By Ron Chapman
Nov 2, 2010 - 10:24:24 PM

What is COMMON LAW? - The SIMPLE facts! . . . . Common Sense for Common People - Another 'one' to keep under your pillow - Posted at RMN by "Bob" on 2 November 2010 See:


Common Law is the beginning of all Law and in its perfection is the absence of all Law and in today's society it is known as

PUBLIC POLICY Common Law, summed up in simple terms as, the will of the people, and

Will manifest itself in separate cases as people so rule with their conscience and a sense of fair play.

Common Law is a Law that is Common to All People.

Common Law is Common Sense and is the Law of the Creator God of this Universe - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Common Law supersedes all Law and is Superior in all Cases to Statutory Law, Codified Law, and Rules and Regulations.[Ron: Arguably statute law and its derivatives are NOT law at all, ie they do not accord with divine law and are not lawfully binding on sovereign human beings. Rather, they  are mere legal fictions created under colour of law by governments and secret cabals that seek to control, manipulate and enslave real, flesh and blood sovereign humans.]

Common Law establishes Constitutions as all Power is inherent in the People.[Ron: Common law doesn't do anything, people do. Arguably people establish constitutions and constitutions should accord with divine law.  Which means that valid constitutions will reflect the will of the people and common law principles.]

Common Law establishes through the Constitution all restrictions on the government.[Ron: Arguably sovereign humans create constitutions and governments and control everything those fictional legal constructs do via human agents. Governments must be restricted to facilitating the provision, by human agents, of services to sovereign humans in accordance with divine law which is reflected in common law and should be reflected in constitutions.]

Constitutions never give the government power for legislating People. [Ron: Valid constitutions and governments are created by sovereign humans in accordance with divine law and accordingly their powers can never rise higher than their source.]

Government only has the power to Legislate the workings of the different functions of the various departments to allow [Ron: NO it doesn't! Governments, being legal fictions, have no "power" to allow or disallow sovereign humans to do anything!] the people Life, Liberty [Ron: The word "liberty" is tainted by association with Admiralty law which implies that "liberty" is a discretionary concession made to crew members by the captain of a ship. The word "freedom" is therefore preferable in this context.] and Happiness.

Constitutions can never establish Common Law for then all Power would not be in the People, but would be in the Constitution and

It is only a piece of paper, and the Peoples' right to address grievances or to amend, change, or address any problem could not be.

The Creator God created man, man (with help) created government, government started CORPORATIONS.[Ron: Governments don't "start" corporations, people do that, although they may use governments as tools for creating such legal fictions.]

The Creator rules over man, man rules over government, and government rules over CORPORATIONS.[Ron: Arguably sovereign humans create governments AND corporations. Governments, being legal fictions, can neither create nor rule over corporations or people. Governments may be, and are, used by people as tools to unlawfully coerce and rule over other people.]

Governments are mere pieces of paper to be altered and changed to the whim of the living souls.

CORPORATIONS are mere pieces of paper that government can change and alter at their whim.[Ron: Government's, being mere pieces of paper, cannot have "whims" let alone change and alter those nonexistant "whims", or corporations which are also mere pieces of paper created by sovereign humans NOT governments.]

The Creator is Superior over Man, government, and CORPORATIONS.[Ron: Actually the Creator creates and is in everything; and IS the sovereign essence of "Man"; and man, in turn co-creates governments and corporations etc.]

Man is superior to government and CORPORATIONS.[Ron: Man creates governments and corporations as tools for human living and that is their only function.]

If man says they do not exist - they do not exist.

Simply said, Common Law - PUBLIC POLICY - the Will of the People, a Law Common to All People.[Ron: I'm not sure what this means. Arguably common law is innate in the sense that it reflects divine law. As such it is common to all people and should therefore be reflected in the will of the people.]

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