By Seraphin through Rosie
Apr 19, 2019 - 7:42:48 AM


Seraphin Message 376:


Through Rosie, 17th April 2019

We would like to present you with two images today which reflect precisely what is presently happening on your world and which may help to clarify relationships or situations which, at this very moment, seem to be consolidating or – alternatively “going astray”. The one you name (erroneously) as Jesus was most concerned about these who “go astray” and – like the “good shepherd” he was, he tried to keep his flock together and on track.


This is indeed a pattern of behavior to follow. Try, as he did, to keep an overview of all those with whom you are in contact, checking from time to time concerning their (not physical but rather spiritual) health, for this is what will take precedence in the coming days. Look upon those who are wavering, not upon those who are decided, one way or the other.


The first image is that of two interlocking circles. You may be so used to conditions on this world (and we are talking about negative circumstances here) that you may not realise that there are negative circles at all, let alone that they “interlock”. We hasten to add that this is a time of major separation and that the interlocking area of the circles where one can “sit on the fence” or gaze blissfully into the “middle distance”, avoiding all unpleasantness, is growing SMALLER AND SMALLER.


As each circle gains momentum as a result of more and more extreme behavior (one circle characterized by increasingly positive behavior and the other characterized by increasingly negative behavior), they are repelled by each other and pull away from each other, forcing as yet indecisive individuals in the intersection to make a decision. In the near future, the two circles will pull even further apart from each other and the separation will be permanent, final and complete.


It is your task to keep your eye on those in the interlocking “pasture” and to assist them with their decisions when forced to choose a final destination. This will not be easy for them. They will be pushed to the edge, to the extreme, to their very limits. Frustration will rise in you, and extreme patience will be required from you, as well as the ability to “let go” of sheep which you have indeed “lost”.


The second image has to do with embodying LIGHTNESS. Imagine the sea, and waves repetitively hitting the shore. If you yawn and turn your head away from the “light” and refuse to move towards it, you will not be able to FLOW AND MOVE. Due to “heaviness” you will be thrown as stones onto the “beach” by waves (of cosmic energy), and you will become isolated on distant shores instead of continuing to be part of earth’s “ocean”. Be aware of the relentlessness of these waves as they crash upon the shore. They will continue to do so, finally forcing all dark “heavy” matter as stones and debris onto the shore, exposed for all to see, until the tide turns. This is a final call. We are watching you all. Seraphin.





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