By Rosie
Mar 5, 2013 - 6:03:15 AM

Seraphin through Rosie, 5th March 2013

Dear Children on Earth: the most liberating conclusion you can come to, as you sit dismally in your cages, is that you yourselves have constructed your prison.

You have chosen the location. You have chosen the circumstances. You have aligned yourselves with certain individuals or groups (family, social, political, religious). You have chosen to keep to certain behaviours. You have chosen to succumb to certain structures, and so now you sit in a cage – a structure which is also of your choosing.

If you have also chosen to build an escape route, then your subconscious has always known that there may be a need for this, and that the things which surround you may well, in the end, prove to be suffocating. Others may not have included escape routes in their long-term plans, as they have always considered their judgement infallible.

These are the ones who determine their route on a superficial level, in the sense that their view does not extend beyond themselves. These are the ones who do not question “reality”, and who see their lives as a carefully constructed and secure building surrounded by barbed wire, equipped with fire alarms. They do not conceive of their lives as a unique and ever-evolving learning process, moving from one structure to the next.

The time will come when the fire alarms will sound continuously, indicating that the “outside word” is about to enter your comfort zones massively and indefinitely. It will be impossible and intolerable for you to remain inside the house. It will feel impossible and intolerable to step away from the alarm bells and out into the chaos and disarray outside of the house which has become your prison.

Will you take the step, Beloveds?
The door to freedom is open.


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