By Seraphin, Rosie's Guide
Nov 20, 2010 - 5:43:06 AM


R: Seraphin, I sense you want to say some more about the creative act.

S: Yes, Dearest, this requires definition. A creative act is deciding to step out of a dark room of the sort we have discussed. It is also stepping out of a limited mind-set, or a restrictive situation, or a harmful behavioural pattern, or a hurtful relationship. It means moving into a new perspective, stepping onto new ground which – when you turn around and look back – rewards you with vitality. In retrospect, you can see how you wallowed in a mire of uncreativity.

The creative act can be employed in so many ways, large and small. A creative act is not limited to finding a time and place to draw or paint of sing. YOU CAN CONTINOUSLY PAINT YOUR LIFE, YOU CAN CONTINUOUSLY SING THROUGH YOUR EXPERIENCES, endowing them with positive vibrations. When you get used to doing this consciously, instead of being in a dream-like state in which many souls execute their days, every act is creative: the way you greet your fellows, the way you start your day, the way you hold your knife, the way you dance till three (remember that wonderful song?), the way you say goodbye, and everything inbetween.

Do not underestimate this VAST FIELD OF EXPERIMENTATION. This is a great adventure. Surely one of the most revolutionary creative acts in your perversely orientated world is to SMILE AT EVERYONE YOU MEET. TRY IT FOR A DAY IF YOU DARE, and see what difference it makes. Even this, the most simplest of creative acts which is possible for everyone on your planet, will be met by feelings of consternation. The mere suggestion may conjure up fears of “What if …”. In this you are already fearfully contemplating the reactions.

But I say to you that this – communicating in a friendly and authentic and spontaneous manner in the form of a smile and going beyond that will replace the props of modern society which fill in this missing link, which help people get over the fear of approaching each other. You all know what these props are, for example clubs with loud music which encourage body contact and discourage conversation, alcohol
which “relaxes”, drugs which make you “high”, shopping experiences which encourage outer, shows of appearance rather than communicating from the inside, showing parts of oneself.

Pull all these props away and you are left with the soul in all its nakedness and purity. Pull these props away and you are left with the opportunity for self-expression and creativity – your own individual methods as opposed to those offered to you by a depraved society. This I tell you because you do not have to accept what there is as a standard of limitation on your behaviour. Attempts to evaluate the consequences of these limiting standards and develop new ones, thus enhancing your own life and ultimately all lives on this planet. And so I will leave you with the knowledge of your huge creative potential and responsibility for erecting stable pillars of a new society.

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