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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Why humanity will live without money
By Ron Chapman
Oct 4, 2010 - 4:15:05 AM

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Why humanity will live without money.


Ron: In the 1950s and 1960s the idea that mechanisation and automation would quickly reduce humanity’s physical labour burdens resulting in greatly reduced hours of work for everyone, was popular and widely discussed. I can recall discussing the likelihood of the working week being reduced to 20 hours. What ever happened to that possibility? Why has it not been discussed for decades and WHY is that possibility no longer an option? Global society has greatly increased both its productivity and its total production of goods and services in the last 60 years. So WHY has our world accepted widespread chronic unemployment and poverty combined with increased hours of work and greater productivity demands on those still in jobs instead of sharing the available abundance and the work needed to produce it?


In the last 60 years labour productivity per worker has greatly increased due to the mechanisation of the farming, construction, manufacturing, transport and communications industries. As a result, the need for workers in those industries has declined sharply such that, for example, less than 3% of the population in countries like the US and Australia now work in farming and rural pursuits compared to 30% or more at the time of the Great Depression. Simple upgrades in ‘old technology’ like the introduction of “B Double” semi-trailers on the highways have likely effected a further reduction of 30% or more in transport trucking employment in recent times, and so on. Huge excavators, mobile cranes, tractors and other machines have eliminated humungous numbers of construction, labouring and related jobs. Similarly, automation and electronic robotic developments have increased manufacturing efficiencies and decimated jobs in vehicle making and most areas of manufacturing. More recently, computerisation and electronics developments have vastly increased productivity in all areas of the communications and related industries.


Until the turn of the century many workers no longer needed in non-service industries were able to find jobs in the service sector of the economy. Those jobs were often lower paying but they were jobs, and some of them were full time, although many were not. Many of these ersatz jobs were in fast food, café, restaurant, catering, child minding and home cleaning and maintenance businesses as a result of government created economic pressures forcing both parents in families to work in paid employment.


These developments tended to conceal the fact that lots of paid jobs were disappearing and underemployment was becoming chronic. Governments also concealed the truth by encouraging the creation of formal contract work to replace what used to be proper, well paid full time work. This made it easier to force individual workers to work harder for lower remuneration and to blame them for any failure to earn a decent living. Worse yet, governments encouraged employers to substitute casual working arrangements for many previously full time, full benefit jobs.


From 1983 to 1993 US banks cut 37% of their human tellers and by the year 2000, 90% of all bank customers used teller machines or ATMS. Similar changes occurred in Australia and no doubt in most other developed countries. Business phone operators have almost all been replaced by computerised voice answering systems. Post office tellers are being replaced by self service machines while cashiers are being replaced by electronic telephone banking and computerised kiosks.


In effect, since 1990 huge numbers of banking and post office teller jobs have been replaced by electronic telephone banking and automatic tellers. Much telephonic business communication is now handled by computerised machines and so on. The result is that many service sector jobs are declining rapidly while such employment as there is, cannot sustain high consumption even by those who still have work because of the casualisation of many jobs and the fact that rates of remuneration have not increased in line with inflation (the decline in the value of money due to excessive issuance of it).


The rapid replacement of human labour with machines has been happening for over 60 years and is now decimating employment prospects in almost all areas of work, not only in the US and Anglo countries, but globally. This trend has always been obvious to the bankster matrix controllers but information about it has been suppressed by governments, public commentators and the Khazar Jew controlled mainstream media. Instead, USans (and populations in other Western countries) have been fed a constant stream of propaganda about the need to outsource jobs to China and other countries to remain “competitive”. Another aspect of the lie is that illegal and other immigrants are taking jobs away from citizens in the US and elsewhere, yabba, yabba, yabba.


It is not true that local production of food and most manufactures must be outsourced to foreign countries for efficiency’s sake nor is there any other valid reason to do it. Moreover huge increases in transportation distances for food and basic goods has enormous hidden environmental and ecological costs which are not factored into current sales prices. These practices have greatly contributed to the destruction of general standards of living and health as well as destroying much of the planet’s resources and ecology. In addition, the common practice of outsourcing the production of food and basic manufacturing and services to distant places and countries has made most communities vulnerable to climatic, transport and other disruptions occurring in those places and countries and/or along the transport routes in between.This problem will soon become obvious as Earth changes become acute.


The suggestion that immigrants are taking jobs from local citizens conceals the real truth that technological developments are continuously reducing the need for paid human workers thus making redundant the free range serf labour paradigm that replaced feudalism. The truth is that humanity is now able to live in abundance without most people having to work 40 hours a week in paid employment or anything like it. But, IF those who control global society were to admit this truth they would be unable to withstand popular pressure to eliminate make-work activities and to allow everyone to SHARE EQUITABLY in the abundance of goods and services currently available from human ingenuity and effort; AND in the work needed to produce that abundance.


All of this misdirection of humanity’s perception of what is going on has been done gradually starting with the enunciation of the Washington Consensus in 1979 in which the US government ushered in the era of economic rationalism and globalisation. And because it was done slowly and with maximum mainstream media propaganda support, nobody seemed to notice, nobody seemed to care … until now, when the real shit is starting to hit the fan. Now it is too late to arrest the decline and collapse of the global monetary system and its symbiotic capitalist economic system; OR to reform it.


The effectiveness of the global controllers’ propaganda on these issues can be gauged by the fact that politicians, middle managers and others under age 50 have no notion of what the future world looked like to thoughtful adults in the 1960s.


At the core of our so-called Capitalist global economic system are two mechanisms. First, the monetary mechanism. Second, and symbiotically co-dependent with that money mechanism, is the labour for income mechanism. The global economic system is based on human beings selling their labour as a commodity in the open market so that they can then buy and consume the production of that market. The reason the matrix controllers have concealed the true meaning and implications of the rapid uptake of automation, mechanisation and electronics in human workplaces is that the steady decline in available paid employment for people heralds the end of the monetary system that has held humanity in thrall and enslavement to the matrix controllers for centuries.


But the party’s over folks! The fat lady is singing and a new societal and economic paradigm must be found, and embraced by humanity. Moreover that new paradigm must be created quickly and individual humans need to change their personal paradigms also – if they are to adapt and accommodate themselves to this new global reality, let alone assist in its birth.


This need for a new paradigm is obvious. Think about it. If people do not have the option to work for a living because paid employment is unavailable, then the monetary system, as we know it, is finished, and the capitalist economic system based on it must implode also. No one can buy goods if they don’t earn money. Similarly, companies and businesses cannot afford to produce goods and services if consumers have no purchasing power to buy them. Lastly, governments will cease to be able to collect income, sales and other taxes and charges if only a minority of people are working, earning money, paying taxes and consuming.


This is the stark reality that the global controllers have been concealing since the Great Depression by, on the one hand, fostering wars; and on the other, providing social security and like payments by the “Welfare” state. But as the need for workers declines below the “tipping point” at which the state ceases to be able to take enough money from those in paid employment to provide adequate “welfare” payments to the unemployed and their dependants, this jerrybuilt system breaks down.


As that happens those who control the corporations that own the machines will decide who lives and who dies and whether the process will be quick or not: unless of course the global population “wakes up” to the truth of its situation and does something about it. That is why the Illuminati banksters have had a long held policy that many billions of people must die.


While the greedy Illuminati banksters understand the situation, most of their corporate, political, academic and commentator henchmen, may not. These minions and hangers-on have been unable or unwilling to visualise the results of their own grasping attitudes and the policies of their masters. To date the Illuminati matrix controllers have accumulated vast fortunes and their minions have pocketed hefty retainers, but in the long run they are all dead, along with the global financial system they promulgated. Gone too, will be the global economy based on money, usury and exploitation of free range workers on the various national farms that form the matrix controllers’ global slave plantation.


The only real question now is: ‘Will the new world paradigm be an authoritarian feudal plantation in which the surviving slaves will have no use for money and no opportunity to earn or use it; OR will humanity shake off the banksters’ ideological shackles and recognise that people not money are what matters?' The only viable future belongs to those who decide to build a new society based on sharing the abundance arising from human ingenuity and effort rather than ego-centric accumulation of money.


Assuming a money free global paradigm will emerge the issue is: ‘How will the transition to this new global paradigm come about’? Ordinarily the transition would be agonising, chaotic and bloody. However, the good news is that on this occasion Heaven has decided to intervene to reduce the carnage as much as possible, once the Earth changes become acute. So be it.


Those who want a better world to emerge from the coming chaos need to change their personal paradigm now. To do that requires general acceptance that societal intercourse does not depend on money. In fact our monetary system has to be eliminated because it is based on the notion of continuous economic growth, which is a zero sum game. The idea of perpetual material growth is an absurdity. Moreover “monetary policy” depends on the amount of money in the system and this factor causes endless corruption and mismanagement.


What is required is a stabilised population and a sustainable developmental lifestyle model for the planet and all of its people. That will require that humans stop being addicted to the idea that money is necessary to sustain life. It isn’t. Human ingenuity and effort is. What is required is that we start to care for our neighbour and his/her needs as if they were our own, because they are.





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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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