By Seraphin and Rosie
Jun 8, 2011 - 7:30:18 PM

Seraphin through Rosie, 5th June 2011

R: Dearest Seraphin: I have just been witness to a potentially serious accident – someone fell off a bicycle. Luckily nothing was broken because the ground was soft and muddy. And the words “learning to fall” and “falling to learn” keep on going around in my head ….

S: Yes, Dearest, let us take “learning to fall” first. As small children learning to walk – an almost universal experience that few can remember – learning to fall was the accompanying process. Nobody got angry about it: tumbling over and clutching at furniture or hands for support was simply a continual daily attempt to make progress. Only as a result of extreme determination – despite the constant falling process – does the child succeed in taking its first steps. BALANCE IS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT EXPERIENCING THE FALL. Falling at that time was almost inevitable, a vestige of normality.

To fall as an adult often evokes responses of “How could that happen?” or “This is impossible!” or “I must have made a fool of myself”. It is no longer seen as a natural process which encourages offers of help from friendly hands, but as a failure. And we say to you: FACE UP TO FALLING, RECOGNISE IT AS A WAY OF STRENTHENING THE DETERMINATION TO FIND A DIFFERENT PATH, FOR THE PRESENT ONE HAS MADE YOU FALL TO INCITE THIS REALISATION.

After a fall you are forced to lie down. Perhaps you are in shock and ask yourself WHERE AM I? And indeed, this is a good question to ask. WHERE AM I? WHERE DO I WANT TO BE? WHERE IS MY SOUL TELLING ME TO GO? This is a pivotal moment of great potential with the power to change the direction of your personal story. The harder the ground you fall upon, and the greater the injury, the longer you are forced to lie down and consider these urgent questions. And if you do not heed the questions and thus change direction, “chance” or “synchronicity” or “soul desire” will organise something of even greater impact to increase the potency of the wake-up call.

This is the meaning of the second phrase you heard, FALLING TO LEARN. When you are able to see accidents in this light, then every “failure”, every “fall”, every disappointment, is merely a stepping-stone to the next stage of the learning process towards full enlightenment. And so we say FALL WITH GLADNESS AND GRATITUDE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THIS MAY BE TEMPORARILY PAINFUL BUT SIMULTANEOUSLY A WAY OF FALLING INTO THE ARMS OF THE DIVINE.

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