By Seraphim through Rosie
Jun 11, 2018 - 9:15:18 AM

Seraphin Message 343:


Through Rosie, 11th June 2018

When you read the title of this piece, you may well assume that there is some unpleasant news in the pipeline - thoughts stimulated by the word “exodus” which means mass departure. How this specifically affects you will depend on a variety of circumstances, including your level of maturity, integrity, honesty and ability to move forward. This we mean in the spiritual sense – whether you are able to “move on” after experiencing whatever it is that is irking you – insults, tragedies, accidents, self-imposed restrictions or those imposed by others.

This is a time when restrictions shall become LIFTED. For some that will mean FREEDOM from all sorts of obstacles and limitations. For others, this will mean FREEDOM TO CONTINUE IMPRISONMENT ELSEWHERE, because you still feel cosy and content in your “prison” and in your lack of forward movement.

Where do you stand in all this? Do you even realise that for all of your life up until this point, you have been IMPRISONED? And if so, do you really understand the extent of the imprisonment and the depths to which it has sunk into your way of being, blinding you to the possibility that all this is the exact opposite of “normal” development on an evolutionary planet?

The time comes ever nearer when your eyes will be forcibly opened. All will receive the OPTION TO SEE EVERYTHING FOR WHAT IT IS. Those who are able to assimilate, process and start anew, will do so. Those who close their eyes again instantly after SEEING WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, are in no position to deal with the situation, LET ALONE TO REVERSE IT – and this will be the main task of those who can LOOK IT STRAIGHT IN THE EYE WITHOUT FLINCHING.

It is these people who will be able to go into action despite the horrors, who will gently usher their companions to join them, who will immediately make suggestions and offer condolences when appropriate. Planet earth requires a whole new army to “fight the good fight”, in the wake of all those who have been doing the opposite for millennia.

So will you crumble in shock, or will you rise to the occasion? Will you be part of the mass exodus, still willing to be kept under someone’s yoke, or will you REGAIN YOUR FREEDOM and put it to excellent use for the benefit of all remaining. We await your choices. Seraphin.



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