Seraphin Message 136: THE BENEFITS OF LIMBO
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jul 8, 2019 - 12:11:07 PM

Seraphin Message 136: THE BENEFITS OF LIMBO

Through Rosie, 8th July 2019


Those who are observant will notice that the date of this piece does not correspond with the number, which is presently around 380. This is a message to “fill a gap”, since message 136 does not yet exist due to a mistake by this scribe.


It provides me with an opportunity to draw your attention to the BENEFIT OF THE GAP. In your present situation on earth, a gap is often represented as something wide and yawning, possibly never to be bridged, such as the generation gap, and you can be sure that it is your controllers who have purposely generated this concept for your specific “divide and fall” and splitting off into various disparate groups, in order to infiltrate them and incite them to mental and even physical warfare.

The idea of having a “gap” in your social calendar – those of you who live in so-called “civilised” societies - is also presented by your controllers as a shameful and distasteful condition, and so you cram yourselves with official and unofficial activities (popularly known to you as “work” and “leisure”) so that gaps do not actually ensue. Many of you live in the fear that NOTHING IS HAPPENING, should a pause occur.


Small pauses are, however, essential for your “soul” to catch up, in the sense that everything you imbibe during the day - all the myriad impressions and experiences and noises and energies – must be digested at some time. If these are not properly processed, “abscesses” will form in your minds, and maybe in your stomachs, due to blockage or because they are TOXIC. This is sometimes the subject and purpose of your dreams. Others may lie awake for hours at night in passing revue of everything which happened, taking a “new take” of everything in their mind’s eye, being able to distance themselves from the immediacy of the moment.


We would like to reiterate here how essential breaks are, especially for those who are the most conscientious and who assume heavy responsibilities. Failure to do so will impair you, ruin your health and reduce your oversight considerably, for you will be every more twisted into your world – into your tiny segment of global experience – without having time to step back and see what else is actually going on, or whether you are indeed going in the right direction. You may be progressing with full throttle in a direction in which you greatly believe and consider entirely useful, but if you never look up you may also never discover that you are marching with great enthusiasm over a cliff.

Pauses in normal routine will allow you to think again, gain a new perspective, delegate to others and give them an opportunity to take over responsibility and grow. During a pause, you will notice the “bodily ailments” which have resulted from your present behaviour. Gaps may also release your fears, or give you time to EXPAND YOUR DREAMS. And we assure you that all these processes are ultimately positive and part of your soul growth.


Apart from personal gaps or pauses, which will ensue in the course of your own situations (for no one can continue at full throttle forever), the earth herself is also ready for a pause, and you, as her inhabitants, will necessarily be affected and will be awakened to the fact that she too cannot hold out for ever in an abusive situation. While this “gap” may cause fear and distress, it will also bring untold benefits. We urge you to find some “quiet time” before this event occurs, and indeed before any extreme event (resulting from your lack of attention) occurs. This is our message for today and always, Seraphin




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