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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Wayseer Manifesto
By Erich & Ron
Mar 23, 2011 - 4:00:20 AM

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Wayseer Manifesto

Ron: Have you seen the latest ploy by Tavistock Institute inspired TPTW minions who seek to gather personal information on "ALL YOU FREE-SPIRITS, ALL YOU MISFITS, REBELS, VISIONARIES AND PIONEERS ..." It's called The Wayseer Manifesto and it's lavishly packaged in a beautifully presented 9' 50" video called THE WAYSEER MANIFESTO - [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (HQ). See:

Ya haven't seen it? Well don't bother its just the latest TPTW effort to psychologically profile gullible young people or indeed anyone silly enough to fill in the 30 second questionaire on the front page of the Wayseer Manifesto site. Presumably it is also a lavish attempt to misdirect  hearts and minds and flog "stuff" and gobbledegook ideas to those with more money than sense. Incidentally, NOTICE that the site and related videos constantly invite you to subscribe. Although the site says you can unscribe quickly and easily don't assume that your name, email address, personal profile and anything else you disclose to the site is not kept on record for such use as might be deemed appropriate by its operators.

Everything than glistens isn't gold cobbers but then ya know that don'tcha?

Anyhoo, here is an insightful analysis for you by AHer, Erich. Well worth your consideration before you get seduced by the glitz and glamour of the video.


Wayseer Manifesto

Being able to speak from the position of some of the younger generation I might be able to offer a different perspective on it.

The video really is designed to instill feelings of hope and charge someone up a bit however when I say designed it's intentional. In the last two decades I have gone from elementary school on through various colleges, in that time I have noticed the social mesh that is being created through the schooling system and in my opinion it seems fairly effective. By creating the ideal of a right way to be in school/life/society that is unobtainable for almost all of the younger ones it splinters them off into even more groups and sections fumbling against the other groups and sections that creates a sort of chaos inherent in our system that is producing an ever increasing percentage of the growing population to become for lack of a better term arm chair humans, as in arm chair quarterback. Basically a sea of critics that wont ever reach that critical point in neccesary energy to upset the system. As long as this group is controlled you can head off any attempts by it to upset TPTW. Or in some cases inspire them to a specific kind of action as I suspect is probably the case in some of the middle east and around the world.

Essentially the goal is to reduce the youth into a tool that can be wielded turning what could have been a problem in their plans to portion of their powerbase; sadly this is just the kind of thing they seem to like so much. Anywho the reason I bring all this up is because the video has alot of little things in its construction that have the fingerprint of those that like this kind of game.

There are a few basic clues that give it away.

The first one is PRODUCTION QUALITY, and this is often a big give away. The production quality is very high for a group seemingly anti establishment. Often times with the engineered media they are using the same production quality as most of the msm like music videos (ala this video) tv shows, movies etc. Most groups that are anti establishment in the more accurate sense will be working with significantly less resources then a msm producer.

The second is copyrighted material, the video is chocked full of copyrighted material, and not just that but carefully selected scenes from movies and shows that had a strong reception in the youth of the last decade. This is coupled with historically significant clips that are often tied to well known concepts which can be interpereted as parallel to the message of the video i.e. Martin Luther King, The lady placing the flower inside the national guardsmens gun. The point in referencing this though is that youtube cooperates quite closely with all the major media companies and whenever there is stuff up that is unliked with any copyrighted material in it they use it as an excuse to yank something down fairly quickly so how long it stays up is an indication of whether or not it has been deemed acceptible for it to be spread among the populace.


So lets put it all together then, what does the video actually do? In essence it combines a targeted message that through what I am sure has been many decades of research will hit the most/right people without alienating any with slightly differing view points, as much as possible. This message is combined with a set of power chords that amps your system up and builds that charge (why we will get to in a second). Woven into the song is a nice trance tune (trance being a form of electronica and dance music to any who arent familiar with it). The interesting thing about trance music is that it is known to alter consciousness, to shift the brain out of the beta state and into an alpha one (basically to move towards a sleeping state from a waking one and often leaving someone in a trance state in between) The goal of this being to make one more plyable or susceptible to a message.


So it connects with a specific group, it charges them up (specifically on the emotional body to get those strong feelings that most people keep just under wraps swirling around), and then it lulls them into a trance so that the message in the video takes a deeper root in someone. However what good is a bunch of emotionally charged self satisfied zombies? Well I am glad you asked, to buy more useless shit of course.

You dont have to view their site for very long to see it is essentially a large viral marketing campaign for a new breed of self help books targeted at the younger generation of arm chair activists stuck in all this chaos and uncertainty but wanting to express what little of themselves they know about, well now they have it, they can read this book and know what they are supposed to do. THANK G... I mean THANK MSM.


And thus we see how a group is isolated, manipulated, instructed and finally controlled, and look its even connected to facebook, well let me just inform 100 of my closest friends about this product I am now endorsing and..... oh wow that turned ugly quick there didnt it...


In case it wasnt obvious I use a fair bit of sarcasm in my addressing these folk, I have a bit of marketing training in this lifetime and the advantage of being a member of the target audience so I get to feel the intended effects first hand, makes it very easy to see through this type of crap, unfortunately I can also see why it is so effective, it can be very difficult to avoid going in a certain direction if you are being pushed pulled and prodded that way by people you can't see, hear or feel. There could be quite a few books written on all of this, and I am sure there will be at some point, for now though there are a number of ways to kind of detect this stuff, the production quality and copyrighted material usage are two, also oftentimes anything with heavy ties to facebook and twitter or other social networking setups are dead giveaways. It seems that twitter and facebook have been officially selected now by TPTW to further extend their control out across the internet. The scariest thing is it seems to be working quite well.

For a fun exercise take a look through all the facebook comments, How many catch on, and how many blindly follow? As of my viewing this video had just over 100k hits. In that amount of views over 12k people have liked it on facebook, this in turn spreads it to all of their friends (figuring an average of over a hundred friends each on facebook that then see it and pass it along and so it spreads(hence viral marketing) including those that take the time to write an actual endorsement in the comment field which will be instanly shared with all of their friends.

I am pasting a few select quotes from the comments

"I am a wayseer attracted to the flame...are you?"


" it ....ignites the juices inside ....the new way is your way...within the way..."

"i couldnt hve put it better myself!! Well Done!!"

"Yep. I was born to be a revolutionary. No doubt about it. Going to read the first chapter now. Thank you!!"

"I am a Wayseer, experience feeler, planet healer and most important a free spirit"



There is a wealth of learning about how these ones work and the tools they utilize that can be garnered from this situation, have at it and see what you can find.


Ron: I think that its nice (and necessary) to have one's individuality, uniqueness and abilities recognised. But I feel that this video is playing upon that need in all of us and is intended to be used to misdirect young people who are likely to be attracted to the glitz and glamour it exudes. Moreover it's siren song is that everyone who "joins in" with the Wayseer Manifesto is "the same" which contradicts the message in the video which ostensibly appeals to real individuals.

The "demagogical", mass-enthusiasm provoking production and style in the video also suggests emotional manipulation while some of the lyrics suggest the promoters are actually having a laugh at listeners. For instance the hunk crooning sings:

'Your addictive personality is just a symptom of your vast underused capacity for heroic, creative expression and spiritual connection. [Ron: Really? who'd a thought?!] Your utter lack of oppression…. These are the traits of … procrastinators and drama queens, space cadets, mavericks, philosophers, derilects, business suits flying fighter jets, football stars and sex addicts, celebrities with ADD, alcoholics who seek novelty [Ron: Do ya begin to see the target audience?] we are the same you know because we’re all affected by the Wayyy. We are all the same you know 'cause we are all attracted to the flame…. this is called the WAY " [Ron: The joke here is that although all God's children are ONE in the Creator we are NOT 'all the same'. This video is a direct appeal to the herd instinct in us].

Those who still think this video is a genuine and noble work designed to life downtrodden "free spirits, misfits, rebels, visionaries and pioneers" out of obscurity and into the limelight should consider the fact that the promoter of this viral event is a bloke named Garret LoPorto who has been featured in The New York Times, Money Magazine, The London Financial Times, and The Boston Globe and many other (Jew controlled) national newspapers; AND on national (Jew controlled) TV including CNN and ABC, Nitebeat and MIT TV. Arguably, ya don't get repeatedly lionised in the Khazar media unless you are an integral part of the apparatus of TPTW. Similarly, ya don’t get to be the founder and CEO of a successful multi-million dollar technology & media company, and address prestigious audiences including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts and The Computer Freedom and Privacy Convention, unless you are a card carrying member of the Khazar oppression classes. Or so I think.

But this is a free will world and if ya just wanta feel good (or have fun, as the song says), feel free to believe that you are THE SAME as everyone else who indulges in the Wayyy and is attracted to THE FLAME - whatever that means.


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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