Apr 29, 2019 - 11:49:28 AM



Through Rosie, 29th April 2019

Do you see everything clearly, CHILDREN OF EARTH? We address you in this manner because many of you are not fully mature,


Are you paying attention to what is actually happening around you, on a personal, local, national and global scale? Will only LIGHTED FIRES force you to reconsider, to contemplate the WILDFIRE of corruption and genocide which has been blowing across your countries for centuries, devastating all that is holy (AND ALL LIFE IS HOLY!) in its path?


Is everything under control in your lives? Will you wake up or must we subject you to circumstances in which “control” and attachment to the (sordid) past must necessarily be relinquished? Must you be torn out of your familiar patterns of thought which have led to these tragedies – to the development of pure evil, either by the perpetrators or those who enable or condone or ignore their nefarious activities? Do you still naively think that all this could be caused merely by “carelessness”? Is there danger bubbling below the surface?


We say YES. Action must be taken. We have tried to warn you, to make you open your eyes, to point out the roots of this horrendous growth, and yet this has not been sufficient. You have not soaked up this information eagerly, as a dry sponge thirst for water. You have collectively and successively repelled it, refused it entry into your minds. You do not wish to be soaked and saturated with truth. You prefer trial by fire – the method of the extreme – the last resort.


For it is not only on a superficial physical level that you might notice that there are more fires than usual (and Notre Dame is maybe the most conspicuous in the western world), but on EVERY LEVEL. We say that there are subterranean fires – emergency situations – burning under EVERY HOUSE and in EVERY MIND, and until you realise this, THEY WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO EXTINGUISH.


This mass “looking away”, this deliberate attempt to IGNORE will lead you to the EMERGENCY ROOM, accompanied by much wailing, cries of helplessness, accusations of guilt, and feelings of desperation. But actually, if you had listened to what we have to say, your burns and thus your emergency operations could have been avoided. We are scanning you globally as we speak, determining where “emergency repairs” are appropriate, where we can extinguish the fires, or where they must be allowed to burn.


Returning to the ashes is not for the fainthearted. Yet the ash shall provide the nutrition and bedding for a new period of growth. Please know that you will have to make massive mental adjustments, that there will be crowds upon crowds of traumatized people seeking your help, and that you will be required to fulfill your roles of spiritual warriors a thousandfold. We are standing by. Seraphin





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