Seraphin through Rosie, 6. Dec 2010

R: Dearest Seraphin: I have again been thinking about the enormity of billions of planetary inhabitants simultaneously realising that the framework they live in is a constructed façade, designed to exploit and control. I imagine I will have a lot of explaining to do when this knowledge hits the fan. I wonder if this will spread like wild fire, or whether it will travel in drips and drabs, or whether it will just seep through to those who are open to it? If I think of the many hours I have spent reading and comparing and trying to critically discern what is going on (and of course there are many others who know much more than myself) I am wondering how people who have been blissfully unaware for decades will be able to accept this version of a truth they have not personally researched or experienced – an incredible cosmic news bulletin rather than putting together a private jigsaw. I have no doubt that the celestial media office has thought deeply about this one, but still I wonder everyone will cope with the idea that the world was actually upside-down and that they did not notice ….

S: That is exactly it: they have been living in apathy and complacency, on the periphery of “society” with no full connection to their sisters and brothers, unaware of the connections, unaware of the energy which binds and connects all. LIVING ON THE EDGE OF COMMUNITIES WITHOUT FULL INTEGRATION, MAROONING ONESELF ON ISLANDS OF PLEASURE AND PROFIT, BEING MORE CONCERNED WITH ONE’S OWN PROGRESS INSTEAD OF THE PROGRESS OF THE PLANET AS A WHOLE HAS LED TO THIS CRITICAL SITUATION.

But they still imagine that all is well. Even if they perceive of unpleasant events, they are naively comforted by the fact that they are far away and they naively state that they think good will win in the end. In a way they are right but they fail to see that “good” is not a vague elusive entity but a force of which they are an integral part and in which they play a central role.

To throw “good seeds” onto the surface of the soil is not enough. They need to be tended, nurtured and protected before they can grow strong and bear “good” fruit. Shallow sewing brings no positive results. On the other hand, those who sew with evil intent have been nurturíng and protecting their seeds for many decades, showing so much devotion that the devotion itself evokes admiration, acting as a camorflage for the evil intent of the seed. 

At the very final moment, when the confidence of the masses has already been won, when the strength and height of these plants have impressed themselves on unquestioning minds, the fruits are ready to emerge. The pods split to reveal their evil intentions. And the unsuspecting people, ignorant of this process, will be shocked that they have constantly helped to nurture these foul fruits without their conscious knowledge. 

As you say, they will think their world is turning upside-down and will react with astonishment, initially rejecting the thought that they have been an accomplice in this gross creation. But gradually it will sink in that their choices and lack of critical discernment made this possible. THE FACT IS: IT IS NOT THE WORLD WHICH IS TURNING UPSIDE-DOWN. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN SO. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE SLEEPING ONES ARE WAKING UP TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS.

R: I have just spent a weekend partaking in a family constellation seminar, which again showed me that keeping secrets of any kind can seriously disrupt the family system. Keeping secrets from the global family has disrupted the correct humane functioning of society and destroyed the prosperity of the planet. But each family member also has a responsibility to address problems, investigate into disruptions, to assume responsibility for themselves. Again, I see the parallel on a global scale. Putting up with disfunctionality in any one part of our lives leads to problems in another part, or in another relationship, or in the next generation.

S: Yes, Beloved, you are a global family where much has been tolerated, where many digressions from acceptable behaviour have become the norm, and where many emotions have been supressed. How can the system work harmoniously in such circumstances? EVERY PERSON COUNTS, EVERY ACT OF HONESTY AND SINCERE DESIRE TO SEEK OUT THE TRUTH COUNTS, EVEN IF THIS INVOLVES PAINFUL EXPERIENCES ON THE WAY. This is transformation on a massive scale. Transformation overnight, as it were. Those who are not able to understand will continue their experiences on another level. It will not be possible to force people into knowing and realising all at once. Some may receive and understand. Others may listen to a certain degree, but they may at some point withdraw from this presentation of truth, only assimilating that which they are able according to their present state of awareness or soul growth. Although it may seem to you and others that we – of the celestial heirachy – will appear with all the truths at our fingertips, made palatable in a way that everyone can understand, this does not ensure the acceptance of these truths. The degree to which they are accepted is – as always – a soul choice for each individual.

R. I am still so overwhelmed by all this. Is there anything else you would like to tell us so that we can prepare ourselves for this mass awakening scenario?

S: Beloved: whatever will be will be. Remember that we have prepared for this minutely, ensuring the best possible outcome for all in this event of cosmic proportions. Like the rain which is falling heavily on your window pane at the moment, we will rain the new information and the new joy upon you. Whether you run outside and dance in the rain, despite the danger of getting wet, or whether you closet yourself up in your warm cosy familiar rooms to remain safe but muffled from the news and isolated from the joy and ensuing participation in progress for the soul, this is your decision. And whatever the decision, the changes are upon you.