Seraphin Message 178: BE THE BRIDGE, repost
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 6, 2017 - 2:56:11 AM

Seraphin Message 178: BE THE BRIDGE

Through Rosie, 5th May 2014


To all those presently poised between two poles, two river banks, two worlds. Some you you are feeling the tension of finding yourselves in this position – strung between two realms, two ways of thinking, two concepts of reality, two concepts of the future and two concepts of what is actually happening at the present moment. To you who know that the situation on your planet MUST CHANGE and is already in the process of doing so, we say the following:

BE AWARE OF YOUR CRUCIAL POSITION AT THE MIDDLE OF THE BRIDGE. Some people may consider you insane – hanging (as they perceive it) in the middle of nowhere. Others may see the other side of the river, but may not yet recognise how attractive it is. Yet others feel or suspect that crossing the bridge could change their lives for ever, but they are afraid of taking the first step.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. A confident smile and welcoming gesture from one who has already taken the step and who seems to know where they are going, is invaluable. Perhaps you will ease the tension by singing, telling jokes or by a sympathetic and encouraging squeeze of the hand, yet keep your tone light and your comments bright and succinct. Lengthy explanations as one world suddenly crumbles away, and as untold crowds appear for education, are inappropriate here. You must know the way and show the way. When doors shut behind them, you must know how to open new ones.

Some will not be perturbed. They are the optimistic ones, or those who have nothing to lose. They will perceive the river as shallow and meandering, and they will perceive the bridge to be stable and built of stone. Theirs will be an easy crossing to the new world as they are accustomed to change.

Others will perceive the river as deep and treacherous, lurking at the bottom of a very deep gorge. They will perceive the bridge to be flimsy and dangerous. Theirs will be a difficult crossing and their burden lightened only by the BEACON WHICH IS YOU standing on the bridge itself.

Remember: if you have already crossed 100% into the new world, into a fully co-operational, harmonious, sustainable and spiritual way of living, YOUR PROFILE HAS BEEN LOST TO THOSE WHO STUMBLE ON THE OPPOSITE BANKS. And if you yourself have remained on those banks out of fear, you are not a leader but one to be led. Thus your position is ON THE BRIDGE WITH A FOOT IN BOTH WORLDS, WITHOUT WHOM MANY WILL BE LOST.

This is your chosen responsibility if you have read these words. You have committed to helping your fellow men and women move towards a paradise in the making to which you will ALL contribute.

So BE THE BRIDGE WHICH ASSISTS, however awkward your present condition or situation, for without you, MID-WAY on the bridge, there is no way of connecting earth with heaven. We love you and encourage you in your courageous endeavours, Seraphin.



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