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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

voices from Libya
By Salem Omar Zubeidy with comments by Ron
May 27, 2011 - 6:03:06 AM

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voices from Libya - a lecture by the Libya Ambassador in Brazil – Mr. Salem Omar Zubeidy

Report by Lucia of a talk held at the Brazilian Press Association, in Rio de Janeiro on 25 May 2011

'This was an opportunity for me to have this nasty invasion described by a Lybian representative, at least here in Brazil, where we only have a very few blogs and sites noticing and analyzing the actual news. I would like to share with you this voice from Libya.

The Ambassador described the Libyan form of government and political system: Libya is a Republic, a “republic of the masses”. The legislative and executive authority rests on the people. There are popular assemblies and committees, chosen openly by the people at three levels: local, regional and national. For example, the Ministry of Education: there are about 1,000 people responsible at local, regional and national levels; the ministry is selected by the people, he/she is not nominated.

The Libyan Revolution leaded by Kaddafi, since its beginning is nationalist and international.

In the beginning, the Libyan government nationalized all banks and oil and gas companies, and expelled foreign companies. Now, Libya is an opened economy. There are many international and transnational firms operating in Libya, mainly in oil and gas industry and in construction. There are 5 Brazilian companies operating in Libya, for instance.

The ambassador explained that Libya is facing two wars: one is a media war, lead by Aljazeera, which is the news source. Aljazeera broadcasts and  distributes opportunistic news for the world mainstream media. There is a hotel in Tripoli (RixosTripoli Hotel), a “safe” hotel, where BBC, and other journalists are located. However, they don´t go outside, their news reports are based on their internet searches from inside the hotel. The only brodcasts and journalists that are reporting what is really happening in Libya is Russia Today – RT News ( Telesur (,;!/rolandotelesur).

The second war is against Kaddafi's proposal of the creation of SATO – South Atlantic Organization (NATO of the South), composed by African and Latin American countries – one voice, one body, one currency, one independent central bank, minting and distributing its own money. There will be a summit meeting in September 2011, with the participation of the SATO member countries. SATO will be lead by Colonel Kaddafi. Why Kaddafi? Because of his personality, his deeds, and Libyan natural resources (e.g., oil, water, sun) and wealth.

The conspiracy began in 2009, after a Kaddafi speech at the UN.

The ambassador asserted that the rebels are a minority, even at East Benghazi; they are CIA employees - Libya for tomorrow is a CIA program.

The situation in Libya is different from Tunisia (because Tunisians experience low economic conditions whereas Libyans have high living standards [although that situation is being jeopardised by the US and NATO led invasion]) and Egypt (insincerity of Mubarak [and poor economic conditions]). Libya has high quality of life, and is friend of the West. For instance there are 4,000 Libyan students in the UK, 4,000-5,000 in the US, and 10,000 in other countries, [and their tuition and living expenses] are paid by the  Libyan government. Libya does not recognize Israel, not because they are Jews, but because they are zionists, racists and invaders of other countries (the ambassador mentioned that the Jews are Libya's friends).

The Ambassador strongly criticizes the UN Security Council. According to him, the decisions should be concentrated at the General Assembly and not at the Security Council.

He also said that all Libyan money is completely frozen [Ron: By unlawful, US and UN actions]  including the circulation, since money has to circulate through the US and Europe. For instance, the Libyan government  does not have money now for covering the expenses of operating the Libyan Embassy in Brazil, even for paying salaries of Libyans and Brazilian employees. [Ron: This is unconscionable theft and an act of war by the US and its allies, and the UN.] The same acts of theft and "freezing" of Libyan funds that is preventing access to their own money by Libyans in the Libyan embassy in Brazil are also  preventing payments in Libya - the money from Brazil for paying salaries and other expenses gets into Libya by car, from the Tunisia border.

In the end, referring to other countries roles to stop the war, the ambassador asked us to spread the real news about Libya, and said that Libya needs deeds and not only declarations.

The whole text above is the Ambassador’s words.

Now I ask: Why this war? Why so many innocent people being killed and suffering? We all know that the end is coming soon. But what is the meaning of this war? Till when?

Ron: I second Lucia's questions. Why is this war ON Libya and Libyans taking place and why is the rest of the world allowing the US, UK, France and NATO to bomb Libya, bit by bit, back to the Stone Age? And how long must the people of Libya endure this farce in which the UN is allowing the CIA and its stooges and mercenaries to openly make war on a sovereign people, ostensibly to "save" them from their own, truly democratically elected government? Arguably the Libyan form of governance in which popular assemblies and committees are chosen openly by the people at local, regional and national levels IS THE MOST ADVANCED FORM OF GOVERNANCE ON THE PLANET, with legislative and executive authority being genuinely subject to the will of the people. This situation heralds the end of the UN.  It also constitutes an indictment of  the bona fides of Russia and China who could have prevented it but did not.

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