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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

WELFARISM: Why is it a Ubiquitous Tool for the Elimination of Human Sovereignty in Modern Society?
By Ron & Richard Littlejohn
Feb 14, 2009 - 3:46:00 AM

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WELFARISM: Why is it a Ubiquitous Tool for the Elimination of Human Sovereignty in Modern Society?

Ron: Welfare is the Siren Song of all totalitarians whether they are fascists, communists or somewhere beyond or between. In my opinion the current global vogue for welfarism arises from the inability of people to come to grips with their true status as sovereign independent fragments of the Creator of all that IS. As I see it, the real spiritual problem for humanity is that most people are so afraid of living that they want someone else to do it for them. And of course there is always a rabid minority of control freaks who are only too happy to oblige. The irony is that the control freaks too, are seeking to avoid the existential problems of living as free sovereign individual HUmans.

Humanity’s social history began when man commenced to emerge from a state of oneness with the natural world to an awareness of self as an entity separate from surrounding nature and other beings. But that awareness remained very dim over long periods of history. Individuals remained tied to the natural and social world from which they emerged while being partly aware of self as a separate entity. Arguably that process, let’s call it “individuation”, reached its peak between the Reformation and the late 20th century. If an individual hasn’t severed these primary ties to the natural and social world s/he is in much the same position vis-a-vis society as the infant who has not yet severed the psychosocial umbilical cord to its mother. Those organic primary ties that connect a child to its mother, or a member of a primitive community to clan and nature, or medieval man to his Church and social caste, give individuals a sense of security and orientation at the cost of freedom.

The problem with individuation is that it increases one’s sense of aloneness and powerlessness. There are two ways of overcoming those feelings. You can completely submerge self in the outside world by submitting to some outside authority or you can seek a spontaneous individual relationship with the Creator of all that IS and through that relationship connect with nature and humanity generally. Submission to external authority reduces freedom and increases dependence and hence fear whereas relating to the Creator enhances individuality and freedom because its foremost expression is love and creative work, which results in personalisation and self evolvement.

In his book “Fear of Freedom” Erich Fromm categorised human fear of individuation as “fear of freedom”. He said modern man had become free “from” the physical restrictions and overt social control mechanisms of the past only to be confronted by personal psycho-spiritual inability to be “free to” do what he had become capable of doing. Fromm evidences his thesis by examining the response of the German people to National Socialism in the 1930s and WWII. But in my opinion he could just as well have reached similar conclusions by examined the attitudes of Italians to Fascism, the British to Socialism or USans to Capitalism and so on.

Fear of freedom has been the hallmark of human personal and social life at least since Western societies started to emerge from the psychic slumber of the past in which most people identified with family, tribe, caste etc which typified the human condition globally  prior to the Renaissance and the Reformation, and the subsequent impact of the discovery of the so-called New World followed by the impact of the Industrial Revolution. Becoming aware of being an individual in a rapidly changing world was a frightening experience for most people and so they shrank from that reality. In effect people became afraid of the freedom and accompanying psychic isolation of their new-found status. To avoid that sense of insecurity and fear people en masse sought to recreate psycho-social bonds that would give them the sense of security of being one of the herd rather than a separate independent individual responsible for his/her own decisions about life the universe and everything. Some managed to avoid the problem by clinging to religious leaders and their dogmas and apparently a dwindling number (although still very significant in the US) of people still do this. However increasing numbers of people latched onto newer forms of secular “religion” like Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Nazism and Zionism and of course there are other mechanisms used for the same purpose.

People identify with external organizations, ideologies and movements to accommodate their need to give away their freedom and independence in order to obtain the phantom personal “security” of being a member of some group larger than themselves in which they can submerge, hide their individuality and submit to some higher authority, thereby hoping to eliminate their sense of isolation, loneliness and vulnerability. This is even done in the New Age environment where people seek to attach themselves to gurus, channellers, Masters, Celestials and so on. The truth is we are all part of Creator and need no other authority but the authority within.

This tendency to seek to shuck off personal responsibility for who we are and what we do has characterised much personal, social and political life and it must be overcome by those wishing to ascend with Urantia.

In my view the ideologies and psychic mechanisms used to create mass social submission to governments today are essentially the same regardless of the ideological labels and rhetoric  used to create that social submission. In the initial stages (that is, before physical coercion becomes the dominant factor) all control ideologies use similar rhetoric and appeal to the same human insecurities and weaknesses. Initially these appeals are essentially about “welfare” and they imply that everyone will get a free lunch. The implicit lie is that Big Government is a "Magic Pudding" from which everyone will receive more than their fair share.

The truth of course is that governments rob Peter to pay Paul. Where there are winners there must also be losers. And the losers are invariably the poor, the weak and the vulnerable - those with little power and no voice in government. The big lie about "democractic" government is that because everyone has a "vote" the result is somehow fair. It is not. Why? Because so-called democratic government is a 'winner takes all' affair. The majority in government looks after its supporters and, in effect, steals from the minority to benefit the majority that elected it. Thus, even with democratically elected governments "welfare" comes to mean government by some of the people for some of the people.

The other big lie about "welfare" is that it is supposedly all about money and nothing else. But the lie is couched in the  fear-ridden language of "security". All governments and would-be governments talk about national security, social security, ethnic security, job security, housing security, health security, old age security and so on and imply that money will create all these "securities".  To the extent that all these matters are amenable to human management and control they are really issues for sovereign individuals to sort out and agree in company with all other sovereign individuals in their respective communities.  They are not matters which are properly amenable to solutions  imposed by external authorities a hundred or a thousand kilometres away from relevant communities. Similarly, personal income taxes, licence fees and the like imposed by national and other levels of government situated at a distance from a local community are inappropriate. Local communities, like individuals, need to accept responsibility for who they are and what they do. They also need to generate, from internal sources, the resources they need to take care of their own members and their own affairs. The real welfare of individuals and their communities depends on the quality of their work ethic and the social interactions and decision making within those communities.

Would-be rulers start by offering largesse in the form of physical and social security in return for individual voters giving up their personal power to those who wish to rule. Today that “Welfarism” has become absolute dogma almost everywhere except in those places where it has been superseded by totalitarian governments exerciseing power and control by naked force. However, Welfarism does not work. It is simply a mechanism for obtaining submission to and compliance with the demands of central governing authorities. Those who think it does work have not been paying attention to our current global financial, economic, social and security situation.

Those who think Welfarism is a good thing might also like to contemplate the ramifications of the latest welfare measure being introduced into the UK discussed in the article below.


Open up, madam. We've a warrant to search your fridge   -   by Richard Littlejohn

Last updated at 9:02 AM on 27th January 2009

Recession, what recession? The economy may be going to hell in a handcart, but the Government still has money to burn.

On the day it was announced that what used to be called British Steel was shedding 2,500 jobs, as unemployment rockets towards three million, another raft of exciting job opportunities opened up in the public sector.

As if we’re not already overrun with thousands of five-a-day co-ordinators, nagging us to eat our greens, and legions of recycling enforcers, sifting through our dustbins for evidence of carelessly discarded potato peelings, plans were unveiled for a new standing army of food police, charged with cutting down waste.


Six councils will be taking part in a pilot scheme which will see inspectors paid £8.50 an hour, with double time on Saturdays, to visit our homes and offer ‘advice’ on what we eat and what we throw away.

If the trial is ‘successful’, it will be introduced across the country. Which means it will be introduced across the country. When did you ever hear of any council running a pilot scheme and declaring it to be a complete waste of time and money?


By the end of this year, there will be 8,000 of these food fascists hammering on every one of Britain’s 25million front doors and demanding to inspect the contents of our fridges and pedal bins, at a cost of tens of millions of pounds the country simply can’t afford.

This crazy scheme has been dreamed up by the same quango which wants to force each and every household to install a slop bucket under the sink. The justification is to bring about a reduction in the amount of food we waste.

After just one day’s training, this new breed of busybody will be given the power to turn up on our doorsteps unannounced and demand answers to an intrusive series of questions about our food consumption.

They'll also be handing out guidance on optimum portion sizes and what to do with leftovers, as well as explaining the difference between ‘best before’, ‘use by’ and ‘sell by’ dates.

The impertinence is breathtaking. Who is to say what constitutes an acceptable portion? It’s a matter of individual choice, one of the hallmarks of a so-called ‘free’ society. Frankly, it’s none of the Government’s damn business what we eat. Or what we do with our leftovers.

In World War II, there was an official recipe for something called Woolton Pie, made out of scraps and named after the then food minister. What’s the modern austerity equivalent — Gordon Brown Windsor Soup?

How stupid do they think we are? We can read. Just a guess, but I would imagine that ‘best before’ means best eaten before the date specified. Similarly, ‘use by’ is the date said item is likely to go off and start to whiff a bit. If something in a supermarket has passed its ‘sell by’ date, don’t buy it.

This is all part of the infantilisation of Britain, the belief that we are incapable of running our own lives without government guidance, interference and regulation.

A spokesman for the health department said: ‘By hitting people at home, rather than in supermarkets, we can get inside their lives. It’s only by knocking on doors you can find out what they are having for their tea and offer some healthy suggestions.’

Listen, chum, we don’t want you getting inside our lives. Where do you get the idea that it is the job of government to ‘get inside’ our lives? What most people want is to get on with their lives, without constant official hectoring, nannying and bullying.

If I want to eat four rashers of bacon and three eggs for breakfast, that’s my heart attack. And I can assure you that if any of these inspectors comes knocking on the door of Littlejohn Towers at teatime, he’ll be sent away with his head in a slop bucket.

People want to eat bacon and eggs without nannying advice from the government

People want to eat bacon and eggs without nannying advice from the government

You can bet your life that this scheme won’t stop at just offering handy hints on how to make an appetising supper out of last night’s leftovers. Soon it will be backed up with fines and punishments. Under this government, ‘voluntary’ schemes have an inevitable habit of becoming compulsory.

How long before the polite knock on the door becomes a battering ram and the leaflet offering ‘advice’ turns into a warrant?

Think I’m exaggerating? Look at how ‘encouragement’ to recycle led to a vast enforcement industry, with householders being punished for leaving their dustbin lids ajar — with inspectors climbing over garden walls and using anti-terror laws to spy on those suspected of slipping plastic containers into the box marked ‘glass only’ or inadvertently dropping a used envelope into their garden waste.

As I keep telling you: once you give anyone in authority any kind of power, they will always, always, always abuse it.

‘Open the door, madam. Armed food police. We have a warrant to search your refrigerator. Anything you don’t eat may be taken away and used against you in court.’

Ministers claim that we throw away £8billion of food every year, which is one of those ludicrous round figures plucked from thin air.

In the scheme of things, with Gordon Brown blowing £100 billion and more bailing out the banks to no effect, that’s still just a drop in the ocean.

The food we put in our dustbins isn’t the problem. That’s all biodegradable and can be fed to farm animals or safely left to decompose in a landfill site. One man’s ‘waste’ is another man’s pig swill.

It’s the fast food some of the more antisocial members of society throw on the pavements we want addressed. Instead of hiring still more snoopers, councils should be recruiting more road sweepers.

This is where you end up when a government has no idea what to do about the big issues, so occupies itself meddling in ever more intimate and irrelevant areas of our lives. [Ron: Actually those who secretly direct and control the puppet politicians running most global governments know exactly what they are doing. They direct governments to orchestrate deliberate techniques designed to surreptitiously eviscerate the human spirit and psyche, little by little, through a policy of gradualism under which governments slowly crib a bit more of our sense of personal power and responsibility in a process that is almost imperceptible over time. If governments had arrogated to themselves "in one hit" all the powers they now have, we would have objected violently and rejected such intrusion. Hence their policy of "softly, softly, little by little" (as in the instance under discussion here). In effect, problems are created in such a way that general populations demand solution(s) whereupon "government" supplies that solution which invariably means assuming more power and control over our lives. Viewed in THAT light these constant government intrusions are much more than merely "meddling" in our lives. In effect they are deliberately destroying us and our lives by removing our ability and responsibility for living independently.]

I believe the expression is ‘past its sell by date’
[Ron: Colour fonts & bolding added]


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