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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

WHO says Jews have no sense of humour? They’re always laughting at us!
By Ron Chapman
Dec 29, 2010 - 3:23:41 AM

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WHO says Jews have no sense of humour? They’re always laughting at us!

Jews have foisted “Political Correctness”, “Hate Crime” and “Anti-Semitism” legislation upon the gentile world – despite the fact that Jews are not Semites and many gentiles ARE Semites. That means that some 13 million Jews are telling  seven billion gentiles how they may think and communicate.

Because Jews control most governments, judiciaries, banks, trans-national corporations, the global media, science and academia, Hollywood, the entertainment and pornography industries, and almost everything else in our world, the imposition of these concepts and policies has become a strait jacket for gentiles BUT NOT FOR JEWS.

For instance the Seinfeld comedy show publicly uses (for laughs among those who speak the language?) with impunity, derogatory Yiddish terms like “Shiksa” which offensively describes a non-Jewish woman (or "Shikselbe" a  highly offensive description of any young, non-Jewish woman or girl). But can you imagine the howling righteous criticism that would erupt from horde's of Jew individuals and organisations if a gentile publicly described Jewish women and girls as unclean abominations and whores?

Wikipedia says:

‘The word shiksa is etymologically partly derived from the Hebrew term “sheketz”, which means "abomination", "impure," or "object of loathing", depending on the translator.[1]

Several dictionaries define "shiksa" as a disparaging and offensive term applied to a non-Jewish girl or woman.[2]

The word (written "siksa", pronounced "shiksa") in Polish culture is a conflation between the Hebrew term and usage of the Polish word "sika" ("to urinate").

2009 Toronto "Shiksa" Incident

In 2009, Toronto police received a report of a hate crime in which the term "shikse" was allegedly used as a slur against a non-Jewish woman. The incident was listed in the Hate Crime Unit Intelligence Division's 2009 annual report, classified as "mischief", located in "Division 53" (the central section of the City of Toronto which includes some Jewish neighbourhoods).[4] It is unknown whether the incident was investigated and whether a conviction resulted.

The Canadian Jewish Congress criticized the classification of "non-Jewish shikse" as a hate crime victim group in a letter of complaint to the chairman of the Toronto Police services board,[5][6] saying that it was "frankly mystified" at the listing and that the Toronto Police were taking hate-crime legislation "to its most absurd level". The CJC argued that the classification of "shiksa" as an ethnic slur was categorically incorrect since it did not refer to an "unchangeable" or "inescapable aspect of a woman - their non-Jewish status.[Ron: Presumably because 'a woman' might become a Jew? That implication acknowledges the absurdity of the Jews' insidious claim to be a "nation" and "god's chosen people".]

Jordana Horn in Forward Magazine whilst admitting that shiksa is "an offensive slur for a non-Jewish woman, derived from a Hebrew root meaning 'a detested thing,'" doubted whether legislation was "truly required" to protect non-Jewish women from the term. Horn questioned the CJC's argument that one's "shiksa" status could be escaped, asking "by taking a few dips in a mikveh?".[7]

Michael Coren in the Toronto Sun argued that "shiksa" was "indeed an abusive word still used by some Jewish people" which is usually "intended to be carelessly nasty". Although Coren agreed with the Canadian Jewish Congress that users of the term should not be prosecuted, [Ron: WHY? Given the Jews' attitude to ANY criticism or apparent slur on any Jew; AND their demands that even questioning the truth of the Holocaust LIE be made a crime?] he criticized the CJC for what he saw as hypocrisy, saying "while the Canadian Jewish Congress believes rightly that the Crown would have no legal basis to prosecute for use of such a word, it has been one of the main groups traditionally and vociferously calling for state intervention on offensive speech issues."[8] [Ron: Precisely!].


Sarah Silverman is a Jewess. She apparently has no problems with offensively defaming and maligning Germans, Negroes, Christians, Chinese and other non-Jews. In her comedy routine ‘Sarah Silverman on the Holocaust’ (See: ) Sarah happily "slags off " at German people (and their very efficient and reliable car manufacturing companies) falsely alleging that they were responsible for murdering six million Jews. That is a total LIE yet no one hauls Ms Silverman into court for calumny and defamation, let alone for "racism" and/or “Hate Crime” Why is that?! WHY is it OK for a Jewess to publicly and wrongfully declare that German car companies AND the whole German nation were, and still are, responsible for the (mythical) mass murder of six million Jews some 65 years ago? The mind boggles.

Smart arse racist Ms Silverman tells a story of how her niece supposedly exaggerated the number of Jews killed by Germans – saying it was 60 million whereat  Sarah Silver(wo)man felt the need to "correct" her niece, saying that the correct figure was only SIX MILLION JEWS. [Ron: Notice the sly way this Jewess slips into her routine her repetition of this horrendous Holohoax LIE upon which the State of Israel and current Jewish global influence and wealth is built!] Then she says her niece said: ‘But seriously “What’s the difference?” To which Sarah Silverman says she replied: ‘The difference is 60 million is unforgivable’ for which she gets a big laugh. [Ron: ALL things are forgivable but never the less Sarah Silverman’s sly public reinforcement of the Holocaust lie will bring her much bad Karma - and soon.].

Sarah Silverman’s is also critical of Jewish people who drive German cars:

‘If Mercedes could only have seen into the future …The amount of money they would be making from Jewish consumers … maybe they would have helped not kill the Jews but instead, they helped, ugh, er, you know, facilitate a genocide of a people who would ultimately become their best customers... And now I feel preachy. But I really believe this to be true. I believe that if black people were in Germany during World War II, that the Holocaust would have never happened... I do... Or, ... NOT TO JEWS.’ (some audience laughter).

Ron: WHY is this funny? And why are Ms Silverman's remarks not a racist Hate Crime? Notice how Ms Silverman manages to slyly imply that Germans would have switched their supposedly irrational and racist dislike of Jews to "black people" had "black people" been available to hate, malign and murder. Such bullshit is obvious to those who know about how the Jews caused WWI and WWII; the  prolongation of WWI to ensure Germany's defeat; and the incredible financial  and economic destruction, social despoilation and incredible poverty Jew carpet bagger bankers visited upon the German nation between the end of WWI and Hitler's rise to power. In other words, the German nation's desire to see Jews leave Germany was a sound, well founded rational desire, and NOT racism. Ms Silverman's public pretence that German's would have switched their negative attitude to Jews onto "black people" is a slur on both the German nation AND all people whose skin colour is dark. But apparently that's OK because the speaker is a Khazar Jew.

Additional Comment:

IF the Jews WERE genocided during WWII, how is it that they are still here to become Germany’s best customers for cars? That’s a fundamental contradiction. In any event  Jews are the “best customers” of German car makers because the German and Amerikkan nations and others have provided HUGE payments in cash and kind to Israel and individual Jews for 65 years BECAUSE of the Holocaust LIE!

Also, Jews drive German cars because Germans actually MAKE cars whereas Jews DO NOT make cars or anything else, other than trouble and stife and worthless fiat money conjured out of thin air upon which they charge usury. They spend their time and efforts on Holocaust calumnies against the German nation and never ending racist "Hate Crimes" everywhere. As a group, their other main activity is fomenting wars and intercine civil strife wherever they go. The Jew’s specialise in usury (theft), stealing human body parts, arms trading, despoilation of Third World societies; and the poisioning of the minds and bodies of gentile populations everywhere. Apparently it’s a requirement stated in their “Holy Books, the Torah and Talmud.”

Do you reckon a gentile comedian could offensively malign and caluminate Jews the way that Sarah Silverman maligns and lies about Germans, Christians, Afro-Americans and “Black" and Chinese people? No? Is that because gentiles are AFRAID of Jews? See: ‘When not to tell a joke.’ At:

Sarah Silverman seems proud of the fact that she's descended from a barbarous, primitive blood sacrificing Turko-Mongolian culture which General George Patton, who saw them up close and personal after WWII,  considered to be filthy and revolting (See 'General George S. Patton on Communism and Khazar Jews' at: Ms Silverman's arrogant, condescending and gratuitous cultural and ethnic racism is neither funny nor appropriate. And those who laugh at her "jokes" are either similarly inclined or stupid.

Here's a tip for ignorant goyim who pay for the privilege of having neo-Pharisitic Jews publicly humiliate them and their culture. The folk at Seinfeld and Sarah Silverman are not laughing with you but at you. It really is time that the world's gentiles got up off their knees in the presence of Jews: And stopped laughing at their racist "jokes".


For a typically offensive Jewish pseudo pornographic denigration of Christians and their religion; and “Christ”, try Sarah Silverman's:

'Give the JEW Girl Toys' at:

Hilarious! These Jews are sooo funny, dontcha reckon? They have such a great sense of humour...when sneering at non-Jews.



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