By Seraphin through Rosie
May 13, 2019 - 8:33:10 AM


Seraphin Message 379:

Through Rosie, 13th May 2019

Dearly beloved inhabitants of earth, we have followed your progress, and in some cases your stagnation and delusion, for so long now that we are wary of how you will react when you are faced with the truth of what has been really going on. We have placed message after message before you. It is as if we have placed a white paper screen in front of you, together with our warnings, but most of you have simply seen the paper and not the writing. You have simply torn the screen in front of you and stepped forward without taking any wisdom or learning with you.


Again and again, we have placed a paper screen and message in front of you, and again you have ignored it, torn a hole in it and walked right through it as if we do not exist. This is your right, your free will, but it pains us greatly since the knowledge we offer has been cast aside when it would have helped you immensely to combat what is now about to pass.


Combat is an appropriate word because this fight will be very ferocious. The fight will be both internal and external. Many will flounder for lack of steadfastness and due to feelings of helplessness, and it is this helplessness which we have attempted to forestall, mostly without success.


Helplessness arises due to GAPS in your knowledge. It is like trying to jump from one mountain top to the next and having no means of doing so. The link or the means is missing. As events unfold, you will come into the realization of just how many gaps there have been in your knowledge, in your experience, in your learning, and in your lives. And you will also see that there are many more mountain tops than in your wildest dreams. These are your future destinations.


Only the most rigorous and determined and open-minded of earth’s inhabitants will in fact be able to fill the gaps while at the same time accepting their own responsibility for allowing them to develop in the past. These are the OLD GAPS to which we are now referring. It will mean a descent from innocence. No one will be able to say that they are not responsible. You may have had unpleasant feelings that something was not quite right on your world, but you did not realise that the problems were so large, or that there were evil-doers determined to cover up the gaps, preventing you also from coming into true knowledge.


NEW GAPS in the shape of NEW OPPORTUNITIES will simultaneously open up to you. There will be many “survivors” who require help. There will be many situations which require leaders and collectors of information. New management will be required for a global overhaul. Will you find the strength for these new duties opening up to you on every side, or will you linger wailing in the past?


CREATING NEW GAPS is another aspect of this new situation. To take on everything, to manage everything and to command everything is to leave others with no say in the matter. All who are leaders MUST LEAVE SOME GAPS OPEN – must leave some matters at a sub-optimal level – so that those who have the strength can assert themselves and go into action independently. This scenario is not one of “the enlightened leading the blind” but one of ALL ENCOURAGING ALL TO MOVE AHEAD .


What will be this situation where all are in inner and outer conflict? It is an acute challenge of the way you have led life so far. It challenges all your rites, your religions, your convictions, your persuasions and your so-called “principles”, all of which will now be subject to and corrected by DIVINE LAW.


This experience will be different for each and every one of you, therefore we will not dwell on details. Try to remember an event in your lives when your jaw suddenly dropped at a massive realization. This will be similar, though a thousand times stronger. As we have already said, be prepared, and be prepared to face your creator, in the very practical sense of the word. We are with you, Seraphin




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