your planet, this is not the time to recline comfortably and assume that you already know it all, because you inevitably do not. Like all others, you have come here to learn, whether in the position of teacher or student, and this is a continuous process.


Insanity is present, wherever you look, if you probe a little deeper. People are generally tense, pushed into a corner, imprisoned in daily routines and financial concerns. The slightest pressure in this extremely volatile situation will cause them to scream, to react violently, to become desperate, to despair that nothing will ever improve. Those who thus decide may well take their own lives. Those with “spiritual knowledge” will know that this is no way out – it is simply a way of furthering personal torture which can only be relieved by personal reassessment, new choices and new perspectives.


All perspectives are about to change, and those who cannot adjust or keep up - and cannot go into action for the good of others – may well demonstrate characteristics of “insanity”. How are you, who consider yourselves well-versed and prepared for all calamities, going to react? With inner calm, with imposing presence, with clear orders, and with a strong sense of RESPONSIBILITY? This is no time to creep into the shadows, to worry about one’s appearance, one’s reputations or one’s supposed qualities.


We advise you to go into meditation and invite such acute situations into your mind’s eye, and to observe YOURSELVES as you step up to help. This will help YOU when you are faced with these situations IN REALITY.


We look upon your earth plane with sadness, yet we rejoice at this amazing learning period which is about to ensue, and which will stretch the experiences of all those who are committed to the progress of your earth and to her rise to new horizons, Seraphin



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