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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part I – Israelites and Judahites
By Ron Chapman
Aug 4, 2010 - 4:17:47 AM

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Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part 1 – Israelites and Judahites


In the second millennium BC Habiru nomads from Arabia and other lands to the east of modern day Palestine and Lebanon drifted west, settling in and around Canaan, the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ and intermingling with the peoples already there.


The Semite Habiru, supplanting the native Canaanites by penetration, intermarriage, settlement or conquest, and threw off a tribe called the Ben Yisrael, or Children of Israel, which had split into a number of tribes, very loosely confederated and often at war with each other. The main body of these tribes, the Israelites, held the north of Canaan. In the south, isolated in poorer country and surrounded by native Canaanitish peoples, a tribe called Judah took shape. This was the tribe from which the racial creed and terminology of "Judaism” emerged.


The Israelites that emerged from the tribe of Heber came to consist of ten tribes which occupied the northern, more fertile parts of Palestine. They were known as the tribes of Joseph. The surviving words of the earlier Israelites show that their tradition was a widening one of neighbourliness under a universal God. In their earlier tradition Moses was a great tribal leader who heard the voice of one-God speak from a burning bush and came down from a mountain bearing this one-God's moral commandments to the people. The time when this tradition took shape was one when the idea of religion was formulating in the minds of men and when all the peoples were borrowing from each other's traditions and thought.(1)


The idea of one God did not originate with the Israelites but was known among the Egyptians who would have received it from others. The figure of Moses himself, and the ideas in his Law, were taken from material already existing. The story of Moses's discovery in the bulrushes was plainly borrowed from a much earlier legend (with which it is identical) of a king of Babylonia, Sargon the Elder, who lived more than a thousand years before the Moses figure. Similarly, the Commandments attributed to Moses much resemble earlier law codes of the Egyptians, Babylonians and Assyrians. The ancient Israelites built on current ideas, and by this means apparently were well on the way to a universal religion when they were swallowed up by mankind around 720 BC. (2)




The petty Palestinian tribe of Judah (to which the much smaller tribe of Benjamin attached itself around the 10th Century BC, was never part of the Israelites. It occupied relatively poor land in south Palestine adjacent to the hilly and arid lands of Edom. Judah was heavily under the influence of the landless, itinerant Levite priesthood which made a living seeking to minister to them and the Israelites. As the Israelites became enlightened the Levites found that their power over those peoples waned and they gradually gravitated towards Judah where the priesthood controlled the tribe.


From its earliest appearance as an entity the tribe of Judah seemed odd. Douglas Reed says of it: ‘It was always cut off, and never got on well with its neighbours. Its origins are mysterious. It seems from the beginning, with its ominous name, somehow to have been set apart, rather than to have been "chosen". The Levitical Scriptures include it among the tribes of Israel, and as the others mingled themselves with mankind this would leave it the last claimant to the rewards promised by Jehovah to "the chosen people". However, even this claim seems to be false, for the Jewish Encyclopaedia impartially says that Judah was "in all likelihood a non-Israelitish tribe’.


This tribe with a peculiar air about it was the one which set out into the future saddled with the doctrine drawn up by the Levites, namely, that it was Jehovah's "chosen people" which, when it had done "all my statutes and judgments", would inherit a promised land and dominion over all peoples. Among these "statutes and judgments" as the Levites finally edited them there appeared, repeatedly, commands to "utterly destroy", "pull down" and "root out" the rest of mankind. Judah was destined to produce a nation dedicated to genocide and destruction.


Judah, from which today's Jews and their Zionist political offshoot ideologically derive, was a tribe of ill repute. Judah sold his brother Joseph, the most beloved son of Jacob - called- Israel, to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver, and then founded the tribe in incest, (Genesis 37-38). The priestly scribes who wrote this Scriptural account centuries after these alleged events had made themselves the masters of the tribe of Judah and they altered the oral tradition, whenever it suited them, so why did they preserve, or possibly even insert, this attribution of a treacherous nature and incestuous beginnings to the people of Judah who, they said, were God’s ‘Chosen’ ones? It seems that from the start the Judaists have delighted in hiding the truth in plain sight, as they continue to do.


The Levitical Scriptures and today's authorities clearly agree about the separateness of "Israel" and "Judah". In the Old Testament Israel is often called "the house of Joseph", in pointed distinction from "the house of Judah". The Jewish Encyclopaedia says, ''Joseph and Judah typify two distinct lines of descent" and adds, that Judah was "in all likelihood a non-Israelitish tribe". The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that Judaism developed long after the Israelites had merged themselves with mankind, and that the true relationship of the two peoples is best expressed in the phrase, "The Israelites were not Judahists, [that is, they were NOT Jews]". Similarly, Esu Immanuel was not a Jew. (3) Historically, Judah survived Israel by a few centuries and birthed Judaism, which begat Khazar Judaism and later, “the Jews” and their political off-shoot, Zionism.


Judah, the petty southern tribe became identified with the landless tribe, the Levites. These hereditary priests, who claimed that their office had been bestowed on them by Jehovah on Mount Sinai, were the true creators of Judaism. They wandered among the tribes, preaching that the war of one was the war of all, and Jehovah's war. Their aim was power and they strove for a theocracy, a state in which God is the sovereign, religion was the law, and they, the priests, determined the content of the law. During the period of the Judges they achieved their aim to some extent, for they were the Judges. What they, and isolated Judah, most needed was union with Israel to beef up their power. But the Israelites weren’t fools, they didn’t trust the lawgiving priesthood and rejected unification with Judah.


Brief Union of Israel & Judah


In a moment of weakness the Israelites did accept union with Judah but only under a king. This was a futile effort to avoid the influence of the Levite priesthood which dominated Judah. The Israelites reasoned that all the surrounding peoples had kings. But the Levites seized the opportunity, realising that if a king were appointed the ruling class would supply the nominee, and they were the ruling class. Samuel, at their head, set up a puppet monarchy, behind which the priesthood wielded true power; [sound familiar?]. This was achieved by stipulating that the king would only reign for life, and therefore couldn’t found a dynasty. Samuel chose a young Benjaminite peasant, Saul, who had some success in tribal warfare and, presumably, was thought likely to be controllable. The choice of a Benjaminite evidences that Israel would not consider any man of Judah for the kingship. The unified kingdom of Israel then began but in truth it survived only one reign, Saul's.


The account of Saul’s fate given in later Scriptures evidences the ominous nature of Judaism, as it was to be subsequently enacted. Saul was commanded to begin a holy war. He was to attack the Amalekites "and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass". Saul destroyed "man and woman, infant and suckling", but spared King-Agag and the best of the sheep, oxen, yearlings and lambs. For that he was excommunicated by Samuel, who secretly chose David, a Judean, to be Saul's successor. Thereafter Saul vainly strove by zeal in "utter destruction" to appease the Levites, and then by attempting David's life to save his throne. Finally, he killed himself.

Possibly none of this happened since it was the account given in the Book of Samuel, which the Levites produced many centuries later. BUT whether true or allegorical, Saul’s tale tells us that centuries before the Levites produced their first written “Mosaic Law in 621 BC the vicious, genocidal religious ideology of the Judaists was very much in contemplation if not in full implementation. The plain implication of Saul’s kingship was that: Jehovah demanded literal obedience when he commanded "utter destruction"; and showing mercy or pity were capital offences. This lesson, as with many other depictions of events, was driven home n relation to occurrences which were possibly historical and possibly imaginary.


Israel had nothing in common with Judah


So then, Saul’s “united kingdom” was over almost before it began because Israel would not accept the man of Judah, David, as king. Douglas Reed quotes Zionist historian Dr. Kastein: "the rest of Israel ignored him" and proclaimed Saul's son, Ishbosheth, king, whereon the re-division into Israel and Judah "really took place". According to Samuel, Ishbosheth was killed and his head was sent to David, who thereon restored a nominal union and made Jerusalem his capital. He never again truly united the kingdom or the tribes; he founded a dynasty that survived one more reign.


Formal Judaism holds to this day that the Messianic consummation will come about under a worldly king of "the house of David"; and racial exclusion is the first tenet of formal Judaism (and the law of the land in Rothschildlandia – the state of Israel).


With Solomon’s death in 937 BC the brief association between Israel and Judah was formally and finally over, and in the north Israel resumed its independent life. Dr Kastein says:

"The two states had no more in common, for good or evil, than any other two countries with a common frontier. From time to time they waged war against each other or made treaties, but they were entirely separate. The Israelites ceased to believe that they had a destiny apart from their neighbours and King Jeroboam made separation from Judah as complete in the religious as in the political sense". Then, of the Judahites, Dr. Kastein adds, "they decided that they were destined to develop as a race apart. . . they demanded an order of existence fundamentally different from that of the people about them. These were differences which allowed of no process of assimilation to others. They demanded separation, absolute differentiation. "


Israel believed that its destiny lay with involvement in mankind, and rejected Judah and its Levities’ racist creed. For the next two hundred years, while Israel and Judah existed side by side, the voices of the Hebrew "prophets" arraigned the Levites and the creed which they were constructing. Those “prophets” (4) castigated the Levite creed that was evolving just as Jesus castigated it seven or eight hundred years later, when it was long established, at the Temple in Jerusalem. For over 2,500 years that creed has caused alarm in other peoples everywhere to the extent that their alarm and resentment caused many to rejected Judaism and all who professed it

Israel Ceases to Exist


After 937 BC the peoples of Israel continued inter marrying and assimilating the more peaceful religious ideas and practices of their neighbours. Thus, two centuries before Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria conquered Israel in c 732 BC, deporting the population of Aram and the annexed part of Israel to Assyria, the Israelites had broken free of the priestly yoke of the Levites who retreated to Judah and the Temple at Jerusalem.


After the deportation in 732 BC Israel continued to exist within a reduced territory as an independent kingdom until c 720 BC, when it was again invaded by Assyria and the rest of the population deported. The Bible relates that the population of Israel was exiled and ceased to exist, becoming known as the Ten Lost Tribes.


Judah & Deuteronomy


In the century followed the Assyrian conquest and elimination of the Israelites from the scene, the Levites in Judah began to compile the written Law. In 621 BC they produced Deuteronomy and read it to the people in the temple at Jerusalem. This birthed "the Mosaic law" which the mythical Moses never knew. (2) The Levites who wrote it then, and later repeatedly made Moses (and btw, Jehovah) say what suited them. The Levites attributed their law to Moses but its correct description is "the Levitical law" or "the Judaic law".

Arguably Deuteronomy is to formal Judaism and Zionism what the Communist Manifesto was to the bloody Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. It is the basis of the Torah ("the Law") contained in the Pentateuch, which itself forms the raw material of the Talmud, which again gave birth to those "commentaries" and commentaries-on-commentaries which are said to constitute the Judaic "law".


Deuteronomy was thus the basis of the Judahite political programme of global dominion, despoliation and enslavement of all humanity which, under new management, has been all but realized today. Deuteronomy is especially relevant to global events in the last three centuries, and viewing those events in light of Deuteronomy dispels much confusion


Before Deuteronomy was compiled only the "oral tradition" of what God allegedly said to “Moses” existed. The Levites claimed to be the consecrated guardians of that tradition and the illiterate Judean tribesmen had to take their word for it. On the other hand the Levites’ pretensions in these matters alienated the Israelites and caused much anger among the Israelite "prophets”. If anything had been written down before Deuteronomy was read, such manuscripts were fragmentary and in priestly keeping, and as little known to the primitive tribesmen as Sanskrit is to average Anglo-USans and Europeans today.


That Deuteronomy was different from anything that had been known or understood before is implicit in its name, which means "Second Law". Deuteronomy was in fact the first revelation of Levitical Judaism. Conveniently for the Levites, the Israelites – the Ten Lost Tribes – who had never known this "Mosaic Law", were long gone by c 621 BC. In fact the Israelites were NEVER Judaists or “Jews”.


Although Deuteronomy appears as the fifth book of today's Bible, (5) and seems to have an air of growing naturally out of the previous books, it was the first book to be completed as a whole. Though Genesis and Exodus provide the historical background and setting for it, they were produced by the Levites in Babylon much later, and Leviticus and Numbers, the other books of the Torah, were compiled even later.


Deuteronomy overturned the earlier tradition that was in harmony with the moral commandments. But the Levites granted themselves the right to make any changes they chose, claiming as they did, that they were divinely

authorized to amend the Law, as orally revealed by God to Moses, in order to meet "the constantly changing conditions of existence in the spirit of traditional teaching" - Sound familiar?.


The few people who heard Deuteronomy read in 621 BC, and then first learned what "the Mosaic Law" was to be, were told that the manuscripts had been "discovered". Modern Judaist authorities generally agree that Deuteronomy was the independent work of the Levites in isolated Judah after Judah's rejection by the Israelites and the conquest of Israel. Dr. Kastein puts the matter like this:

"In 621 BC, a manuscript hoary with the dust of ages was discovered among the archives. It contained a curious version of the laws which had been codified up to that time, a sort of repetition and variation of them, giving a host of instructions regarding man's duty to God and to his neighbour. It was couched in the form of speeches supposed to have been delivered by Moses just before his death on the farther side of Jordan. Who the author was it is impossible to say".


Thus Dr. Kastein, a zealot who awaited the literal fulfilment of "the Mosaic Law" in every detail, did not believe that Deuteronomy’s author was either Jehovah or Moses. It was enough for him that it was produced by the lawgiving priesthood, which for him was divine authority.(3)


Deuteronomy: Some Analysis


Deuteronomy – “the Second Law” – was founded upon religious intolerance, Murder and genocide in the name of religion is its distinctive tenet. Racial intolerance followed later in another “New Law”. These “laws” contradict and negative the moral (“Ten’) Commandments leaving intact only the injunctions relating to the exclusive worship (under the close supervision of the Levite priests) of the jealous and psychopathic Jehovah. All the moral commandments governing relations between people are buried beneath a great mound of "statutes and judgments" (regulations issued under an overriding “Law” which effectively cancels them save in respect of fellow Judaists. Sooo, the moral commandments against murder, stealing, adultery, coveting, bad neighbourliness, and the like are vitiated by a mass of "statutes" expressly demanding the massacre and utter destruction of other peoples, the murder of apostates individually or in communities, the taking of concubines from among women captives, "utter destruction" of conquered peoples, leaving "nothing alive", the exclusion of "the stranger" from debt-remission and so on.


In effect Deuteronomy sets up the moral commandments [See 5,1:22] as a strawman, a misleading moral mirage that has totally bedazzled Christians who, as a result, were subliminally saddled with the overriding and totally amoral Old Testament Levitical “laws and statutes” along with the New Testament, the valid portions of which enjoin us to love neighbour as self for the love of God. In effect Deuteronomy totally nullified the moral commandments with a vicious amoral ideology posing as a religion. That ideology centres upon the grandiose political idea of a people especially sent into the world to destroy and "possess" all other peoples and to rule the whole world. For instance the Commandments against killing, stealing, coveting etc are followed immediately by the promise that those whose hearts are ‘set on the fear of me and the keeping of my commandments’ will be given ‘great and prosperous cities not of your building, houses full of good things not furnished by you, wells you did not dig, vineyards and olives you did not plant’ [Deuteronomy 5,29; & 6,10:11]. And so it goes on.


Of course, in order to “possess” all these freebies the good Judaist has to kill and dispossess those who built those items with personal ingenuity and the sweat of their brows and so Deuteronomy and later, the rest of the Pentateuch is full of injunctions to do just that. Judaic ‘history’ is replete with the idea of massacre and destruction which is the essential ingredient in Deuteronomy. In the absence of the Judaic god’s demands for bloodshed and destruction, Deuteronomy, the so-called Mosaic Law, is an empty shell.


This unique form of theocratic collectivism was first presented to the Judahites in Deuteronomy as "the Law" of Jehovah and as his literal word, spoken to Moses. The notion of world domination through destruction is introduced at the start (chapter 2) of these speeches supposed to have been delivered by the dying Moses:

"The Lord spake unto me, saying. . . This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the nations that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee". In token of this, the fate of two nations is at once shown. The King of Sihon and the King of Bashan "came out against us, he and all his people", whereon they were "utterly destroyed, the men, and the women, and the little ones", only the cattle being spared and "the spoil" being taken "for a prey unto ourselves". Foretold by Moses (31, 4:6). The insistence on utter destruction is the recurrent characteristic of these illustrative anecdotes.


Another instance:

"Seven nations greater and mightier than thou" are to be delivered into the Judahites' hands, and: "Thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them. . . ye shall destroy their alters . . . for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are on the face of the earth . . . Thou shalt be blessed above all people . . . And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them. . . the Lord thy God will send the hornet among them, until they that are left, and hide themselves from thee, be destroyed. . . And the Lord thy God will put out these nations before thee by little and little. . . But the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed. And he shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them. . ." (7, 17:24).


This ideology makes destruction an article of faith. It is unique in religious thought, and where it occurs in political thought (for instance, in the Communist philosophy) it also derives indirectly from Deuteronomy via Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’. That Manifesto was written by Jews (Judaists) for Jews and implemented by Jews in that the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 was totally organised and controlled by Jews. (6) Similarly, the genocide of Amerindians and Africans kidnapped and transported to the Americas as slaves was essentially directed and controlled by Jews.(7) For instance Columbus was accompanied by five Marranos Jews who persuaded him to kill and enslave the Indian peoples encountered on arrival in America. (8) This thread of genocide and utter destruction runs through modern global history like a pustulant, cancerous lesion, which corrupts and destroys everything it touches. Obvious examples include the Bolshevik Jews’ starvation of seven million Ukrainians in the Holodomor (9) and many tens of millions of Russians and Soviet citizens (10) and Eisnhower’s German POW death camps that starved 1.7 million POW’s after WWII.(11) But really, virtually all modern genocides and brutal warfare can be traced back to Judaist (Jewish) influences.


Deuteronomy is essentially a complete political programme which teaches that planet Earth was created by Jehovah for the Judahites – god’s "special people". And their psychopathic god’s plan is to be completed by the triumph of Judaists and the ruination and utter destruction of all others. The rewards offered to the faithful are exclusively material: slaughter, slaves, women, booty, wealth, territory and empire. The only condition laid down for these rewards is observance of "the statutes and judgments", administered by the priests, which primarily command the destruction of others. The only guilt defined lies is non-observance of Judaic laws. Intolerance is specified as observance, tolerance as non-observance, and therefore as guilt. The punishments prescribed are of this world and of the flesh, not of the spirit. Moral behaviour, if ever demanded, is required only towards co-religionists and "strangers" are excluded from it.

Judah’s Babylonian Captivity


Shortly after the Levites unveiled Deutronomy to the Judahite tribesmen, Judah itself fell upon hard times. In 597 BC Nebuchadnezzar pillaged both Jerusalem and the Temple, carting all his spoils to Babylon. Judah’s king Jeconiah and his court and other prominent citizens and craftsmen, along with a sizable portion of the Jewish population of Judah, numbering about 10,000 were deported from the land and dispersed throughout the Babylonian Empire. (2 Kings 24:14) Among them was Ezekiel. Nebuchadnezzar appointed Zedekiah, Jehoiakim's brother, king of the reduced kingdom, which was made a tributary of Babylon.


Then after a further rebellion in 586 BC Nebuzar-adan, captain of Nebuchadnezzar's body-guard retook Judah and deported most of the population and destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem, thus completing the destruction of the kingdom of Judah.


Babylon created Yehud Province for the remnant of the Judahite population in a part of the former kingdom, and appointed Gedaliah governor, supported by a Chaldean guard. The administrative centre of the province was Mizpah and not Jerusalem. On hearing of the appointment, the Judaeans that had taken refuge in surrounding countries returned to Judah. (Jeremiah 40:11-12) However, before long Gedaliah was assassinated by a member of the royal house, and the Chaldean soldiers killed. The population that was left in the land and those that had returned fled to Egypt fearing a Babylonian reprisal, under the leadership of Johanan, son of Kareah, ignoring the urging of the prophet Jeremiah against the move. (2 Kings 25:26, Jeremiah 43:5-7) In Egypt, the refugees settled in Migdol, Tahpanhes, Noph, and Pathros, (Jeremiah 44:1) and Jeremiah went with them as moral guardian. After Gedaliah’s assassination, the remnant of the community was left leaderless

Levite creation of Judaic ideology & control mechanisms during Babylonian Exile.


During the Exile in Babylon the Levites achieved things which were permanently to affect the life of peoples. They added four Books to Deuteronomy and thus set up a Law of racio-religious intolerance which, if enforced, would for all time cut off the Judahites from mankind. In Babylon they formulated the rest of the Pentateuch and experimented to develop ways of enforcing the laws therein. The primary technique was to keep their followers segregated from those among whom they dwelt. This was done by creating the ghetto as a means of collective isolation of followers and the synagogue as the centre for religious indoctrination to replace Temple worship in Jerusalem.


This process was greatly assisted by the Levites acquired authority among their captors, and at last they "pulled down" and "utterly destroyed" their captors' house; or at least, they handed on this version of history to a posterity which accepted it and in time began to see in these people an irresistibly destructive force.


In that respect the picture was proportionately very much like that of today. In Jerusalem lived only a nucleus, comprising chiefly the most zealous devotees of the Temple cult and folk whose pursuits bound them to the land. The rest of the Judahites were scattered in foreign lands. As a direct result of their experiments and experience gained in Babylon, the Levites had successfully tested their creed, and their mind control techniques and social control mechanisms in an alien environment, and so their creed and control mechanisms were easily translated to the Diaspora.


This experience was useful to the Levites because only some tens of thousands of Judahite captives were taken from Jerusalem to Babylon and Judahite people were already self-distributed far and wide around the Mediterranean, in lands west and east of Judah, having gone wherever conditions for commerce were most favourable. The techniques developed in Babylon were thus transferable to Judahite communities widely dispersed in alien environments. Without this “technology” the reactionary Judaic religious ideology perfected in Babylon would have been still born since the returning Judahites and those still in Jerusalem would not have constituted a critical mass sufficient to sustain the thrust needed to attempt to conquer the world.


The benevolent behaviour of the Babylonian conquerors towards their Judahite prisoners was the exact opposite of that enjoined on the Judahites, in the reverse circumstances, by the Second Law which had been read to them just before their defeat: "Save nothing alive that breatheth. . ." Dr. Kastein says the captives "enjoyed complete freedom" of residence, worship, occupation and self administration.


The liberality and support of their foreign rulers allowed the Levites to make captives of people (Judahites) who were otherwise largely free; under priestly insistence they were constrained to settle in closed communities, and in this way the ghetto and Levite power were born. The foreign rulers’ support was necessary for this corralling of expatriates by their own priests, and it was given on this first occasion, as on innumerable other occasions ever since. The Talmudic ruling of the Christian era, which decreed the excommunication of Jews if without permission they sold "neighbour-property" to "strangers", comes down from that first experiment in self-segregation, in Babylon.


Thus, during the Exile in Babylon the Levites perfected their system of control over the Judahites taken there in 596 BC and 584 BC. They achieved autonomy within the Babylonian state and developed the ghetto and synagogue structures used ever since to separate the Judahites (and later other Judaists and the Khazar Jews) from other peoples. This gave the Levite priests (and today’s Jewish leaders) maximum mind control capabilities over the Judahite (and today the “Jewish”) population. During this time the Levites somehow bent the most powerful rulers of that era – the Persian Kings – to their will. This latter trick probably required other dimensional assistance which has attended the Judaists’ Satanic efforts ever since. Modern examples of this incredible talent include the Judaists’ ability to get the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, British and US empires to help them to plunder the world and genocide hundreds of millions of people in Africa, the Americas, India, Asia, Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and elsewhere.


With their people in Babylon firmly under priestly control, the Levites then set about to complete the compilation of "The Law". Heavily influenced by Ezekeil they wrote the four remaining books of the Pentateuch which they added to Deuteronomy to make up the Torah. This written word, which originally meant doctrine, is now recognized to mean "the Law".


However, "completion" is a most misleading word in this connection. Only the Torah (in the sense of the five books) was completed. Moreover, the Law was not then and never can be completed, given the existence of the "secret Torah" recorded by the Talmud (which itself was but the later continuation of the “secret Torah” known only to the priests), and the priestly claim to divine right of interpretation. In fact, "the Law" was constantly changed, often to close some loophole which might have allowed "the stranger" to enjoy a right devolving only on "a neighbour". The effect of such changes was usually to make hatred of or contempt for "the stranger" an integral part of "the Law" through the provision of discriminatory penalties or immunities.


The priesthood claimed that the Torah governed every act of daily life, down to the most trivial. Any objection that Moses could not have received from Jehovah on the mountain detailed instructions covering every conceivable action performed by man, was met with the dogma that the priesthood, like relay runners, handed on from generation to generation "the oral tradition" of Jehovah's revelation to Moses, and infinite power of reinterpretation. However, such objections were rare, as the Law prescribed the death penalty for doubters. (Numbers 16: 1-35)

Completion of the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus & Numbers)


When the Levites in Babylon added Exodus, Genesis, Leviticus and Numbers to Deuteronomy they moulded Genesis and Exodus to provide a version of history to fit the "Law" which by then they had already promulgated, in Deuteronomy. This goes right back to the Creation, of which the Scribes knew the exact date (although the first two chapters of Genesis give somewhat different accounts of the Creation and scholars tend to see the Levitical hand, in the second chapter more than the first).


Whatever has survived of the former Israelite tradition is in Genesis and Exodus, and in the enlightened passages of the Israelite prophets. These more benevolent parts are always contradicted and nullified by later, fanatical passages, which are presumably Levitical interpolations.

Why did the Levites allow these glimpses of a loving God of all men to remain, as they invalidated the New Law and could have been removed? A likely reason seems to be that the earlier tradition was too well known to the tribespeople to be merely expunged, so that it had to be retained and cancelled out by allegorical incident and amendments.


Although Genesis and Exodus were produced after Deuteronomy the theme of fanatical tribalism is faint in them. The tribal thrust and crescendo come in Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers, which evidence the heavy emphasis of the Levites in isolated Judah and Babylon.

The Return from Babylon to Jerusalem


The idea of "the return" (together with the related ideas of destruction and dominion) was basic to the Torah dogma, which stood or fell by it. No strong impulse to return from Babylon to Jerusalem existed among the people (any more than today, when the instinct of the majority of Jews is against "return". The mythical Holocaust is a modern example of how those who continue to manipulate Judaic doctrine also manipulate Judaists in an attempt to get them to flee to Israel for so-called safety. Even so, Rothschildlandia (the state of Israel) is much more easily able to obtain money abroad than immigrants.

In 538 BC the Levites in Babylon arranged for Ezra to lead the Judahite “return” to Jerusalem. He came in the name of the Persian King Artaxerxes the Longhanded, with Persian soldiers and Persian gold. Using Persian soldiers he proceeded to enforce the new racial law written by Ezekeil in Babylon. Ezra demanded those returning with him and the people living in Jerusalem and Judah prove that they were Judahites by descent, or Levites. When he reached Jerusalem he was apparently "filled with horror and dismay” by the prevalence of mixed marriages. The Judahites were finding happiness in their fashion; "by tolerating miscegenation with neighbouring tribes they had established peaceful relations based on family ties".


It was not a happy or triumphant return for most Judahites involved, though it was a major political success for the priesthood. The Levites met the same difficulty as the Zionists in 1903, 1929 and 1953: The Chosen People did not want to go to the promised land. And as occurred with the migration of Khazar Jews from Europe to Palestine in the 20th century, the leaders did not lead "the return"; they stayed in Babylon (just as the Rothschild banksters and many Zionist leaders today stay in London and New York).


The solution found in 538 BC was similar to the one found in 1946: the zealots were ready to go, and a hapless few, who were too poor to choose, were rounded up to accompany them. Those who desired the privilege of remaining in Babylon (under their own prince, the Exilarch, in his own capital!) were mulcted in fines (just as today the wealthy Jews of America are pressed to provide funds for Rothschildlandia).


Ezra's measure was undoubtedly reactionary; it raised to the dignity of a law an enactment which at that time was not included in the Torah (because the Levites, in Babylon, were still writing it down). On that day in 458 BC the Judahites in Jerusalem were finally cut off from mankind and enslaved in a way they never knew in Babylon.


By 458 BC the Judahite nation was already widely dispersed and would never again be reassembled in Canaan. That was a fact, unalterable and permanent. According to Professor Wellhausen:

"from the exile the nation did not return, but a religious sect only".


This is also the situation today. Although Judaism was founded on the twin pillars of racism and religious separatism, today it is essentially a religious ideology masquerading as a nation. The symbolic "return" in 538 BC was of the utmost importance to the priesthood in establishing its mystic power over the scattered mass. It could be held up as the proof that "the Law" at the core of the Judaist ideology was true and valid, and that the destiny of the "special people" who adhered to it was to destroy and dominate the rest of the world.

The next occasion for a cull occurred a mere 13 years later when Nehemiah, a Judahite, who was cupbearer to Artaxerxes himself, arrived in Jerusalem from Babylon with dictatorial power and enough men and money to re-wall the city (at Persian expense), and Jerusalem thus became the first true ghetto. It was an empty one, and when the walls were ready Nehemiah ordered that one in ten of the Judahites be chosen by lot to reside in it.


Race thus became the supreme, though still unwritten tenet of the Mosaic Law. Jehovah worshippers who could not satisfy Persian officials and the Levite elders of their descent from Judah, Benjamin or Levi were rejected "with horror" (according to Zionist historian Dr. Kastein). Every man had to establish "the undisputed purity of his stock" from the registers of births (Hitler's Twentieth Century edict about the Aryan grandmothers was less extreme).


Nehemiah Completes Levite Control of Judah


Then, in 444 BC, Nehemiah had Ezra embody the ban on mixed marriages in the Torah, so that at last what had been done became part of the much-amended "Law" (and David and Solomon were presumably posthumously cast out of the fold since they had had multiple non-Judahite wives: Nehemiah, 13.26). The heads of clans and families were assembled and required to sign a pledge that they and their peoples would keep all the statutes and judgments of the Torah, with special emphasis on this new one.

In Leviticus the necessary insertion was made: "I have severed you from other people that ye should be mine". Thenceforth no Judahite might marry outside the clan, under penalty of death; every man who married a foreign woman committed a sin against God (Nehemiah, 13.27-29; this was the law in the Rothschild created state of Israel after its establishment). "Strangers" were forbidden to enter the city, so that the Judahites might be purified from everything foreign".


Nehemiah and Ezra were both eye-witnesses. Moreover, Nehemiah was there, he was the dictator, his was the deed, and so his testimony is unchallengeable. He says that when Ezra for the first time read this new Law to the Jerusalemites:

"All the people wept when they heard the words of the Law".


Thus the religious ideology and racial purity of Judaism and its mind control system was established almost 25 centuries ago. The joke today though, is that the Judahite tribe has disappeared and been replaced by Asiatic Khazar usurpers who pretend to be Israelites but are not; nor are they descendants of Semites or Judahites.




In Deuteronomy Judaism was born, but it would have been a stillbirth, and Deuteronomy might never again have been heard of, if that question had rested only with the Levites and their captive Judahites. They were not numerous, and a nation a hundred times as many could never have hoped to enforce this barbarous creed on the world by force of its own muscle. There was only one way in which "the Mosaic Law" could gain life and potency and become a disruptive influence in the life of other peoples in subsequent centuries. This was if some powerful "stranger" (among all those strangers yet to be accursed), some mighty king of those "heathen" yet to be destroyed, should support it with arms and treasure. This happened for the first time in Babylon but it has been repeated many times since then as Judaists gained power and protection by parasitically attaching themselves to empires like that of Spain, Portugal, Holland and Britain. The process has triumphantly culminated in the current symbiotic Judaic attachment to the US.


However, it should be noted that virtually all Judaists in the US and those controlling Rothschildlandia today are NOT of Judahite descent but are Khazars, a race of Turkic-Mongolian, Finnish extraction who call themselves “Jews”. No doubt the Khazars were also impressed with Judaism’s aggressive ideological tenets and its mind control techniques and that’s probably why they choose Judaism as their national religion in the 8th century.


Dispersed communities of Judaists noted that the Babylonian conquerors had been undone and the “captivity” transformed into the “return”. The Levites’ ability to gain autonomy for Judaists and to enforce their segregation into ghettoes and to institute synagogues as a substitute for Temple worship was noted and the methods copied. Thus the "religious sect" which "returned" to an unknown Jerusalem was also the core of the parasitic nation-within-nations, state-within-states infestation that has now undermined our entire world. The priesthood had shown itself able to maintain its theocracy without a territory of its own and under a foreign king. It had ruled its followers under its own Law; and of this Law as it was first imposed in exile on the Judahites in Babylon Dr. Kastein says:

"Instead of the constitution of the defunct state, communal autonomy was established, and, instead of the power of the state, there came into being another power, more reliable and more enduring: the stern and inexorable regime enforced by the obligation to render unquestioning obedience to the regulations of the ritual."


The power of the ruling Judaic sect then and now seems to be based on terror and fear although today many Jews seem happy to profess the faith because many of the advantages allegedly promised by Jehovah appear to have become available to them. Today being a Jew provides many advantages and opportunities for social, political, academic and vocational advancement and wealth unavailable to non-Jews (goyim). Subsconsciously though, the fear of excommunication may still be strong depending on the individual Judaist’s communal situation and the strength of his/her childhood ideological conditioning, residual emotional paradigm and belief in the physical efficacy of the curses enumerated in Deuteronomy and other books.


What humanity has yet to understand is that this tiny religious “tribe” is implacable because its god is implacable and can only be placated by utter subjugation and destruction of the rest of humanity. The Jewish writer Maurice Samuel summed up the situation in the 20th century, writing: ". . . we Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever. . . nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands". The tragedy of their situation for most Jews who see this truth seems to be that they are unable or unwilling to cease to profess Judaism, ie to choose to cease to BE Jews. Either the paradigm is too strong or the benefits of belonging are too great. So be it.



(1) These peoples were nearly all Israelites; most of them were Josephites. Douglas Reed says they were on the road to the one-God of all-peoples and to participation in mankind. They were not unique among men in this: soon the Buddha, in India, was to oppose his Sermon at Benares and his Five Commands of Uprightness to the creed of Brahma, the creator of caste-segregation, and to the worship of idols.


(2) Douglas Reed says: ‘Whether Moses even lived is in dispute. "They tell you", said the late Rabbi Emil Hirsch, "that Moses never lived. I acquiesce. If they tell me that the story that came from Egypt is mythology, I shall not protest; it is mythology. They tell me that the book of Isaiah, as we have it today, is composed of writings of at least three and perhaps four different periods; I knew it before they ever told me; before they knew it, it was my conviction".

Whether Moses lived or not, he cannot have led any mass-exodus from Egypt into Canaan (Palestine). No sharply-defined Israelitish tribes existed (says Rabbi Elmer Berger) at any time when anyone called Moses may have led some small groups out of Egyptian slavery. The Habiru (Hebrews) then were already established in Canaan, having reached it long before from Babylonia on the far side: Their name, Habiru, denoted no racial or tribal identity; it meant "nomads". Long before any small band led by Moses can have arrived they had overrun large Canaanite areas, and the governor of Jerusalem reported to Pharaoh in Egypt, "The King no longer has any territory, the Habiru have devastated all the King's territory".


The zealous Zionist historian, Dr. Josef Kastein says, "Countless other Semitic and Hebrew tribes were already settled in the promised land which, Moses told his followers, was theirs by ancient right of inheritance; what matter that actual conditions in Canaan had long since effaced this right and rendered it illusory".

Dr. Kastein reckoned that the Law laid down in the Old Testament must be fulfilled to the letter, but did not take seriously the version of history on which the mosaic Law is based. Unlike the Christian fundamentalists of the "every word is true" school, he holds that the Old Testament was in fact a political programme, drafted to meet the conditions of a time, and frequently revised to meet changing conditions.’


Historically then, the Egyptian captivity, the slaying of "all the firstborn of Egypt", the exodus toward and conquest of the Promised Land are myths. The story was invented by the Levites, but the lesson of vengeance on unbelievers and goyim was implanted in men's minds and the mind control effects have continued until today.


The story of Moses and the Mosaic Laws were presumably invented to turn the Judahites away from the earlier Israelite tradition of the God who, from the burning bush, laid down a simple law of moral behaviour and neighbourliness. This was done by the insertion of imaginary, allegorical history, presented as fact, and in doing that the Levites converted the Israelite tradition into its opposite establishing thereby the “Mosaic Law" of exclusion, hatred and vengeance. With this as their ideological inheritance, attached to a false narrative, the minor tribe of Judah was forced to face the future.


By the time that the Levites revealed Deuteronomy in Jerusalem in 621 BC the Israelites had long since mingled in the living bloodstream of mankind leaving the Judahites stranded in the power of the fanatical priesthood which commanded them, on pain of multiple curses, to destroy humanity. And if the Judahites did as they were told the Mosaic Law promised them that Jehovah’s curses would be transferred to their "enemies" (not because those enemies had sinned, but simply to swell the measure of the blessing conferred on the rehabilitated Judahites!). This Levitical creation was the god of the Judaists 2500 years ago and it is the god of today’s Jews.




See also: Phoenix Journal #2, 'AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME, IMMANUEL --- I AM SANANDA'

Esu Immanuel's birth mother, Mary, was not Jewish (Judean), she was a Galilean. Galileans were descendents of the Sumarians, having migrated from Sumar to Galilee. The great lie that both Mary and Immanuel were Jewish (Judean), was and is perpetrated by the Judaist priests and justify the lie that Christianity has Judaic roots. That lie is the basis of the Judeo-Christian myth. In truth the god of the Torah and Talmud has NOTHING in common with the God of the New Testament.


Archangel Gabriel was Esu Immanuel's birth-father. He was/is a distant descendant of the Sons of Heaven, Rasiel, who was the guardian angel of the secret. According to Divine Plan, Gabriel secretly inseminated Mary with his own seed, thus becoming Immanuel's birth-father. Esu Immanuel, was therefore, both Galilean (a descendent of the Sumarians) from his mother Mary, and the Son of a distant descendant of the Sons of Heaven, from his birth-father Gabriel. Acordingly Esu Immanuel was NOT "King of the Jews".

Joseph became the spouse of Mary, adopted Immanuel, and became his earthly father. "Joseph of Jakob, was a distant descendant of David, who was a distant descendant of Abraham, whose lineage goes back to Adam

See also: 'CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW', the author Jacob Elon Connor.

Phoenix Journal #50, 'GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000! DIVINE PLAN, VOL. I', chapter 6, pages 82 - 83.

Phoenix Journal #57, 'GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000! DIVINE PLAN, VOL. II', chapter 4, pages 54 - 58 and chapter 5, page 63 - 66.



(4) The “prophets” who spoke out against the ideology and practices of the Levite priesthood were nearly all Israelites; most of them were Josephites.

They were in truth Israelite objectors against the Levitical teachings which were to become identified with the name of Judah. The name "Hebrew prophets" is inapt because they made no pretence to power of divination and were angered by the description ("I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet's son", Amos). They were protestants in their time and gave simple warning of the calculable consequences of the racial creed; their warning remains valid today.


The claims of the Levite priesthood moved them to these protests, particularly the priestly c1aim to the firstborn ("That which openeth the womb is mine," Exodus), and the priestly insistence on sacrificial rites. The Israelite expostulants (to whom this "so-called law of Moses" was apparently unknown,) saw no virtue in the bloodying of priests, the endless sacrifice of animals and the "burnt offerings", the "sweet savour" of which was supposed to please Jehovah. They rebuked the priestly doctrine of slaying and enslaving "the heathen". God, they cried, desired moral behaviour, neighbourly conduct and justice towards the poor, the fatherless, the widow and the oppressed, not blood sacrifices and hatred of the heathen.


These protests by the Israelite prophets provide the first inklings of the message which Esu Immanuel (Jesus) was to announce some eight hundred years later. The protests seem very out of place alongside the injunctions to massacre which swamp the Old Testament .The strange thing is that these remonstrances survived the later compilation of the Pentateuch, when Israel was gone and the Levites, supreme in Judah, wrote down the Scriptures. Either the Judahite tribespeople were very familiar with the sayings of these prophets and so their messages could not just be expunged or, even then, the priests were sooo confident of their power that they hid the truth in plain sight as Jewish leaders routinely do today.



(5) In "the Mosaic Law" a destructive idea took shape, which was to threaten Christian civilization and today’s First World civilisation, both then undreamed of. During the early Christian era a Council of theologians made the decision that the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT) should be bound in one book, without any differentiation, as if they were stem and blossom, instead of implacable opposites.


For some unfathomable reason the Christian churches and global society seem to have accepted the fact that the genocidal Mosaic (Judaic) Law and the Christed divine law of unconditional universal love are compatible. They are not! That of course means that the conventional wisdom that Christianity evolved out of Judaism and hence Christians have a Judeo-Christian ethic and cultural history is bullshit. There is NO common ground between Judaism and the NT injunction to love neighbour as self for the love of God. The pretence that there is any compatibility between these two diametrically opposed ideologies is yet another huge Satanic lie.


Encyclopaedias and sources of Satanically influenced disinformation (including the so-called Christian churches) state that the OT is of "equal divine authority" with the NT. That lie distorts all non-Judaic thinking about Judaism and its adherents and pollutes the personal paradigms of those who seek to follow the core message in NT teachings.


The Christian churches’ unqualified acceptance of the OT covers its entire content and makes nonsense of the Christed NT revelations. Why? Because that dogma of acceptance requires belief in opposite ideas at the same time. How can the same God, by commandment to Moses, have enjoined men to love their neighbours AND "utterly to destroy" their neighbours? What relationship can there be between the universal, loving God of the Christian revelation and the cursing deity of Deuteronomy? The idea defies logic. It is nonsense.

The theological decision which established this dogma at the heart of so-called Christian Bible revelation has cast the pall of Deuteronomy and the Torah over Christendom for nearly 17 centuries, just as it fell on the Judahites themselves when it was read to them almost 24 centuries ago.


The failure of the adherents of the various Christian religions to notice and understand the absurd spiritual incompatibility of bracketing the message of the God of love of the NT with the god of hate of the OT has blighted our world for much of two millennia. How the Jews must laugh at the stupidity of the Christian goyim! It is perhaps no wonder that the Jews categorise goyim as cattle to be used, abused and slaughtered at whim. We devour their lies and cede our power to them without a whimper.



(6) For instance Hatonn says: ‘Remember that all of the men on the Lenin government--Communism government--roster were and still are "Jewish" in origin. Some, like Lenin--in fact most--simply have changed names to hide origin... All through the centuries ones have changed names to a suitable asset as needed. It doesn't change ANYTHING--but gives the appearance of change. ‘(PJ ch 9 REC #1)

See also: ‘The Leading Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution’


‘US Consul General Summers and US Consul Caldwell’s Intelligence reports:

”[...] it is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type... ”

The second report, dated 9 June 1919, and sent from Vladivostok, said that in 1918 of the:

”384 commissars there were 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government.”

(State Department document 861.00/2205)

Both documents from: U.S. National Archives. (1919). Record Group 120: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, June 9.


The Prop-Masters: Perpetrators of the holocaust against Christian Russia transform themselves into "survivors" of "the Holocaust"


Thousand Year War between Russia and the Khazars



(7)  Who Brought the Slaves to America?

Who Brought the Slaves to America? And who was responsible for the HOLOCAUST of African slaves during that trade?


(8) Jews and the Black Holocaust


(9) See for instance: The Ukrainian Holodomor


Ukrainian president bows out with a whimper


(10) See for instance Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Jews


The Leading Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution


(11) For instance see: Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans


11 Million Germans murdered AFTER WW2.


In 'Eisenhower’s Death Camps': A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers


Sources Include:

The Contoversy of Zion by Douglas Reed

ISBN O 939482 03 7 Published by The Noonside Press

The Phoenix Journals.

The Bible.




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