By Rosie
Mar 22, 2013 - 8:23:44 AM

Seraphin through Rosie, 22nd March 2013

Dear Children on Earth who seek new paths and avenues of understanding:

Imagine you are a crocus bulb, seemingly forced into submission and inaction by the snow. In your distant memories lies the knowledge of warmth, of a gentle breeze moving through rustling trees, of the song of the birds as they greet each new morning with joy, aware of the potential it brings.

Imagine the moment when you poke your head into freedom above the surface of the soil FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. You are overwhelmed by the expanse, by the light, by the profusion of colour, by the freedom to move, by the other beings in your vicinity of whom you were previously COMPLETELY UNAWARE. And ask yourself HOW WILL YOU GREET THIS NEW DAY.

Will you retire in fright at the openness and limitlessness of it all? Will you call out spontaneously to the “strangers” and join in with the bird-song? Or will you prefer to hang your head, lingering in the past where you were immobile, safe, secluded and unaware?

And we say; as each new day dawns, be this seed which awakens with uncontrollable joy and which stretches its face so automatically upwards to RECEIVE THE LIGHT. BE RECEPTIVE TO THE NEW, AND BE RECEPTACLES OF THE DIVINITY WHICH EMANATES FROM ALL OF NATURE’S MIRACLES, AND SEE YOURSELVES AS MIRACLES MOVING EVER CLOSER TO SACREDNESS WITHIN AND WITHOUT.

Let this be your morning ritual, dear children, even if your mornings be dark, for this will help you to master the changes to come. We love you, Seraphin

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