By Seraphin through Rosie
May 7, 2015 - 7:03:10 AM


Through Rosie, 7th May 2015


Many of you on the planet are experiencing SPRING at the moment. As you perceive it, everything suddenly bursts into blossom after months of sleep and stasis. However, it is your learning process to become aware that nothing is actually “sudden” and that this is only as you see it from your limited perspective.


While outward circumstances such as increased warmth and adequate rain are strong factors inducing growth, these do not sway or influence the PATTERNS in which growth proceeds. In actual fact, movement according to essential “imprints” has already been taking place under the ground, far from your view, and the new buds which suddenly emerge contain a wealth of inherent information as to how and when they develop as they should. In this sense, nothing is random or unorganised (and this can be said of the WHOLE UNIVERSE IN WHICH YOU RESIDE) as it is simply the result of the seed planted.


On a metaphorical level, your “underground” has been a stratum of darkness for many. Underground networks have been very active, whether for positive or negative gains. When their activities reach the surface, visible to all humanity, the perfect blooms will be obvious, as well as the distorted, corroded and unhealthy blooms. The “suddenness” of their appearance will take many by surprise, scattering the populace into those who have already done some “digging” (and who have pre-knowledge of the real workings of the world and who has been pulling the strings) and those who have remained on the surface blithely accepting the status quo.


As the light shines ever more brightly on your tiny planet, know that all plants of whatever beautiful or grotesque nature will rise upwards and crave the sun, thus exposing all. Every mote of dust, every breath of corruption, every secret abuse will rise and shine in this light for all to see and to SEPARATE AND WEED OUT.


Yes, you yourselves will go through a separating process in the final stages, as so often mentioned, but previous to this your working mental mechanisms will grind into working mode and will be forced to assess EVERYTHING WHICH NOW COMES INTO THE OPEN. We wish you strength and determination during this critical assessment programme to which you will all be subject without exception.


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