21st December 2010, Seraphin through Rosie

R: Seraphin: it still seems incredible that I can just formulate my questions on paper, and that the answers pop into my head, and that I can write them down at great speed without much contemplation. I do read the messages through afterwards to check for clarity and omissions, but generally it is already clear-cut.

S: Yes, Beloved. The more you trust in the process, the faster the answers will flow. The hesitation in such a process is ALWAYS ON THE END OF THE RECEIVER as opposed to the transmitter. Transmitters from the angelic realms are rarely subject to “writer’s block”. They are capable of assembling their thoughts in a suitable way, rapidly and at will. In fact, we almost know in advance what you are going to ask because we are familiar with your thought patterns, your physical experiences, your emotional responses and your spiritual capacity, so we can encase our responses in language or metaphors which you can best receive, understand, and transmit further. 

Should questions then arise as a result of written publication of such messages, you are subsequently well-equipped to reply and to enter into a dialogue because our mode of expression echoes your own. Here we are talking about DIVINE DIALOGUES, which means methods by which divine knowledge or truth can filtrate down and spread in the physical space which exists on your earth. THIS IS AN INTERIM SOLUTION TO ASSIST THOSE WHO ARE NOT YET USING THEIR OWN DIVINE TELEPHONES. 

It is not the position of a “chaneller” to receive divine instruction and to present it as their own, but to function as a link – an instrument of disseminating knowledge – while simultaneously acknowledging the source. This act of recognition allows the connection to continue and grow, acting as an increasingly effective conduit for the broadcast of spiritual wisdom.