By Seraphin through Rosie
Oct 15, 2021 - 4:20:13 AM



Through Rosie, 7th October 2021


We would like to continue, Beloveds on Earth, with our instructions concerning surrender – a word which instantly triggers many of you because you feel it involves SACRIFICE. (And it is of course always your choice whether to work on yourselves, thus removing the trigger, or whether to avoid working on yourselves and simply remove the word). In a way, it does involve sacrifice, yet the OUTCOME of surrendering is vastly preferable to the chaos and enslavement which you have generated on your earth today. As we have already mentioned, surrender is a method of increasing your joy and serenity.



It is necessary to SURRENDER FIXED IDEAS. A FIXED IDEA IS FINITE. A FIXED IDEA LIMITS YOU. If you release a fixed idea, you open up the door to growth. You allow EVEN GREATER VISIONS TO BLOOM. Why would you want to limit yourselves, Beloveds? Why would you encourage restricting, enslaving and unsatisfactory conditions when you could be leading projects which have a huge capacity to impact large numbers of people positively? Would this not be SACRED WORK?

You must SURRENDER your ideas of “me as opposed to you” and “my success” and “my goal”. You must release the focus on yourself and start to INCLUDE OTHERS IN YOUR TRAIN OF THOUGHT. You must release ideas of personal gain, personal wealth and personal steps up the career ladder, and you must start to see yourself In RELATION TO ALL OTHERS AND ALL THINGS, positioning yourself and your contributions IN COMBINATION with other contributions so that a synergy effect can take place, resulting in a huge explosion of potential.


To harbour secrets and to “opt out” of this communal forward movement is to miss out on fulfilment. To withdraw, and to avoid participation, is to cement your own unhappiness. Do you have a pet project or a pet plan? Are you proud of being the instigator of such a plan? If so, you must SURRENDER YOUR SUPPOSED OWNERSHIP, FOR NOTHING SACRED WILL BE ACHIEVED IN COMPLETE ISOLATION.


You need others to GROW AND LEARN FASTER, Beloveds, and we can say that although there have been some very fast learners on your earth plane, the majority have been PLODDING ALONG AT AN INCREDIBLY SLOW RATE. These are the ones for whom surrender is a difficult concept, for they already consider themselves as victims who have “surrendered”. These are the ones who, for the most part, refuse to learn and who will reap the (unfortunately negative) results of their (unfortunately negative) behavior. Know also that we love these “little ones”, who cannot conceive of their own greatness and potential, and that is why we try to reach them through such messages.


Coming back to the title of this piece: it is your mandate to CREATE SOMETHING SACRED – not something which is flighty, temporary, mundane or mediocre. It should be characterised by EXCELLENCE. It might have a stunning effect on others, assisting their growth and lighting up their faces with amazement at such beauty, or it may instigate a longing for peace, or it may instill them with increased sensitivity, or it may dispel their greatest fears, or it may fill them with gratitude, or it may bring them to a place of calm, content in the knowledge that they are supported, loved and cared for. ALL WORK ON EARTH FALLS INTO ONE OF THESE CATEGORIES, AND IF CARRIED OUT WITH DEVOTION, DILIGENCE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL, IT WILL BE SACRED WORK.


We would like to focus on one particular category. The most sacred of tasks, in which SURRENDER plays a never-ending and pivotal role, is that of raising children. Not a second goes by, in the heart of a true parent, which is not used for the teaching of the child, and, by the same token, of the child teaching the parent how to teach. The child, in order to learn, must surrender to the knowledge and wisdom of the parent, and the parent must surrender to the slower pace and not-yet-developed learning capacities of the child. Parents are required to be constantly patient and to constantly adjust themselves. Nothing can be forced. There is a phrase which says “Don’t cut off a piece bigger than you can swallow”. All processes must be thorough, constant and appropriate to the “digestive system” of the “swallower”.


What if your present occupation is LESS THAN SACRED? This is an excellent time to review your activities, looking at them from this aspect. We hope that we have been able to provide you with some insights which will serve you and everyone in the future. Seraphin.



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